Felicia provides Valentin with a way to contact Anna GH
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At the gatehouse, Willow tells Michael she wants to reveal her diagnosis in her own time and on her own terms. Michael feels they can’t wait any longer and points out that she fainted today, but Willow puts that on Nina. Michael vents about his father and Nina, but Willow tells him that they don’t even compare, as Nina is far worse. Willow is worried about what this war with his father is doing to him, and it’s just feeding his anger which isn’t healthy. Michael knows what really matters are her and the children. He says he needs to step out for an hour and take care of one last thing, then he’s all hers.

Willow worried about Michael GH

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At Dex’s place, he pulls Joss into a kiss just as Sonny knocks on the door and orders him to open up. Joss hides in another room as Dex lets Sonny in. Dex suggests they go elsewhere to talk, causing Sonny to wonder if he’s hiding something. Dex brushes him off, and Sonny asks what happened after he got shot. Dex explains someone helped him out, and swears they know nothing about Sonny, but he refuses to give that person up for their own safety. Sonny yells that he can’t trust him if Dex isn’t honest with him and gives him one last chance. Joss comes out and admits it was her.

Dex Joss Kiss GH

Joss assures Sonny he has nothing to worry about as Dex said nothing, though she assumed he was shot doing a job for him. Dex asks to talk to Sonny alone, so Joss leaves them. Sonny can’t believe Dex turned to Joss out of everyone. Dex swears he didn’t and explains he was on the way to the Quartermaine boathouse knowing they had supplies when he passed out. He says Joss found him and took him back to her dorm room. A furious Sonny warns Dex that this thing with Joss can’t become a habit. Dex insists he told her the same thing.

Joss confronts Sonny GH

Sonny informs Dex about an offer that’s been put on his plate, and this means Dex has to step up because there is no more room for mistakes. Sonny takes off, and a little later Michael arrives. Michael hands him an envelope of money and says the job is over, so he needs to pack and leave. Dex informs him that Sonny just told him about something big and potentially illegal coming. Dex pleads with him that they can’t quit now as this might be it.

Dex won't be fired GH

At General Hospital, Cody gets a text from Mac asking him to meet at the Metro Court. He then runs into Britt talking to Austin about how she’s going to throw herself a huge birthday party. Cody thinks that sounds fun and asks if he’s invited. Britt lashes out at him and says as a gambler he should know when to cut his losses, as there is no future here. Britt storms off and Austin follows.

In Britt’s office, Austin asks what is going on with her. Britt explains she’s never had a birthday party, so she is renting out the Haunted Star to throw the biggest birthday party ever. She knows how this will end for her, so she’s going to live every day to its fullest. Austin agrees to help her and says it goes without saying both he and Maxie will be delighted to attend.

Britt big party gH

Britt confides in Austin that she plans to ditch the party early and skip town. Confused, Austin asks what really happened with Cody, because suddenly she seems to be pushing everyone away. He asks if she’s afraid of how Cody will react to her illness. Britt scoffs that she barely knows Cody, and she doesn’t even want her mother to watch her go through this. Austin calls her selfish. He tells her about his father, who was a proud man and robbed his family of a lot of precious moments they could have spent with him when he found out about his illness. He says perhaps her loved ones would feel the same way about her. Britt never thought about it that way. Austin then asks what the dress code for this party is. Britt laughs and says Maxie can pick out his outfit.

Austin call Britt out GH

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At the Metro Court, Laura, Mac and Felicia dine. Valentin approaches their table and asks if there is any news on Holly. Laura says she is holding her own and that’s all they know. Mac gets in Valentin’s face and says what happened to Holly has his family’s fingerprints all over it. He warns Valentin that Victor is going down, so Valentin might not want to be too close to him when he does. Mac walks off, and Valentin sits down and apologizes if he upset Mac.

Mac warns Valentin GH

Felicia explains Mac just has a lot going on. Valentin asks if his father had anything to do with what happened to Holly. Laura explains they suspect something has happened to Ethan, who nobody can get in contact with. Valentin offers to reach out to his old contacts at the WSB about Ethan, but Felicia blurts out, “You can’t do that!”  Confused, Laura asks why not. Felicia explains not everything with Holly is as it seems, and she should talk to Robert.

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Laura heads out, and Valentin confronts Felicia and asks if Victor has Ethan. She admits he does, and when pushed, also admits he has an alive Lucy as well. She explains a reliable source insists Lucy was shot with a rubber bullet and spirited away. Valentin feels there is no time to waste and Anna needs to know Lucy is alive. Felicia writes down a name of a person, the only person who can get a message to Anna if she’s deep underground. She hands it to Valentin, who reads it, tears it up, and puts it in his drink. He thanks Felicia.

Meanwhile, Cody joins Mac at the bar, and Mac orders them drinks. Mac breaks the news to him that the necklace was stolen and then destroyed in a fire. Cody downs his drink and can’t believe he’s lost a second inheritance. Mac feels it’s a shame that he lost the only good thing Taub could have given him. Mac doesn’t know Cody well but says he can see he’s not the man his father was. Felicia interrupts just as Cody is about to say something. Mac asks what he wanted to say. Cody simply says, “That DNA test was my loss.” Mac says, “Ours too,” and he and Felicia leave.

Cody Mac Bar GH

Olivia visits Robert in his office, where he is looking at photos of Holly on his phone. She’s sorry about what happened, and that Holly betrayed him. Robert explains Holly got a raw deal and had hard choices to make, and despite that, she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Olivia thinks there had to have been a bigger reason that Holly betrayed him given what they’ve been through. Robert manages to sway the topic elsewhere, and she lets him know if he ever wants to talk, she’s here to listen.

Olivia questions Robert GH

Robert sees Olivia out and then looks at the necklace which is still locked in his desk drawer. Laura knocks at the door, and Robert quickly tucks the necklace away.

Robert has the necklace GH

Laura enters and says she just talked with Felicia and she told her there is more going on than she knows about regarding Holly. Robert reveals there is, and he shows her the necklace. Robert fills her in on everything off-camera. She asks what Victor wants with the necklace, but Robert doesn’t know. He assumes it’s the diamonds, which are from the ice princess. Laura is puzzled because Victor gave the original up to the WSB to frame Jennifer Smith. Robert feels there are secrets planted in these diamonds. Laura believes it’s time to stop Victor once and for all.

Laura learns the truth GH

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In Carly’s kitchen, Drew tells her one of his reporters found a female firefighter in Arizona named Denise McKenzie who was a former member of the same commune as Harmony. The woman is flying to Port Charles and checking into the Metro Court tonight to speak with him. He considers bringing Willow in, but Carly blurts out, “You can’t!” She then explains Willow fainted today after an argument with Nina, and it’s best they talk to Denise first to not give Willow false hope. Drew believes he should do this one-on-one.

Carly stops Drew GH

Later, Joss walks in on Drew and Carly kissing and says, “Don’t mind me.” They separate, and Carly chuckles that it’s good they don’t have to be worried about being caught here in her home. Drew heads out, and Joss goes upstairs to shower.

Later, Drew stops by the gatehouse to speak with Willow. He needs to make sure she’s still committed to finding her parents. Willow is, and she and Michael will do whatever it takes to get answers.

Back at Carly’s, Carly calls Olivia, who is at work. She needs a favor, no questions asked. Carly tells Olivia she needs to know the moment a woman named Denise McKenzie checks in tonight.

Carly makes a call GH

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