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At his office, Sonny calls Nina to ask how Donna is doing. Nina, who is at Sonny’s, says Donna and Pilar are having an early supper, and she ordered dinner for them from the Metro Court.

Dex comes to see Sonny about the deal he mentioned, and how he can help him. Sonny asks Dex what is more important to him, working for him, or making time for Joss. Dex says it wasn’t his intent to get Joss involved in what happened, but she did him a favor and he is grateful. However, that is as far as it goes. Sonny is glad to hear it.

Sonny gives Dex gun GH

Sonny produces a gun and says one of the hardest things he had to learn was when to use a gun, and when to keep the safety on. Sonny feels it’s time for Dex to learn this lesson and slides the gun across his desk to him. He tells him to take the gun, and he’s coming with him to this meeting with these people. He needs Dex to be his security and asks if he has any questions. Dex doesn’t, so Sonny throws him his keys and says they should go.

Dex doges a bullet GH

At Sonny’s place, there is a knock at the door and Nina is surprised to find it is Joss. Joss asks what she’s doing there. Nina reminds her that she’s involved with Sonny. Joss came to pick up Donna to take home to her mother. Nina says Sonny is on his way home and would like to see Donna before she leaves. Joss states she’ll wait for Donna to eat dinner, but she will leave once she’s done even if Sonny isn’t back.

Joss is snippy GH

Joss lets Nina know that she’s grateful to her for taking Sonny from her mom and setting her free. Joss laughs that out of Sonny’s many girlfriends, Nina might be her favorite. Nina says, “You make it sound like I’m the latest in a long line.” Joss replies, “You said it, not me.”

Nina assumes Carly filled Joss in on what happened today, but Carly didn’t, so Nina tells her what happened with Willow. Nina says for a split second she and Carly put their differences aside to help Willow. She thinks the two of them can do the same. Joss states she’s only grateful to Nina for taking Sonny off their hands. Nina says she didn’t take him, she fell in love with him. Nina came to care for Sonny when she knew everything was telling her it was wrong. She regrets keeping the truth from Sonny about who he was back then.

Nina and Joss clash GH

Joss thinks about Dex and yells at Nina that she is nothing like her. Nina is confused and says, “Who said you were like me?” Joss rants that Nina wants people to be sympathetic towards her, but she is deceitful and Joss isn’t. Nina tells her she never said she was deceitful, if anything she’s honest to a fault. Joss decides to check on Donna. Nina asks her how Cameron is. Joss recalls telling Trina about her and Cam’s problems and snaps at Nina that Cam is none of her business.

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Sonny arrives later with Dex and didn’t expect to find Joss at his place. Nina asks if Dex is joining them. Joss explains she came to pick up Donna and excuses herself to see if she’s ready. Dex tells Sonny he’s going to pass on the dinner invite and heads out. Sonny asks Nina what happened between her and Joss as he sees no broken glasses around the room. Nina says it’s obvious Joss has other things on her mind.

At the Port Charles Grill, Victor and Spencer arrive just as Rory tells Trina that he loves her. Trina is left speechless, while Spencer tells Victor he’s lost his appetite. Rory tells Trina he doesn’t expect her to say anything in return and presents her with a perfume called L’Amour. Trina looks up and sees Spencer standing behind Rory. Rory asks her what is wrong, turns around, and spots Spencer.

Trina is shocked by Rory GH

Trina is confused and thought Spencer’s release was weeks away. Spencer assures her that he didn’t escape, and he did what he always does and relied on his family to get him out of trouble. Spencer pockets the gift Cyrus gave him to give Trina and walks off.

Victor tells Spencer that was big of him, but he forgets he is a Cassadine and Cassadines don’t quit. They grab a table, and Victor tells Spencer not to let this development with Rory and Trina stop him from celebrating his freedom.

Back at their table, Rory is called by work and excuses himself to take it. He steps out, and Victor advises Spencer to seize this opportunity.

Spencer joins Trina at her table and asks if they can start over. She doesn’t know as so much has happened. Spencer assures her that he would not have come here if he knew she’d be here with Rory, especially after what he said to her. Trina tells Spencer it’s not what he thinks it is. Spencer states when a guy takes you out to the best restaurant in town and tells you that he loves you, what else could that mean?

Sprina Rory and Victor

Outside, Victor runs interference with Rory and suggests as an officer, he knows when to stay the course and when to call it a day.

Victor delays Rory GH

Rory and Victor head back inside, and Rory asks Spencer and Trina if everything is okay. Spencer says it is, and he gets back to Victor and his table. Rory informs Trina that he’s been called back to the station, so he says he’ll see her home. She suggests they do this again without interruptions. Trina and Rory leave, and Victor tells Spencer if Trina chooses Rory then it’s his loss. Spencer heads to the restroom, and Victor pockets the box of turtle doves Spencer left on the table.

Spencer gives up GH

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In Ryan’s room at Spring Ridge, Heather lets herself in and says, “Hello lover!” Heather says she has been told he can’t speak, but she bets she knows what he’s thinking. She says it feels like it’s been a lifetime since they were together last, but some things you can’t forget. She recalls that when they were bad it was very good.

Heather confronts Ryan GH

Heather recalls how they first met. She was hiking in the Cascade Mountains doing some soul-searching when she smelled smoke coming from a cabin in the middle of nowhere. She says there he was, chopping wood with a hatchet. She tells him he always was handy with a blade, and it’s such a shame he lost his very talented hand. She introduced herself as Hazel, and he claimed he was Richard. She says they found each other and were soulmates for a brief interlude.

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Heather tells Ryan that he may have everyone else fooled, but she knows him, and he’s not paralyzed. Heather leans in close and knows she is getting to him because she can affect him in ways no one else can. Ryan breaks his silence and yells “You left me and broke my heart!” Heather chimes, “It speaks! I knew my mountain man was in there.”

Heather taunts Ryan GH

Ryan admits he began questioning if she was real or not, or if he imagined her. Heather leans in and tells him to take a whiff, as she still uses the same soap all over her body. She then hauls off and slaps him for victimizing her Franco. Heather always knew their paths would cross again because what they had was kismet. She apologizes for walking out on him, and who knows if she stuck around, both of their lives could have been different. Heather says she owes him one. Ryan responds that she owes him two. She asks how he means. Ryan says when she left him, he’s since learned she left with the child they created. Heather is stunned.

Ryan knows about the baby GH

At the hospital, Liz is surprised Finn thought Esme would be on Spoon Island. Liz maneuvers in front of the bottle of prenatal pills, as Finn says he connected the dots between the attack on her on the pier and Esme. He’s convinced she’s on Spoon Island and believes Nikolas is hiding something big.

Finn and Liz talk GH

Liz notes Victor is back on Spoon Island, and so Nikolas is bound to be hiding something. Finn thinks perhaps he should talk to Jordan about his theory. Liz blurts out, “You can’t!” She tells him that Esme could start targeting him, or Violet. Finn wants to protect her, Violet and everyone else from Esme. He insists they call Jordan.

Liz lies to Finn GH

Finn and Liz walk out, but he realizes she forgot something in the office. He heads back in and picks up the bottle of prenatal pills and thinks back to seeing them at Wyndemere. Finn says strangely he saw a bottle just like this when he went to see Nikolas. Liz begs him to let this go. Finn asks if she’s pregnant.

Finn wonders if Liz is pregnant GH

On the next General Hospital: Heather forms an unholy alliance. Ava offers Trina comfort. Drew delivers some news. Finn’s left reeling.

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