Victor orders Holly get necklace GH
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At the Metro Court, Sam and Dante meet with Alexis for lunch. Nina interrupts and asks Dante how worried Ava needs to be about Esme. Alexis is surprised to hear Esme is back in town, and of the theory that the attacks are connected to Trina’s trial. Dante can only say the investigation is ongoing and suggests they stay vigilant.

nina questions Dante GH

After Nina walks off, Alexis turns the discussion to food, and what Sonny will be cooking for Thanksgiving. Dante says a feast from what he hears. They all plan to go to Sonny’s, but Sam and Dante are later going to the Quartermaines for pizza. Dante says his mom even invited Cody, but he doubts he’ll come. Sam seems surprised. Dante texts BLQ again about her statement to help Chase. She tells him that she’s in a meeting at Kelly’s. Dante tells them duty calls and excuses himself.

Sam and Alexis chat GH

Alone, Alexis asks what the face Sam made was about when Dante mentioned Cody. Sam reveals Cody dropped hints that Dante did something really bad as a kid, and she thinks she should find out what it was. When Sam steps away, Alexis asks Nina why she’s so certain Esme could be the hook. Nina says Ava seems very concerned about her return. Later, Alexis calls the PCPD and leaves a message for Jordan. She is printing the hook’s letter on the front page tomorrow and would like a comment.

Alexis has concerns GH

At Kelly’s, Chase and Brook Lynn arrive and meet with Blaze and Linc, who has issues with BLQ’s song. Blaze loves the song, but she feels she’s singing too much back up to Chase. Chase and BLQ believe they can work this out. Linc agrees as he caresses Blaze and says she knows how to play nice. BLQ and Chase seethe but keep cool. BLQ suggests she and Linc grab some coffee and let Blaze and Chase talk.

Alone, Chase tells Blaze she seems uncomfortable around Linc and noticed how handsy he is. He says what he’s doing is sexual harassment. Blaze can handle it and says no matter how talented you are if you get a bad rap for being difficult, it can kill your career. She suggests they get back to talking about the song. Blaze admits the song is great, but this isn’t the direction she had in mind for her music. Chase asks what direction she wanted.

Blaze and Chase talk GH

Blaze admits she was hoping to do a folk song, but Linc claims her fans won’t accept her not singing anything but pop. Chase gets it and reveals his real passion is his former job as a cop, but he would do anything to help Brook Lynn. He believes she would do anything for him too. Blaze must head out, and on her way, runs into Dante. Dante recognizes her and says his son is a big fan.

Chase and Blaze GH

At the counter, Linc gloats to Brook Lynn that he’s about to sign Magdalena Perez. BLQ gasps, “She’s only 17.” He says she’s 18, and it’s not like she’s still a virgin. BLQ loses it and vows to expose him for the creep he is and how he treated her. Linc tells her nobody will listen to a bitter has-been.

BLQ threatens linc GH

Brook Lynn says, “It won’t be just me.” She points out all the instances recently where one woman came out publicly against someone, which results in more coming out, and all she has to do is light the match. She says fortunately she doesn’t have a singing career he can hang over her head to keep her quiet, and she is going to destroy him. Linc says, “Or, you could get your songs back.”

Linc makes BLQ offer GH

Dante sits down with Chase and asks why Blaze is in Port Charles. Chase reveals they are working on a song together. Dante explains he’s been leaving messages for Brook Lynn and came to track her down. Chase relays that she’s been working around the clock promoting him. Dante says, “With this new career of his, maybe she doesn’t have to write that letter.”

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In Britt’s office, Cody finds her on the floor holding the necklace. The office is a mess, and he asks if someone broke in and tried to steal the necklace. She tells him no. He can see she’s upset and asks if he can help. Britt cries to Cody that when she found out her father died, she thought it was finally over. However, his reach extends beyond the grave and he’s still hurting her. She can’t believe she wasted so much time seeking his approval. He tells her if Faison didn’t appreciate her then that’s on him, and she is worth loving. She asks, “Even with what’s been passed down to me?”

Britt hurts GH

Cody initially assumes she’s speaking of the necklace and suggests she can give it to him because it’s basically his anyways. She can’t believe she didn’t see this before and screams she wasn’t talking about the necklace. She thinks that’s all he wanted. She tells him if he wants it so bad take it and get out! She hands it to him.

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As Britt opens the door and demands Cody leave, Robert is standing there with a cop. He has a warrant for the necklace and demands Cody hand it over. Cody hesitates. Robert explains some of the diamonds in it are possibly stolen, so Britt grabs it and hands it over to Robert. Robert and the other officer leave.

Robert wants the necklace GH

Britt again demands Cody get out, but he refuses. He wants to know if she wasn’t talking about the necklace then what was she talking about? He apologizes for making a mistake, and she knows he has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. He asks what it will take for her to give him the benefit of the doubt. She says, “More than I have to give.”

Britt lashes out at Cody GH

Obrecht arrives and wonders what happened to Britt’s office. Cody exits. Obrecht asks what is going on, and Britt breaks down and cries “I’m sick.”

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In the hall, the officer cuffs the briefcase with the necklace to Robert’s wrist. He reveals he’s going to turn it over to some WSB agents at the Metro Court. A man lurks in the background and calls Victor to update him.

Elsewhere, Michael and Willow arrive for her first chemo appointment. They run into Carly, and soon after TJ appears. Willow whisks TJ aside to talk to him about her pregnancy. Alone Carly asks Michael how everything is going. Michael reveals Willow wants to find her birth parents. Carly is stunned and asks what changed her mind. Michael simply says with the baby coming, they thought it could be important medically.

Carly runs into Michael and Willow GH

Nearby, Willow admits to TJ that she feels like a coward not letting anyone know she’s sick. TJ assures her that she’s not a coward. TJ and Willow rejoin Carly and Michael. Carly asks TJ if he and Molly have plans for Thanksgiving. He explains Alexis is going to Sonny’s, but they thought that might be awkward. Carly is confused, so Michael tells her about Nina’s accusations about Willow and TJ having an affair. Carly can’t believe that woman and storms off.

TJ and Willow Chat GH

Carly arrives at the Metro Court and gives Nina a death glare.

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On the pier, Victor demands Holly stop lying to him about Robert’s trust in her. Victor threatens to kill Ethan just like he killed Luke and her sister Paloma. Holly assures him that Robert still trusts her, but he wonders why Anna wasn’t at the safe house. She doesn’t know, but points out Anna is an expert at espionage. Holly demands to speak to Ethan to know he’s still alive but Victor refuses. He says she gets daily photos of him, but she says photos can lie. Victor explains she’ll have to trust him. Holly says just as he’ll have to trust her where Robert is concerned.

Victor gives holly orders GH

Victor gets a call from an informant that Robert has the necklace. Victor tells Holly that Robert has a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, and he’s about to hand it over to the WSB at the Metro Court. He needs her to get it. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to. He smiles and says, “I’m sure Ethan will help inspire you to find a way.”

Holly is stuck GH

On the next General Hospital: Chase asks Dante, “What letter?” Britt cries to Obrecht, “I don’t need a doctor, I need a mom.” Valentin realizes how to save Anna. Linc asks Brook Lynn if they have a deal. Holly tries to figure out how to get the diamonds from Robert. Carly tells Nina, “Bring it on!” At Sonny’s gym, he tells Drew it appears he’s hit a dead end.

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