Heather visits Ryan
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In Ireland, Anna and Valentin are stunned to find Martin as they try and flee Tiffany’s place. He admits tracking Valentin knowing he’d lead him to Lucy’s killer. Anna insists again to Martin that she didn’t kill Lucy. Martin suspects as much, and he assumes they are looking for the real killer. He wants to help them track the killer down.

Valentin sees Martin GH

Valentin says they got this, but Martin refuses to allow them to leave without him. Anna reveals to Martin they believe Lucy is still alive. Suddenly a car is heard coming up the driveway. Almost immediately, Agent Whitten bangs on the door demanding they open up.

Martin wants to help GH

Martin answers the door, and Whitten barges in and demands to know where Anna is. Martin has no idea, so Whitten asks what he’s doing here. Martin explains he came here to be alone and grieve Lucy’s passing. Whitten demands his agents search the house. Martin refuses to allow them to search without a warrant. When he finds out they have no warrant, he suggests they wait outside because he didn’t give them permission to enter. The agents leave, but Whitten stays and tells Martin that standing in his way is a bad move, and orders him to tell him where Anna is. He places his hand on his gun, and Martin scoffs that he can’t shoot an unarmed man. Valentin appears and tells Whitten to stop, and that Martin followed him knowing he was looking for Anna, but she’s not here. Whitten refuses to believe that. Suddenly Anna puts a gun to Whitten’s back and orders him to take his hand off his gun.

Anna Whitten gun GH

Whitten says they won’t get away with this. Anna disagrees and knocks the agent out with a blow to his head. Martin asks about the agents outside, and Anna suggests they invite them in. Later, Martin calls for help, and the other agents burst in, and Martin explains Whitten just collapsed. Meanwhile, Valentin and Anna escape thanks to Martin’s diversion. Back at the house, Whitten regains consciousness and demands Martin be arrested.

Anna Valentin escape GH

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At Wyndemere, Victor thinks with Spencer home they should host a huge family dinner for Christmas and invite Valentin, Alexis, and even Sam and her brood. Spencer notes his father hasn’t said a word yet. He guesses his father convinced Ava to forgive him, and he doesn’t want him here because of Ava. Nikolas says this isn’t about Ava, and Victor blurts out that Nikolas and Ava are getting divorced. Spencer asks if that is true. Nikolas admits Ava moved out and has no intention of coming back. Nikolas tells Spencer he is his son and he loves him, however, he can’t stay here. Spencer lashes out, and Nikolas points to the fact that they can’t be in the same room for more than two minutes without Spencer going for his jugular.

Spencer can't stay Nikolas Victor GH

Nikolas explains he is trying to save their relationship, and they must maintain some distance for the time being. Victor reminds Nikolas that he has to watch over Spencer per his release conditions, so Nikolas says Victor will have to leave too. He suggests they get a room at the Metro Court. Spencer refuses to stay where he’s not welcome and would rather go back to Pentonville. Victor calms Spencer down and suggests they go to the Port Charles Grill for dinner. Victor and Spencer split, and Nikolas lashes out, “Damn you, Esme!”

Spencer is angry GH

At the Port Charles Grill, Rory and Trina enjoy a three-month anniversary dinner. He asks her about her work at the museum, and she tells him about a new exhibit she’s working on. She asks what he’s doing on Christmas. He’s working in the morning and spends the afternoon with his family. He asks if she’d like to come with him. She’s a bit surprised that he wants her to meet his parents, but agrees.

Trina and Rory GH

Dessert eventually arrives and they share it. Trina tells Rory that he makes her feel so special. Rory tells her she is exceptional, and that he loves her. Trina is shocked, looks up, and sees Spencer enter.

Rory asks Trina question GH

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At the hospital, after their embrace, Finn admits it was nice having Liz in his arms again. He knows she spoke to her dad, and she fills him in on the conversation. Finn hopes now she can process what she’s been feeling and move on. Liz still blames herself for Reiko’s death and doesn’t know if they can get past it. Finn believes they can, and he loves her. Liz says she loves him too. Liz spots the bottle of prenatal pills and tells Finn that she doesn’t deserve his love.

Finn Liz try and work things out GH

Finn says that’s not true. Liz worries that too much has happened. They’re interrupted by a call, and Liz sees it’s Nikolas. She says she’ll deal with him later. Finn asks Liz if she’s sure she can trust Nikolas. Liz explains he’s one of her oldest friends. Finn relates that he got a weird vibe from him when he saw him earlier. She’s puzzled and wonders why he saw Nikolas. Finn reveals he was looking for Esme on Spoon Island.

Liz feels guilty GH

At Spring Ridge, Jordan, with Ava, questions Ryan. Jordan is curious about what Esme said to him when she snuck into his room at the hospital. Ryan communicates through blinking, the letter board and his caretaker that they were close, and she was worried about him. When asked if Esme is capable of murder, Ryan answers yes.

Ryan communicates GH

Jordan shows him the letter the hook wrote to the paper and asks if Esme could have written it. He says yes, and no. Ryan explains the killer wrote the letter, but it’s not Esme. The killer used the words me and mine, and Esme has no one. Ryan also wonders why Ava is wearing her wedding ring when it’s obvious she and Nikolas are over. Ava asks how he knows that. The caretaker explains Ryan follows the news and gossip columns. Ryan wants Ava to come back to him. Ava seethes that her marriage is none of his business.

Jordan questions Ryan GH

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Elsewhere, Sonny is shown to Heather’s room to speak to her. She wonders if he’s here to kill her, but he insists he isn’t. He wants to talk to her about the prison transport and Anna’s escape. He knows she offered to give a description to the cops of the man who drove the van. She confirms she did in hopes they’d let her stay at Spring Ridge.

Sonny visits Heather GH

Sonny doesn’t want the cops to find Anna, so she needs to not give them any information that can help them. He taunts her that prisons, even ones such as this one, are violent, and things can happen in them if she catches his drift. Heather laughs that she happens to not be good with faces, and she probably doesn’t have anything to offer the cops anyways. Sonny is content and leaves.

Heather is scared GH

Back in the common area, Jordan notices Sonny and she questions why he’s here. He explains he met with the warden to talk about funding a continuing education program. Meanwhile, Ava gloats to Ryan that she and Nikolas are just fine and that she is crazy in love with him. She also tells Ryan that she never cared for him at all. Jordan and Sonny walk over to Ava and Ryan, and Jordan tells the caretaker they are done so he can return Ryan to his room.

Jordan Sonny and Ava look at Ryan

Sonny learns Jordan and Ava are working together to get information about Esme out of Ryan. Ava thinks Ryan was right about Esme and that letter as she was always playing the orphan card for sympathy. Jordan will have her people focus on that wording in the letter. She thanks Ava for her help and leaves.

Alone, Sonny warns Ava not to let Ryan get into her head. Ava explains Ryan heard gossip that she and Nikolas are having problems. Sonny tells Ava that Nikolas is bad news and she must cut him loose.

Back in his room, Ryan wonders where Esme is and what she’s gotten herself into. Suddenly, Heather sneaks in to see Ryan. She gets right up in his face and says, “Hello lover.”

On the next General Hospital: Rory surprises Trina with a gift. Finn assures Liz that he believes he’s on the right track. Heather tells Ryan, “You and me together again after all this time.” Nina says to Joss, “I can take it if you can.” Sonny warns Dex that some mistakes you can’t fix.

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