Michael and Willow talk bio parents GH
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Dante arrives at Sonny’s restaurant to see his father. He confronts him over the fact that Michael was right about him abducting and beating Dex. The only reason Dante didn’t arrest Sonny is that Dex covered for him. Dante points out there has been a boundary he’s had to keep between his love for his father and his duty as a cop. Now that’s being blurred. If it was anyone else, he would have pushed Dex to come forward. Sonny insists he’d never ask Dante to cover for him. Dante asks Sonny to be honest about Anna’s escape.

Dante and Sonny clash GH

Dante suspects his father knows where Anna is. Sonny says nothing, and Dante says this proves his point. Dante yells, “You broke Anna out and I’m not doing a damn thing about it!” Dante warns him the next time Sonny might not cover his tracks so well and slip up, and there may not be anything he can do to help him. Dante cries that he loves him, but he took an oath to uphold the law. Sonny expects no less of him, and if he has to arrest him one day, he won’t love him any less. They embrace.

Dante and Sonny clash GH

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Michael and Drew meet in Carly’s kitchen for privacy. Drew warns Michael that both he and Carly could be facing criminal charges for insider trading. He feels the best strategy now is to mend fences with Ned. Michael agrees and asks if there is anything else they can do. Drew reveals he and Carly have been seeing one another, and now they have to lay low. Drew ponders that perhaps this just isn’t their time.

Drew and Michael chat GH

Michael tells him that you’re not always guaranteed the time you hope for, and waxes on about Willow and the kids. Michael advises Drew not to pass on something really good with his mom, even if that means they have to hide it. Michael decides to head home to Willow.

Drew is worried GH

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At Dex’s place, Joss checks shirtless Dex’s wounds. She notes they’ve almost healed and tells him that he can put a shirt on now, which he does. Joss advises him that he needs to rest. He’s not sure why she’s here, and she notes it wouldn’t be fair to bail on him before he’s fully healed. Dex suggests she should bail on him.

Shitless Dex and Joss GH

Dex points out he was shot doing something illegal, and now he’s gotten her involved. Joss feels he can do so much better than Sonny. She sings his good praises and won’t walk out and pretend what they’ve been through means nothing. Joss knows the risks she’s taking, so if he doesn’t want her to just say it. Dex pulls her into a kiss. Suddenly, Sonny knocks on the door and asks Dex to open up.

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In Rice Plaza, Sam helps Sasha out with the decorations. Sasha is grateful to Nina for giving her this task and a purpose and praises her as a wonderful person. As they talk about Christmas and loss, Sam assures Sasha it gets easier with time. Sam opens up to Sasha about the daughter she had that was stillborn and says she thinks about her every day.

Sam and Sasha chat GH

Carly bursts into the gatehouse as Willow screams at Nina and promptly passes out. Carly and Nina both run to Willow, and Willow eventually stirs awake.

Willow passed out GH

Nina wants to call 911, but Willow sits up and yells, “No!” They get Willow to the couch, and she refuses to go to the hospital and says she’s not in pain. Carly gives her water and asks Nina to chat outside.

Nina wants to call 911 GH

Outside, Nina doesn’t want another fight and explains to Carly why she came here, which was on Sasha’s behalf. Carly shocks Nina and says she believes her. However, she says Nina has to stay away because seeing her upsets Willow, and that’s not good for the baby. Nina would never hurt that baby. Carly again believes her.

Carly heads inside and tells Willow that Nina is gone, but she’s not wrong about going to the hospital. Willow refuses and instead has Carly use the home fetal heartbeat monitor to make sure the baby is okay. The baby has a strong heartbeat.

Willow rests GH

Later, Michael returns and learns Willow fainted. Willow insists she just didn’t eat. Carly says Willow should see her OB, and she leaves them. Michael wants to call Terry, but Willow says it was Nina who caused her to faint. Willow fills him in on Nina’s visit, and she snapped and screamed at Nina. Michael is livid but admits he doesn’t think Nina would have argued with her if she knew she just had chemo. He feels it’s time to tell people she’s sick and they find her a donor.

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Nina meets with Sasha in Rice Plaza, and Sasha can see something is bothering her. Nina admits sometimes she worries that she’s as terrible as Willow thinks she is. She blames herself for causing Willow to faint and says for a smart woman she does a lot of stupid things. Sasha says she made a mistake, so take a breath and figure out how to keep it from happening again. Nina says she’s realized that thanks to Carly, she must stay away from Willow.

Meanwhile, Dante meets up with Sam, who is still helping to decorate. After chatting about his relationship with his dad, Dante thanks her for making him look forward to Christmas again. He calls her the best Christmas present he could get this year.

Sam and Sasha chat GH

Carly heads home and is surprised to find Drew in her kitchen. He kisses her and says he’s been advised to take full advantage of the time they get to have together. Carly won’t argue with that. They kiss again, and Drew’s phone chimes. Drew checks it and he perks up because it’s a lead on Willow’s birth parents.

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At Pentonville, Victor makes a call to someone and orders them to find out what happened to the necklace. He goes into the visitor room, where Nikolas is. Nikolas feels this is a bad idea. Spencer is brought in and wants to immediately be returned to his cell upon seeing his father. Victor tells him to stop, and that he will need Nikolas’ support when he gets out. Spencer points out he doesn’t if Victor keeps his end of their bargain. Spencer throws it in Nikolas’ face that Victor promised him his inheritance ahead of schedule if he keeps his mouth shut about Esme, so he doesn’t need his father.

Spencer is unhappy GH

Nikolas understands and begs Spencer to give him another chance. Nikolas swears he’ll never hurt him again. Spencer would rather he never have to hear his voice again. Nikolas knew this was a mistake and departs.

Nikolas begs GH

Victor tells Spencer how disappointed he is in him. Spencer lashes out at Victor that he may be all-powerful on the outside, but he has competition in here. Cyrus enters the room, and Victor is glad to see Spencer isn’t without friends. Cyrus explains they aren’t just friends, they are family. Cyrus introduces himself, and Victor finally has a face to put with the name. Victor decides to leave but hopes Spencer will reconsider a relationship with his father. Cyrus laughs at Victor trying to play mediator given his attack on their family. Victor insists he had nothing to do with what happened to Lucy Coe. Cyrus reveals he was speaking of the attempt on Martin and Laura’s life last summer.

Victor warns Cyrus GH

Spencer insists his Uncle Victor had nothing to do with that, but Cyrus says his sources and instincts say otherwise. Victor warns Cyrus that he doesn’t want him as an enemy. Cyrus points out to Spencer that Victor isn’t denying it. Victor advises Spencer not to let himself be manipulated. Spencer vows he’ll never be manipulated again and tells his uncle they are through. Victor leaves, and Cyrus tells Spencer that he’s sorry he had to learn about Victor this way. Spencer decides to head back to his cell.

Cyrus puts Victor in his place GH

On the next General Hospital: Cody confronts Britt about her health. Willow tells Michael she needs to reveal her diagnosis on her own terms in her own time. Valentin says to Mac that if he has evidence to the contrary he’d like to know what it is. Sonny continues to knock on Dex’s door as Joss is inside with him. Carly tells Drew, “Who needs Sonny when Drew Cain is on the case.” Olivia suggests to Robert his trust in Holly is misplaced.

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