Holly kidnaps Laura GH
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Dante visits Heather in Spring Ridge where she is recuperating after the accident. Dante finds her in her cell painting. He needs to question her about the prison transport crash. Heather offers to tell him everything he wants to know, for a price. Dante isn’t authorized to make a deal, so she suggests he come back with someone who can. Dante departs, and Heather knocks on the door for the guard. She asks Craig if he could escort her to make a phone call.

Dante visits heather GH

At the Metro Court, Mac talks with Jordan over the phone. She is at the hospital with Robert. She updates him on his brother’s condition and needs him to stay on the task at hand.

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At a nearby table, Ava sits with Kevin and wonders what this meeting is about. Mac walks over and explains he needs her help to catch Esme. Ava admits she hasn’t seen her in months, and if she knew how to find her, she would serve her up. Kevin explains Esme forged a connection with Ryan, and he will know how to find Esme. Mac believes Ryan will talk to Ava. Ava agrees to help and will do whatever she can to stop Esme.

Kevin Mac need Ava's help GH

At General Hospital, Diane arrives, and TJ informs her that Robert is still sleeping. Diane goes in to see him, and Jordan tells TJ she suspects Robert was drugged. TJ puts a rush on a tox screen.

Jordan believes Robert was drugged GH

In Robert’s room, Diane sits with Robert, who comes to. Diane tells him what she knows regarding what happened, and Robert soon realizes his briefcase is missing. He asks Diane to bring Jordan in. Diane brings Jordan in, and he insists something must have happened to Holly. Jordan assures him that she’s fine, and the one who took his briefcase.

Robert needs to speak to Jordan GH

Later after Jordan leaves Robert and Diane, Diane can tell he’s not telling Jordan everything. She hopes whatever Holly has gotten into doesn’t drag him down as well.

Diane worried about Robert GH

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In the tower at Wyndemere, Liz arrives to check Esme’s vitals and provide as much prenatal care as she can. Esme asks what will happen to her after she gives birth. Liz explains that Nikolas will fly her to Cassadine Island to live in luxury for the rest of her life. Esme doubts Nikolas will keep her around, and she’ll be disposable once she gives birth. Liz says Nikolas is loyal to those he cares about, so she advises Esme to make him care about her. Liz gives her some prenatal vitamins to take and then locks her back up.

Liz tends to Esme GH

Esme tries to think what her dad would do. Ryan appears to her and feels it’s about time she asked for his help. He suggests she throw those prenatal vitamins out, because if her health suffers then the baby will suffer. He tells her she has no other option, and that she needs to make Nikolas realize what is at stake. Later, Esme trashes most of the vitamins but keeps a few. She says when Liz returns in a few days, she will claim she threw them all out, and Liz will have to help her and the baby. She takes one of the vitamins.

esme visit from Ryan GH

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In the living room, Victor enters with his bags. He announces to Nikolas that he’s finally moving in. He says they need to prepare his family for what is to come as tonight the tide turns for them.

Nikolas and Victor argue GH

Liz appears and discovers Victor is moving in. Victor decides to start unpacking and pick a suite out in the north tower. Nikolas explains the repairs aren’t finished, so he’ll have to stay in the south tower. Victor leaves, and Liz fears it’s only a matter of time before Victor finds out what is going on. Nikolas swears he has it under control.

Liz and Nkolas worry GH

Meanwhile, Victor calls his man Gavin and asks for an update on Holly and the necklace. Later, Victor returns to the living room. Liz decides to head out and leave them. Once alone, Victor tells Nikolas he assumes he has something going on with Liz. Nikolas insists they are just friends and begs his uncle not to let Ava know about Liz’s visits. Victor won’t tell her as it will make this divorce messier. Victor gets a text and excuses himself. Gavin informs him that Holly has disappeared.

Victor has plans GH

Outside in the park, Scotty and Laura talk about their holiday plans and happen to find Holly sitting alone. They invite her to watch the parade with them. Holly explains she has business tonight, which Laura finds odd as it’s the night before Thanksgiving. Holly says some work can’t wait. Suddenly, Scott gets a call from Heather. He asks what she wants, and she asks him to come to visit her in Spring Ridge as it will be worth his while.

Scott and Laura park GH

After Scott departs, Holly waits for her rideshare. She claims to Laura that she’s going back to doing some contract work, and she knows Robert would disapprove. Laura insists on taking her wherever she is going. Holly is forced to accept, so they head to Laura’s car.

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As Laura drives Holly, her phone rings, and it’s Jordan. Jordan tells her that Robert was drugged tonight, and the attacker stole a briefcase with the diamonds. Before Jordan can tell her who the suspect is, Holly grabs her phone and pulls out a gun. Holly is sorry it came to this. Laura assumes this is about her working for Victor. Holly demands she take the next exit.

Holly pulls gun on Laura GH

Laura takes the exit, and they get out of the car. Holly uses Laura’s phone to call Kevin, throws it at Laura, and runs back and steals Laura’s car. Laura tells Kevin that Holly left her by the side of the road and she’s armed and dangerous.

Scott visits Heather in Spring Ridge and asks her what it is she wants. She explains her paintings haven’t been so well since the prison transport crash which has messed up her neck. She wants to sue Port Charles and the PCPD with his help. Scott says no judge will give a reward to an institutionalized crackpot. Heather believes he can help spring her because her testimony about the crash is valuable to the PCPD, especially since she can identify who helped Anna escape. Scott refuses. He only came to see her to make sure she wasn’t up to something crazy and to tell the cops if she was. She warns him that she never forgets her friends or her enemies. Scott doesn’t either and departs.

Scott visits Heather GH

Mac arrives with Esme and they run into Dante, who is still around. Ryan spots Ava, and she approaches him. She asks if he’s still locked in. His new caregiver helps translate for Ryan. Ava asks Ryan if he remembers his friend Esme, and explains she’s the one who attacked her. She offers Ryan the chance to get back at her for trying to take what is his. She explains if he helps the PCPD, she will keep him company while he does so, and they can have all sorts of chats. He agrees and says, through his translator, “Never fear Ava, we’ll find Esme together.”

Ava taunts Ryan GH

Later after Ava, Mac and Dante depart, Heather runs into Ryan Chamberlain and appears mortified. The nurse asks if they know one another. Heather says, “Everyone knows Ryan Chamberlain.” The nurse responds, “Guess the same could be said of you, Heather Webber.” Ryan looks amazed to see her.

Heather wants to make a deal GH

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