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In Carly’s kitchen, Joss tells her mother that she’s switching her major to pre-med and wants to be a doctor. Carly wonders what prompted this as changing majors is a big deal. Joss confesses she hates feeling helpless, and that’s how she felt when Dex was shot. Carly asks, “Do you want to become a doctor because it’s safer than having feelings for Dex.” Joss admits the situation with Dex shifted her priorities. Carly says she will support her, but if Joss does have feelings then she needs to consider that Dex works for Sonny and will likely have more incidences of violence in his life. Carly would hate to see Joss live the heartache she did while with Sonny.

Joss and Carly chat GH

Joss admits she has feelings for Dex but isn’t sure what they are, or if they will last. She also doesn’t want to feel helpless like she did with Ava, and it was Dex who saved Ava because he knew what to do. She is doing this so she’s never in that position again. They embrace, and Carly is proud of her decision.

Joss and Carly talk GH

Carly asks where Cam falls into this equation. Joss confesses she loves Cameron, but something has shifted in her, and it’s not because of Dex. She admits they don’t have that same connection, and she doesn’t feel like half of a couple. Carly asks if she’s talked to Cam. Joss hasn’t and can’t stand hurting him. Carly understands but says the longer she waits, the harder it will be. Joss knows breaking up with her best friend is going to be brutal. Carly warns her that she’ll be labeled the bad guy, and says people will whisper, “Like mother like daughter.” Joss decides to change and go for a run to think.

Carly gives Joss advice GH

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Nina and Sasha arrive at Rice Plaza to decorate it for the holidays. Sasha thanks Nina for putting her in charge given she doesn’t have the best reputation in town. Nina knows she’ll be great. Sasha pushes Nina to go on with her day and leaves her to do this. Nina wishes her luck and departs.

Nina Sasha work in park GH

Chase runs into Sasha in the park and she invites him to help her. Chase is happy to because it will take his mind off his breakup with Brook Lynn. Chase gives her the rundown of what happened and that it came down to different priorities, she wanted to make him a pop star, and he wanted his badge back, so BLQ interfered to see that didn’t happen. Sasha reminds Chase they once did similar things to Michael and Willow, and they were convinced they were doing it for the greater good.

Chase and Sasha work together GH

Chase feels BLQ only did this for her greater good. Sasha asks, “What if she really thought he was better off as a singer, what if she thought this was for the greater good.” Chase says she has a point. Sasha thinks this is karma, Gladys is now in charge of her life, and Brook Lynn made a decision to directly impact his.

Sasha advises Chase GH

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Dante arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and Brook Lynn gives him the letter in support of Chase. Dante explains that it’s too late and the review board meeting started 15 minutes ago, plus they needed this last Friday. Dante asks why she didn’t write the letter when he asked her to. She admits she was selfish and wanted it all.

Dante to BLQ too late GH

Brook Lynn admits she wanted revenge on Linc, to make Chase a star, and keep her and Chase together. She wanted her and the music to matter more than police work. Brook Lynn cries it’s over, and she lost him. BLQ says she knows Dante never thought she was worthy of Chase. Dante disagrees and says he saw Chase open up when he was with her. BLQ says she needs to find some way to fix this. After Dante leaves Brook Lynn calls up someone and says, “It’s Brook Lynn, yes that Brook Lynn! I made a mistake and can’t fix it alone.”

BLQ admits she messed up GH

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Dante arrives at the park and runs into Chase and Sasha. Dante informs his friend the board met this morning, and he said his peace. Sasha excuses herself, and Chase gets a message on his phone. The review board turned down his appeal. He says, “I’m not a cop anymore, and never will be again.”

Chase's bad news GH

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Michael and Willow arrive at the gatehouse after an apparent round of chemo as she’s exhausted. He tucks her in on the couch to rest and takes off, at her insistence he carries on as normal.

Later, a knock at the door disturbs Willow’s nap. She is surprised to find Nina there. Nina apologizes if she woke her, and knows it’s bizarre that she’s here. She knows Wiley isn’t home and that’s why she chose this time. Willow invites her in and asks what she wants. Nina was hoping she’d want to help out a friend. She tells her about putting Sasha in charge of the decorations at Rice Plaza and thinks Sasha would be grateful for her help from a friendly face.

Nina asks for help GH

Willow explains this isn’t a good time. Nina pleads with her and points out that Sasha has had a hard year, and it’s the holidays, so Sasha needs her friends around her. Willow accuses Nina of being self-serving as usual to make herself look good, and she didn’t even consider Sasha’s feelings before putting her in charge of this project. Nina says she thought it would be nice for Sasha to have something to do, and that she came to her because Willow is Sasha’s friend.

Willow and Nina argue GH

Willow again lashes out that this is just another scam of Nina’s. Nina says, “I see through your facade and you Willow Tait are as selfish as they come.”  Nina vents Sasha has lost everything, while Willow has a perfect life. Nina points out she has a son, and a baby on the way, she just graduated nursing school and lives on a beautiful sprawling estate. Willow breaks down and screams, “Shut up!” She says Sasha is just an excuse to get closer to her and worm her way into Wiley’s orbit. As they argue, Carly shows up at the door and listens in. Carly bursts in just as Willow collapses.

Willow loses it GH

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Dex wakes up in his apartment on his sofa, after dreaming about Joss. Michael soon arrives and returns his phone. He inquires as to how it got to be outside of the gatehouse. Dex explains he got shot helping Anna escape on Sonny’s orders. He goes on to detail that he headed to the gatehouse to get Michael’s help, but he wasn’t there, though Joss was. Michael realizes that explains why his sister was acting so weird that night.

Michael upset with Dex GH

Dex explains Joss patched him up and he slipped out. However, he passed out in the woods, and Joss took him to her dorm room and nursed him back to health. Michael doesn’t like this, because Dex involved his sister in his and Sonny’s crime. Dex admits it gets worse, Joss turned to Carly to get him antibiotics. Michael orders Dex to find a way to keep Joss at arm’s length. He’d rather forgo this whole operation to take down Sonny than hurt his family.

Dex comes clean GH

After Michael leaves there is a knock at Dex’s door. He answers it and finds Joss, who jogged over, standing there.

Valentin arrives to meet Sonny in his office. VHe brings a business proposition for a third party, one from which they will both benefit. Valentin explains the Pikeman Security Group is looking to move certain classified materials through Port Charles, and they feel Sonny’s facilities would be beneficial. He reveals for every successful shipment, Pikeman will pay him $10,000,000. Sonny thinks this seems too good to be true and asks Valentin what’s in it for him. Valentin has worked for the company before and he’s doing them a favor as the middleman hoping they will return the favor down the road. He refuses to explain the favor but assures it has nothing to do with Sonny or his business.

Sonny and Valentin deal GH

Sonny doesn’t see this as a win for him and says this group can find someone else along with somewhere elsewhere. Valentin explains Pikeman isn’t going elsewhere, and if Sonny doesn’t cooperate, they will see him as a problem to remove. Valentin says he can either make a lot of money or make a boatload of enemies and lose everything. He advises Sonny to make his decision quickly.  Valentin departs, and Sonny makes a call to Brick. He asks him to gather intel on Pikeman Security Group and get it to him ASAP.

Valentin warns Sonny GH

On the next General Hospital: Joss says to a shirtless Dex, “What else would I come here for?” At the PCPD Victor yells at someone, “You don’t want me as an enemy!” Drew tells Michael that he and Carly could be facing criminal charges. Dante rails at Sonny that he’s doing it again. Carly tries to get Willow to open her eyes, and Nina says she’ll call 911. Sasha tells Sam that helping others is a great way to help yourself.

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