Spencer is unhappy GH
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Laura and Felicia meet with Robert in his office. Felicia reveals she told Valentin that Lucy is alive, so he’s gone to find Anna. They try and figure out what Victor wants with the diamond necklace. Felicia pulls out a jeweler’s loop and thinks they should inspect the diamonds and see if anything stands out about them.

Felicia finds a clue GH

Felicia finds a series of numbers and letters in the diamonds. She checks them against a diamond registry, and it’s not a serial number. Laura recalls the original ice princess had some type of code in the base. They’re interrupted by an officer who brings Robert a file he asked for. Felicia decides to head out after the officer leaves.

Robert and the necklace GH

In the hallway, Felicia asks the officer where her husband might be. He explains he’s in an all-hands-on-deck meeting, and that Agent Whitten may have a lead on Anna.

Back in Robert’s office, he theorizes to Laura that Victor might be after a message in the diamonds. They realize if they can crack the code, they’ll figure out what Victor’s plan is and stop it.

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In County Kerry, Ireland, Valentin enters a house and calls out to Tiffany. Anna approaches him from behind, and they kiss. She can’t believe he found her and asks what is going on in Port Charles that’s brought him.

Anna and Valentin GH

Valentin tells her about Holly and Lucy off-screen. Anna doesn’t understand why Victor is doing this for just a fragment of the cursed diamond. Valentin has no idea. Valentin plans on searching some of Victor’s old haunts to see if there is a clue to where Lucy is. He says once he finds Lucy, he’ll come back and bring her home safely. Anna kisses him and says, “You’re not going to do that.” She suggests they do this together as a team. They kiss again.

Later, Valentin gets a call from Felicia warning him Agent Whitten is on his way to Europe to find Anna. Valentin tells Anna they have to go, now. They quickly gather their things to leave but are stunned by who they see when they open the door.

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In Pentonville, Victor tells Spencer and Cyrus that he called in some favors and Spencer is getting out today. However, the release is not unconditional and there will be certain restrictions. Spencer can live with whatever they are. Victor hopes this makes restitution for their last meeting, despite what others may think about him. He glares at Cyrus. Spencer thanks Cyrus for looking out for him. Cyrus asks him to please write to him, and let him know how the gift works out. Spencer departs, leaving his great uncles together.

Victor Cyrus fued GH

Alone, Victor tells Cyrus he warned him to stay away from his nephew. Cyrus says, “Our nephew.” Victor gloats now that Spencer is getting released, Cyrus’ influence over him comes to an end. Victor hopes Spencer never lays eyes on Cyrus again, but if he does, even his god won’t be able to save him.

Cyrus Victor argue GH

Dante and Sam head to the Port Charles Grill for happy hour. There they find Cody at the bar drinking. They approach him and find him drunk as a skunk. Dante asks if everything is okay. Cody says not one damn thing is okay, but he’s decided to leave town as nothing is keeping him in Port Charles.

The three sit down, and Cody tells them how he messed up with Britt over the necklace. He says Britt is gone and the necklace is gone, and now his beer is gone. Dante decides to get him a coffee and heads to the bar. Cody tells Sam to say what she’s been dying to say. She thinks his leaving Port Charles sounds good to her, and she doesn’t think his being a con is something he recently started doing.

Dante and Cody Chat GH

Dante returns with a coffee. Sam gets a text and excuses herself as it’s about a case. Cody rants to Dante about how he’s blown it, and now he doesn’t have a family or an inheritance. Dante tells Cody he has him and Leo. Cody thinks they might be the only people who’d miss him if he left. He also feels it’s better he leaves because they both know the world of hurt coming if anyone finds out what happened when they were kids. Dante reveals Sam found his arrest record as a kid, and they are sealed. Cody warns him of the trouble coming if Sam unseals that record.

Cody feels down GH

Sam returns, and Cody heads out as Dante called him a ride, which just arrived. Sam asks Dante if Cody will be okay. Dante says he’s had a rough time lately, and perhaps she should let things go regarding his juvie record. Sam eyes Dante suspiciously.

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At Wyndemere, Finn tells Nikolas he’s come about Esme Prince. Nikolas lets him into the foyer and asks what this is about. Finn suspects Esme may be here, on Spoon Island. Nikolas insists he’d know if Esme was in his house. Finn suggests there are plenty of places on the island she could be. When Nikolas scoffs at him, Finn says this was a mistake, and he’ll let the cops search the place. He goes to leave, but Nikolas tells him to stop. He offers to go talk to his staff and asks Finn to wait. Nikolas leaves him, and Finn spots the prenatal vitamins on the table nearby.

Finn looks for Esme

Nikolas returns and tells Finn he has guards watching the island, and the house is clean. Finn isn’t sure he believes him and walks out. Nikolas sees the bottle of vitamins and worries. Suddenly, Victor walks in with Spencer.

Nickolas is shocked to see Spencer home. Victor explains he got him a conditional release. Spencer explains he has to be supervised by someone at all times, otherwise, he goes back to Pentonville. Victor announces they’ll all be together for Christmas.

At the hospital, Britt makes a call to rent The Haunted Star out for New Year’s Eve.

Elsewhere, Jeff tells Liz that he’s leaving tomorrow, but he needs her to hear him out. Terry joins Liz to make sure everything is okay. Jeff begs Liz for a few minutes and then he’ll be out of her life for good if she wants.

Jeff is Sorry GH

Terry allows Liz and Jeff to use her office to talk. Jeff explains he came to see her because he saw himself for the first time today and didn’t like it. He relays that he went to see Heather in order to make sure she’s not a danger to their family, and it made him acknowledge things about himself he’s not proud of. He admits he has a habit of running away from his problems, and what he and her mother did to her was wrong, and he’s sorry. Liz doesn’t know how to feel, as she’s waited a lifetime to hear him say that he was wrong. He knows he failed in his responsibility as her father, and he wishes he could take it all back. Liz says he can’t, and he left her with a tragic mistake that she’s now facing the consequences of 25 years later. She says she must live with her mistakes, and he has to live with his too.

Jeff says he and her mother love her, Sarah, and her boys. He hopes one day Liz will give him another chance, but he’ll leave and give her the space she needs. He hopes it’s not another 25 years before he sees her again. Jeff departs.

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Out in the hall, Britt invites Terry to her upcoming birthday party. Terry says she’ll be there. Britt knows they started off on the wrong foot as co-chiefs, but now she can’t imagine doing this job without her. Terry wonders where this is all coming from. Terry notices Finn arrive, and she rushes over to see him and asks if he’s spoken to Liz. Finn hasn’t. Jeff appears and says goodbye to Terry. He looks at Finn and walks off. Terry tells Finn that Jeff and Liz just spoke in her office.

Finn rushes to see Liz. He asks if she’s okay. She cries no, and they embrace. Liz is holding the prenatal vitamins.

Britt and terry GH

Meanwhile, Terry gets back to what is going on with Britt. Britt tells Terry that for what it’s worth, she thinks she’d make a great chief on her own. Terry asks if she’s quitting on her. Britt says, “Nothing lasts forever,” and walks off.

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