Jordan calls out to Holly GH
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At the PCPD, Deputy Mayor Ashby joins Laura, Mac, Robert and Jordan as the hunt for Holly is on, though nobody wants her there. Laura gives her some menial tasks to get her out of the way as Robert and Mac track the GPS in Laura’s stolen car.

Alexis arrives as Jordan summoned her. They head to the interrogation room, where Jordan asks Alexis for a reason not to arrest her for publishing the letter and naming Esme as a suspect. Alexis reminds her that she promised her an exclusive and didn’t deliver, and even gave her a chance to comment. Alexis says they both have duties to this city and departs for her dinner plans.

Alexis and Jordan clash GH

Meanwhile, Ashby returns, overhears Robert and Mac discussing where Holly may be, and texts updates to someone.

Later, Felicia arrives with Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Suddenly, Mac gets a call and says his officers may have located Holly near the Canadian border in a trapper’s cabin. Jordan, Mac and Robert take off, while Laura and Felicia remain behind.

LAura and Felicia at the PCPD

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In the cabin, Holly looks at the diamonds she stole as she listens to the radio report on her. She puts on the necklace and tries to keep warm by fiddling with an old gas stove.

Holly and the diamonds GH

Outside, Victor’s man Gavin runs into some of the PCPD, who tell him the area is off-limits. He departs, and texts someone.

In the cabin, Holly looks outside the window and sees that Mac, Jordan and Robert have arrived. She locks the door and closes the curtains.

Holly cornered cabin fire GH

Gavin continues to lurk around in the woods and watch the cops. Robert, with a megaphone, tells Holly the place is surrounded and there is nowhere to run. Holly shouts back asking if Laura is okay, and Robert says she’s fine. Holly swears she never meant for anyone to get hurt.

Robert orders Holly out GH


Jordan feels they’ve given Holly enough time, and orders her to come out or else. Inside, Holly grabs the case the necklace was in and accidentally knocks over a kerosene lamp that catches some papers on the ground on fire. Seconds later, the entire cabin explodes in flames. Holly rushes out, engulfed in flames, as Robert cries out to her.

Holly on Fire GH

At the Quartermaine’s, Olivia and Leo set the food on a table in the kitchen when Ned arrives, having sneaked some of the mashed potatoes. Olivia announces a big mystery guest is coming, and they try and guess who it is. She eventually caves and admits she ordered a local, fresh, organic turkey from a fancy French-run farm.

Olivia big guest GH

Carly finds Drew in the living room, and they both complement one another. They are soon joined by Willow and Michael. Michael thanks his mom for coming, and asks if Joss will be here soon. Carly explains Joss and Trina are volunteering at a soup kitchen, so they’ll miss pizza this year. Michael is also glad this Thanksgiving will hold better memories for Drew. They realize it’s been a year since he returned and broke the news about Jason.

Carly Drew chat GH

In the foyer, Chase arrives and brings Brook Lynn some wine, and asks if she has anything for him. She kisses him. Chase’s thoughts drift to Dante telling him about the letter he asked her to write.

Chase questions BLQ

Chase and Brook Lynn enter the living room and find Carly and the others reminiscing about Drew’s return last year. BLQ mentions Chase clocking Valentin, and he notes that was the first time he lost his badge.

Carly and Michael and Willow GH

Later, Michael, accompanied by a delivery man, enters the kitchen where Leo, Olivia and Ned are. The delivery man wheels a live turkey in a cage into the kitchen. Olivia screams she did not order a live turkey, but Michael points out the farm’s name in French translates to turkey alive. Olivia signs for the bird and then calls the Metro Court to see if they can help. Leo meanwhile empathizes with the turkey and won’t let him be cooked.

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Olivia can’t convince the chef to come over and ready the bird, so Ned and Michael decide to try and do it themselves. However, Leo announces there will be no turkey today, as he frees the bird.

Leo frees the turkey GH

The turkey, who Leo named Mr. Waddle, begins to roam around the house.

Turkey on the loose GH

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Back in the living room, Carly asks Willow how she’s feeling. Willow is caught off-guard until she realizes Carly is asking about the baby. Willow answers that she’s feeling well. Drew reveals to Willow that he’s making progress looking for the commune members, and Carly’s offered to help him find her birth parents.

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In the foyer, BLQ tells Chase that she’s sorry about bringing up Valentin and she knows he misses being a cop. He just hopes the department gives him a second chance. She states she wants what he wants, but he asks, “Do you?” She doesn’t understand what is going on with him. He wants them to be in a relationship where they are honest and support one another. Just as he’s about to confront her, Leo runs in and tells them there is a turkey on the loose.

Chase almost confronts BLQ

Everyone runs outside from the turkey and watches through the window as it terrorizes the kitchen and knocks over all the dishes. Olivia can’t believe another Thanksgiving has been ruined. Brook Lynn says it’s tradition. When Olivia asks what they’ll eat, they all say to call Luigi’s.

Quartermaines watch the turkey GH

Eventually, they all get back into the house and clean it up. Chase seized an opportunity and confronts Brook Lynn about the letter she never wrote, and asks if she was going to tell him. Meanwhile, the pizza arrives, and the rest of the family gathers around to sing before enjoying their dinner.

At Sonny’s place, he surprises Nina with a beautiful set of earrings. They kiss, and she later puts on the earrings. She asks how he is doing being away from his girls. He is okay as he got to spend time with them last night. Nina thinks he must miss his home and old traditions. He tells her this is his home and suggests she make new traditions with him. They kiss again.

Sonny Nina thanksgiving GH

Dante and Sam, along with Sasha and Gladys arrive at Sonny’s place. Nina asks Dante if Cody is coming. Dante answers that he didn’t invite him, and that he’s not into these types of gatherings. Nina excuses herself, and in private, Dante tells Sam to spit out what she’s thinking. Sam wonders if Cody doesn’t like gatherings, or questions.

Sam questions Cody's intentions GH

Dante thought Sam liked Cody and asks what changed. She admits she didn’t like his reaction to her investigating the necklace. Dante notes it could be his inheritance, and Cody did grow up with nothing. Sam still can’t help but wonder if Cody doesn’t deserve it. She admits she found out Cody has a sealed juvenile arrest record. Dante notes they both got into trouble as kids, which is why they were shipped off to camp. Sam can’t judge given her past, but she worries Cody’s issues might not be in the past.

Dante and Sam talk Cody GH

Elsewhere, Gladys reminisces about Thanksgiving with Mike and Brando back in the days when they would spend it in the casinos. There is a knock at the door, and Nina answers it to find Alexis there. Alexis apologizes for being late and explains she was busy defending the First Amendment.

Sonny's Thanksgiving GH

Dante and Sam rush back to the festivities when they hear Gladys blasting Alexis for printing information about Brando’s killer. Sonny suggests they all take a breather, but Gladys feels Alexis may have helped Brando’s killer get away. Alexis assures her that wasn’t her intent, and Sasha notes at least they have a lead now.

Later, Alexis takes off, as do Dante and Sam. Dante and Sam plan to head to the Quartermaine’s for pizza. Meanwhile, Sasha reflects on marrying Brando last year. Sonny checks on her and asks how she’s holding up. Sasha sighs she’s just dealing with more firsts in getting through holidays without both Brando and Liam. Sonny tells her she doesn’t have to do it alone. Sasha knows Brando would want her to be with family. Elsewhere, Gladys calls Ms. Wu up and accepts her invitation to the poker game, saying she could use a little fun.

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