Robert catches Holly lying GH
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As we get into Port Charles, Drew is stretching it out in the park when Carly strolls by. “We have to be really careful. Somebody knows about us.” Joss saw them kissing, but Carly says she can be trusted. Drew then says Michael and Willow asked him to look into something, but before he can say what, Olivia walks by. The two make awkward excuses about why they’re together, then catch up a bit.

Carly gets a text from Brick warning her that Sonny knows something is going on and runs off. Olivia mentions the cell phone Leo found outside the gatehouse to Drew. As she goes off, she notices he’s distracted and asks him about Carly. Drew lies and says they’re just friends, buy Olivia says hypothetically, they’d have reason to keep a relationship quiet. “Someone I’m married to could raise a pretty big stink with the SEC.” But she’d keep their fling a secret if that were the case.

Olivia sees someone GH

At Josslyn’s, Dex wakes up. She asks how he’s feeling, and he tells her it only hurts when he moves. He thanks her for taking care of him, then asks her to get him clothes. She refuses, telling him he can’t even stand, there’s no way he’s getting dressed and going anywhere. He stands and insists through gasps he can make it home. Josslyn insists he can’t leave, but he doesn’t want her getting caught and in trouble. “I’m not going to repay you to get charged as an accessory after the fact.” She wants to know what he did and instead he tells her to get him clothes so he can leave.

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She runs out and grabs them, then brings them back. He can barely move, so she starts getting him dressed and tells him again he shouldn’t be going anywhere. But she gets him ready to leave anyway, but before he can, Dex grabs her and kisses her. Things heat up fast, but he pulls back and says he has to go. She’s done enough.

Dex asks a favor GH

Meanwhile, Sonny’s trying to get hold of Dex and leaves a voicemail demanding he get back to the don. Brick enters and Sonny says what happened with Carly isn’t OK. “When Carly meddles with my business and my people, it usually ends in disaster.” Brick promises that if the situation was dangerous, he’d tell Sonny. If it was about business, he’d tell Sonny, but private matters are left private. Just then, Carly storms in to “set him straight.”

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She and Drew are seeing each other but have to keep it quiet, so she asked Brick to cover their digital tracks. Sonny sends Brick away, then says he’s happy for her. She thanks Sonny reluctantly, then asks how he found out the Brick thing to begin with. Nina, Sonny tells her, which causes Carly to flip out. But before they can get any deeper, Dex walks in. “Where the hell have you been?”

Brick and Sonny tension GH

Austin visits Britt and offers to stick around for her consultation with Dr. Talone on her Huntington’s Disease. The three meet and go over her case history. The doctor says her symptoms may mean she’s further along than Britt thought. The carpal tunnel may have masked the fact that she was in stage two of Huntington’s. And while Britt was on the run a few years back, what she thought was stress may have been the beginnings of the disease.

Britt’s incredulous, but Austin encourages her to be honest about her symptoms so they can figure this out. Afterwards, Austin asks how she’s doing. She thanks him for being there to talk about all this. “I know how my story is going to end.” She struggles to talk about that with her loved ones. Talone comes in and reveals that Britt has the signs of being in stage three. Her symptoms will increase, along with “significant cognitive impairment.” She has anywhere from five to fifteen years, but it could be as soon as 18 months that she’ll need fulltime care.

Britt and Austin discuss her symptoms GH

Over at the Metro, Scotty wants to know what Cody wants. Cody’s coming into money — maybe even legitimately! There’s some dispute over where the inheritance should have gone. Leopold’s necklace ended up with Peter, Cody explains and Kin marvels over Britt ending up with it, who’s now connected to him. Talk gets back to the Ice Princess and Scotty advises Cody to run for the hills. The Ice Princess is cursed. Everyone who’s claimed it, including Luke has died.

Cody refuses, so Scotty asks if screwing over the girl he claims to care about is worth it.

Scott warns Cody GH

At the docks, Holly tries playing innocent, but Robert demands to know how long she’s been working with Victor. “Dammit, you can’t talk your way out of this, kid!” Holly breaks down and admits it but says it’s not by choice. Robert isn’t buying the threat, saying so long as Victor’s running around, everyone is in danger. He can help, but she needs to tell him everything.

Holly was investigating Rudge and the casino and rumor was Victor was still alive. Word must have gotten out and her cover was blown. She was held captive in the casino for weeks until she could call Robert. But that was when Victor revealed himself and threatened, he’d make an example of someone she cared about if she tried contacting him again.

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He murdered her sister in front of her, she confesses through tears. Her death was faked but Victor figured he could use her someday. “I was kept in the lap of luxury until my temper got the best of me.” Victor moved her around until he decided to use her in Port Charles, but she doesn’t know what his master plan is. She was just to distract Robert and frame Anna.

“Tell me you didn’t shoot Lucy.” Holly brokenly admits it was her, but she didn’t kill Lucy! She’s still alive. While wearing an Anna mask, she shot Lucy with a rubber bullet, then shot a real one in the water to leave the casing and residue behind. Victor’s goons then hauled Lucy off. She begs Robert not to say anything about Lucy or that she betrayed Victor. He’s holding her son hostage.

Victor caught Ethan and has been using him to keep Holly under control. Robert’s taking it in when Holly gets a message from Victor. He’s heading her way and Robert needs to be gone when he arrives.

Holly admits she's working with Victor GH

In the show’s last few minutes, Carly shows up at Josslyn’s door and warns her that Dex will always prioritize his work. She asks Joss, “Would you be disappointed if this were a one-time thing?” Josslyn says she needs to use the firepit. At Sonny’s Dex explains he was grazed and was laying low to avoid bringing heat to Sonny. Neither Brick, nor their boss are buying it, but Dex promises he’s loyal.

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Meanwhile, Holly tells Robert that she’s trying to protect everyone, including Lucy and Ethan “but something has to give!” He grimly agrees but is gone when Victor arrives to warn her that Robert may be on to her. He then says he has another assignment for her. And back at the hospital, Britt thanks Dr. Talone for going out of her way to meet. Austin suggests they go for a walk, but Britt wants to be alone. She has a breakdown and trashes the office while sobbing and is picking Peter’s necklace off the floor when Cody walks in.

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