HEather gets a surprise GH
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At General Hospital, Portia checks in with Stella, who just had her yearly exam. Marshall arrives with her purse, and Portia asks Marshall if he’s given any thought to what they discussed on Thanksgiving. Portia tells Stella that she encouraged him to get genetic counseling since it wasn’t available when he was diagnosed. Stella asks if she thinks Marshall’s diagnosis was wrong. Portia says there could be several other things to factor in.

Portia hounds Marshall GH

Marshall feels he knows what is wrong with him, and he is at peace with it. He asks Portia to drop this. Stella suggests she just abide by his wishes. Stella and Marshall get into the elevator, but not before Marshall gives Portia a look.

MArshall not impressed GH

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In Rice Plaza, Ava and Trina get into the holiday spirit with some shopping at the various vendors’ carts. Rory appears, and Ava jokes she has some competition for her attention. Ava gives Trina some time with Rory and continues her shopping.

Ava and Trina shop GH

Rory asks Trina out to dinner, as today is their three-month anniversary. Trina accepts. He has to get back to the station but will text her the details.

Rory asks Trina out GH

While shopping, Alexis runs into Finn. She asks if he’s spoken to Elizabeth yet, and he admits he hasn’t. He confesses the man his wife cheated with was Liz’s father. Finn says there is more to it, and it’s Liz’s story to tell. He explains she’s still processing it, and he hasn’t been in contact with her for weeks. Alexis says if he loves her, this distance will only drive them further apart.

Finn and Alexis chat GH

Finn asks Alexis about the story in The Invader on Esme attacking Liz on the pier. Alexis doesn’t know much more about what happened. Finn assumes she was going to Nikolas and admits it bothers him that she’s leaning on him. Alexis says if that is why Liz was there, then why was Esme there, and where is she now? Alexis is texted about Invader business and has to go. Finn thanks Alexis for the talk as it’s given him an idea, another piece of the puzzle they’ve overlooked.

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Ashby casually meets with Victor in the plaza and confirms Holly has a long recovery ahead, and the authorities believe the necklace was destroyed. Victor calls this unacceptable. He informs her that his plans are still in play, and she needs to continue to keep Laura distracted.

Victor bad news GH

Victor runs into Ava, and he brings up her upcoming divorce. Ava says her marriage hasn’t ended yet, and they know Esme is alive and so Nikolas’ bogus confession is useless. She wonders what he’ll hold over Nikolas’ head now. Victor believes he won’t need to coerce Nikolas, as he feels he’s ready to move on. Ava tells him that was a nice try, but she doesn’t do jealous.

Victor heads off and stands next to Ashby. She says she called in a favor to handle things.

Ava rejoins Trina and tells her that she envies her and Rory. She would love to have a guy who is trustworthy and tells her how he feels. Trina admits Rory is the greatest, but she also can’t stop thinking about Spencer. Ava knows Spencer’s release is weeks away and advises Trina that complicated men create chaos, and it may be best to avoid them forever.

Curtis arrives at Jordan’s office with an invitation to his and Portia’s wedding. He also hopes by the time the wedding arrives that they will have caught the hook killer thanks to Alexis’ article. Jordan explains they only have a theory that it’s Esme Prince, but the leaked evidence makes solving this more difficult.

Jordan won't tell Curtis GH

Curtis begs Jordan to tell her what she knows if they have more evidence, for Trina’s sake. Jordan explains she can’t because this is an ongoing investigation. He knows she’s bent the rules in the past, but Jordan won’t and is sorry. He says, “So am I.”

Curtis is angry GH

Curtis and Jordan are interrupted when Rory stops by to give Jordan a report on the security at Rice Plaza. Curtis departs but tells Jordan not to forget to RSVP. Rory leaves the report for Jordan, who later looks at the invitation. She answers that she regretfully declines.

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Alexis meets up with Curtis at the Port Charles Grill. Curtis tells her that it appears the PCPD knows a lot more about the hook attacks than they are letting on. Alexis asks how they find out what they know.

In Pentonville, Cyrus finds Spencer reading a book and sits down with him. Cyrus hopes Spencer is realizing which side of his family he can trust. Spencer still refuses to believe Victor would have ordered his grandmother to be killed. Cyrus hopes when Spencer is released that the bond they’ve forged in here will continue. He also has something for him to take with him when he’s released, hands him a box, and says to consider it an early Christmas present.

Cyrus and Spencer GH

Spencer doesn’t feel comfortable accepting a gift from him. Cyrus explains it’s actually for his friend Trina, and it’s a pair of turtle doves. He explains Spencer keeps one and gives the other to Trina. Spencer knows she’d love this, but he can’t because Trina has moved on. Cyrus puts the gift in Spencer’s hands and tells him to just follow his heart. Suddenly, Victor arrives. Cyrus decides to leave them to visit, but Victor asks him to stay. He has news about Spencer’s future.

Spencer and Uncle Cyrus GH

In Spring Ridge, Heather is stunned to get a visit from Jeff. He explains he came to order her to stay away from his family. Heather asks where this newfound concern is coming from as he hasn’t been here for any of Liz’s major life moments, or her children’s. She tells him that he loves the idea of being a family man, but when times get hard, he cuts and runs. Suddenly Ryan is wheeled in, and Jeff is shocked to see him. Jeff again tells Heather to stay away from his family. Jeff departs, and Ryan stares at Heather.

Jeff visits Heather GH

Heather waltzes by Ryan and leans down next to him. She asks if he enjoyed the show. She knows if he could speak, they’d have a lot to discuss. She walks off, and Ryan clenches his fist.

HEather taunts Ryan GH

At Wyndemere, Nikolas brings Liz to check on Esme, who is in bed moaning. When Liz finds the bottle of prenatal vitamins is empty, they suspect she may have taken the whole bottle. Liz says they’ll have to pump her stomach. Esme springs up, and they call out her latest bluff.

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Esme explains she took one of the pills and threw the rest away. Liz is shocked she took even one and thinks perhaps she actually cares about this baby. Esme snaps of course she cares about this baby, and it’s the only thing protecting her from Nikolas’ wrath. Esme realizes Liz is starting to wonder what Nikolas is capable of, and suggests she ask her friend what happened on the parapet.

Liz and Esme argue GH

Nikolas says nobody is interested in her lies, but Esme says it isn’t a lie. Esme pushes him to tell Liz how he and Ava thought they were rid of her forever. Nikolas tells Liz he’ll explain everything to her, but right now Esme needs more of those vitamins. Liz leaves to get them, but not before telling him that this conversation isn’t over.

Esme gloats GH

Alone, Nikolas tells Esme she made a big mistake. Esme tells him that he doesn’t scare her and believes Liz won’t let him kill her. She gloats eventually he will go down, Ava too, and maybe even Nurse Nightingale. Nikolas asks her what it is she wants. Esme says it will be Christmas soon and she’s missing it all. She demands a tree with lights, ornaments, and the whole deal. She also wants a live tree and to pick it out herself. He refuses. She says this is important to her because the only real Christmas she had as a child was when her nanny allowed her to pick out a tree, cut it down and decorate it. She says that moment changed her, and she just wants to feel that way again. Nikolas says nothing, grabs the tray of food he brought her earlier, and leaves.

Esme makes a demand GH

Alone, Esme envisions a visit from her dad. Ryan asks, “A winter stroll to pick out a tree? What are you planning?” She says she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Downstairs in the foyer, Nikolas sets the empty vitamin bottle down on a table. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and it’s Finn.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Liz picks up the vitamins and runs into Jeff

On the next General Hospital: Finn arrives to see Nikolas about Esme. Felicia tells Laura and Robert, “There is one way to narrow it down.” Sam says, “That’s a hell of an idea.” Victor asks Cyrus if that is his way of threatening him. Anna tells Valentin, “You’re not going to do that.” Dante asks Cody what he has done to think he deserves this.

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