Holly steals the necklace GH
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Drew hits the bag at Sonny’s gym when he gets a call. It’s an Aurora reporter in Arizona, and she’s afraid to say the commune he was looking for pulled up stakes and move elsewhere. He asks the reporter to keep looking for someone who might know Willow. Sonny arrives and overhears the end of the phone call. Dew reveals Willow is looking for her biological parents, and she asked him for his help.

Sonny spots Drew GH

Their conversation turns to Carly, and Sonny knows they are seeing one another. Sonny told Carly that he is happy for her. Drew asks if he means it, and Sonny does. Sonny only wants her to be happy.

Drew and Sonny chat GH

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At the Metro Court, Nina is surprised when Carly turns up. Nina offers her a menu, but Carly reveals she’s just biding time until her room is ready. Carly brags that she booked the honeymoon suite and Brick is on the way. Nina realizes she spoke to Sonny. Carly is tired of Nina running around telling lies about her family. Nina admits she got it wrong, and she apologized to Willow as well, who told her to drop dead. Nina insists she was only thinking of Wiley growing up in a broken home. Carly says the only homewrecker here is her.

Carly and Nina face off GH

Carly accuses Nina of trying to make trouble for Michael and Willow as payback for not being allowed to see Wiley. Nina tells her this is her hotel now, and Carly can’t speak to her like that in it. Nina brags about all the changes she’s made, from the decor to the menu to the chef. Trish the waitress walks by with a bowl of soup, which Carly snags from her platter. Nina orders her to put it down so Carly asks, “Do you want it?” Carly puts it back on Trish’s platter as Drew and Sonny arrive. Carly explains she was about to dump the soup on Nina but has too much respect for this place and the staff to do so. Nina and Sonny take off, but not before Sonny thanks Drew again for helping Willow.

Carly and Nina argue GH

Alone, Carly asks if Drew is really helping Willow look for her birth parents. He is. Carly thinks about lying to Drew that Nina wasn’t Willow’s mother. She tells him this search will be like looking for a needle in a haystack and offers to help him.

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Diane finds Robert with the briefcase attached to his wrist sitting at a table. She joins him and asks about what he’s got there. He reveals it’s a diamond necklace, and not just any diamonds, some of them are from the ice princess. Diane begs to take a look at the famous diamonds, but he warns her the less she knows the better.

Diane and Robert talk diamonds.

Holly arrives at the restaurant and makes a call to Victor to update him. She tells him what she needs to get the diamonds.

Holly enters GH

Holly approaches Robert and Diane, and Robert introduces them to one another. One of Victor’s men arrives, and Holly excuses herself to powder her nose. She asks Robert to order a round of tequila shots for old times while she’s gone. At the bar, the man slips Holly a small bottle of a substance.

Robert passes out GH

Holly returns to the table, and Diane says she appreciates the offer of the shot but has to stay away from alcohol for the time being per the doctor’s orders. Holly takes her shot, and Robert reminds her that she forgot the ritual. She substitutes the saltshaker on the table with one she’s drugged, and he uses the salt and lime to do the shot. As the conversation continues, suddenly the drug hits Robert and he falls over face-first onto the table. Diane wonders if they should call an ambulance, but Holly thinks he just drank too much. Robert comes to, and Holly says he just needs a nap and helps him up to her room, leaving Diane puzzled.

Sonny and Nina run into Diane and say hello before Diane takes off. Sonny tells Nina she has to just let things go with Carly. Nina insists she’s trying, but someone should tell Carly to do the same.

By the elevators, Diane leaves a message with Robert asking her to call him. She has a bad feeling about how he and Holly left. Suddenly Robert stumbles off the elevator and the briefcase is gone.

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Outside somewhere, Holly opens the briefcase. Inside is the box containing the necklace, which she examines.

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At Kelly’s Chase asks Dante what letter Brook Lynn was supposed to write. Dante explains he asked her to write a letter to the civilian review board to hopefully help get him reinstated. Chase wonders how long ago did Dante ask for the letter. Dante admits it’s been a few weeks. Chase can’t help but worry if Brook Lynn never planned to send the letter in. Dante is sure she was going to and urges him not to look for trouble were there might not be any.

chase worries about BLQ GH

At the bar, BLQ ponders Linc’s offer to return her songs and knows it comes at the expense of keeping her mouth shut about all the women he’s harassed, past, present, and future. Linc says he needs more than her silence, he wants her to sing his praises in any interview she gives or press releases she puts out. He thinks her positive word will counter any bad narratives about him out there. He says if she cares for Chase so much, she’ll do this for the both of them. He notes otherwise she’ll have a singing cop with no future in the business, and no badge.

Linc makes an offer to BLQ GH

Dante takes off, and Chase approaches BLQ and Linc at the bar. He notes things look tense between them. Linc explains they were just ironing out the terms. Chase asks Brook Lynn if she’s okay with Linc’s terms. She says everything is good, so Linc departs to let Blaze know. Chase tells her that it’s not too late, and he trusts her to do the right thing for the both of them.

BLQ is unsure about Linc GH

In her office at General Hospital, Britt tells Obrecht that her disease has progressed. Obrecht feels there are clinics they can go to. She knows that there is a specialist in Toronto right now at a conference. Britt admits she already met with her. She informs her mother she’s now at stage three, and she has anywhere from five to 15 years left. However, within a year and a half from now, she could be in assisted living and require full-time care. Obrecht asserts they will do whatever it takes to fight this. Britt asks her to stop because she doesn’t need a doctor, she needs a mom. They embrace one another.

Britt needs her mommy GH

In tears, Obrecht apologizes as it’s in her nature to jump to fixing problems. She cries Britt deserves a better mother than her and fears she’s failed both her children. Obrecht tells Britt she knows she needs her mom, but she cries she needs her daughter more than ever.

Obrect is hurt GH

Valentin finds Martin sitting on the pier with a hummingbird cake. He’s missing Lucy, who baked the cake. He rants about Valentin’s girlfriend murdering his girlfriend. Valentin assures him that Anna’s been framed and right now she’s trying to find Lucy and prove her innocence.

Martin thinks Anna's guilty GH

Valentin came down here to retrace Anna’s steps that night to see if there is something others missed. Martin rambles about Anna firing off the shot that killed Lucy. Valentin says it was actually two shots, and then wonders why Anna would fire two shots because she wouldn’t need a second. He also realizes only one bullet casing was found. He thinks this might be what he needs to save Anna. Valentin tells Martin they have work to do, and they have to find out what happened to Lucy.

Valentin knows how to help Anna GH

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