Robert sets Trap GH
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At the Metro Court, Robert has breakfast with Holly and can tell something is troubling her. She has been thinking a lot about Lucy and also knows Martin is suffering. She tells him that she’s also been thinking a lot about their relationship as well and pulls him into a kiss. After, he tells her that was wonderful and asks what it was for. Holly says just being with him has made her think about all the chances they missed and that they never made a proper go of it.

Holly and Robert chat GH

Holly gets back to the topic of Lucy and Martin. Robert says they will avenge Lucy and clear Anna. Holly hopes Anna stays out of sight. Robert says he heard from Anna and she’s somewhere safe. Robert gets a call, and someone has the address of the safehouse for him. He’s texted the address, and Holly suddenly spills her drink on herself. She asks Robert to fetch her some club soda, and when left alone, she glances at his text to get the address. When Robert returns, she tells him that she must go as she has an appointment with Kevin to work on her memory issues.

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Laura runs into Victor on the pier. They are both headed to Wyndemere, and Victor suggests they share the launch. Laura refuses, and he thinks it’s time to put this feud behind them and work together for the sake of the family.

Victor Laura squabble GH

Laura vows to put the family he destroyed while she was away back together, and then she’ll tear him apart. Victor hopes one day she’ll be able to let go of this grudge. Laura says, “And if I don’t what? You’ll frame me for murder like Anna?” Victor insists he wants Lucy’s killer brought to justice. Laura agrees and walks off.

Laura threatens Victor GH

Victor gets a call from Holly, who says they need to meet. Later she arrives on the pier and tells Victor the location of Anna’s safehouse. He gets a text and orders Holly to alert the authorities of Anna’s whereabouts. He has something to take care of which may be her next assignment and says he’ll be in touch.

Holly betrays Anna again GH

At the PCPD, Dante tells Mac that agent Whitten is here. They catch him on the phone telling someone to tail Valentin as he’ll probably lead them to Anna, which upsets Mac. The two head into the interrogation room for privacy, and Dante thinks something else seems to be worrying Mac and asks if it has to do with Cody. He admits Cody isn’t his son.

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Felicia arrives in the squad room and overhears Whitten on the phone upset that Valentin lost the tail they put on him. She also hears him say that one of Anna’s friends is bound to lead them to her.

Felicia heads into the interrogation room, and Dante leaves them to get some coffee. Felicia tells Mac what she just overheard, and that he should be careful. She asks him if he told Dante about Cody. Mac reveals he did, and he’s made peace with the fact that he’s not Cody’s father. She presses him on whether he’s really okay and tells him that he’s allowed to grieve this loss. They embrace.

Felicia helps Mac GH

Back in the squad room, Laura arrives and meets Whitten. He hopes she will help him with this investigation, and he asks her to tell him everything about Valentin Cassadine. Laura can’t help him because she’s not close to Valentin. Whitten explains working with him is the best way to ensure Valentin and Anna’s safety. They’re interrupted when he gets a call.

Laura and the Agent GH

Laura, along with Whitten, heads into the interrogation room. The agent informs Dante, Mac and Felicia that they have a lead on Anna. A task force is on the way to her, and Mac and Dante accompany Whitten in his car. Later, Felicia gets a text from Mac saying they’ve arrived at the safehouse. Laura worries about how Valentin will react if cornered.

At General Hospital, Sam meets up with Spinelli. She asks if he found anything on Cody. He discovered that Cody has a juvenile arrest record, but he couldn’t get to it as they haven’t been uploaded to the database. He promises to find a way to get the info.

Spinelli has news

Austin calls his cousin Mason to tell him the latest off-the-books patient has been handled. Maxie approaches him, and he’s glad to see her. Maxie confronts him about all these surgeries he’s being called to do, and if he’s really doing them or if they are a cover. Austin swears he’s been in surgery, but Maxie feels he’s avoiding her because of Georgie and Spinelli. Austin asks how he can put her mind to ease and leans in to kiss her.

Maxie calls out Austin GH

Spinelli happens upon Maxie and Austin kissing. Austin is glad to see Spinelli as he’s trying to plan a fun weekend to take the kids to the mountains. He is afraid Georgie will say no, so Maxie suggests Spinelli encourage her to join them. Spinelli doesn’t think he should force Georgie to do anything she doesn’t want to. Austin gets paged and must go, and once alone, Maxie tells Spinelli she’s getting sick of this. She thinks Georgie doesn’t like Austin because of him. Spinelli won’t lie to their child or her, and he feels Austin doesn’t ring true.

Maxie calls out Spinelli GH

In Britt’s office, Cody finds Britt hungover and asks what she got into last night. She tells him she went out with Brad and things got fuzzy after the third kamikaze. He suspects this is more than a hangover, and she can talk to him. She tells him that she has a lot of work to do, so he says he’ll leave her to it. She says she’s free for dinner tonight.

Britt hung over GH

As Cody’s about to leave, Sam shows up, and Cody thinks if this is about the necklace he should stick around since it was his father’s. Britt tells Sam it’s fine to talk in front of Cody. Sam has found an itemized list of Taub’s estate, including the necklace. However, it is possible that Taub sold the necklace to Peter or Faison, though she hasn’t found a sales record so far.

Cody and the necklace GH

Austin interrupts to see Britt for a consult, so she exits. Alone, Sam confronts Cody for being after the necklace all along. He asks how could he have known about the necklace. Sam says he’s raising a lot of red flags with her. He tells her that no one is squeaky clean, he’s not, she’s not, and neither is Dante. She asks about Dante, but he says to forget he brought it up.

Sam calls out Cody GH

In the hall, Austin tells Britt that he has contacted the top specialist on Huntington’s Disease, who is nearby at a conference and willing to meet with her. This doctor can tell her if her symptoms are from her disease.

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Britt returns to her office, and Sam takes off. Britt informs Cody that he has to cancel their plans tonight. She then asks how he feels about the necklace and possibly inheriting pieces of the ice princess. Victor appears and overhears them talking about the necklace from the doorway.

Sam runs into Spinelli in the hall and asks him to leave Cody’s arrest record alone for now. He’s puzzled by her change of heart.

Austin meets back up with Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie must take a call from James’ school, and Austin asks if Spinelli ran the algorithm on him and Maxie yet. Spinelli doesn’t understand why he needs it. Austin says he wouldn’t understand his reasons.

Valentin heads to Anna’s safehouse. They kiss upon being reunited, and he warns her that it’s not safe for her to be here.  He informs her that Olivia Jerome has made it known if she ends up in Pentonville then she won’t make it through the night. Valentin feels they need to get her out of the country. He tells her that her ride will be here in an hour. He promises to clear her name and bring her home. They kiss again and make love before she departs. After dressing, they hear a van pull up outside.

Val Anna make love GH

Outside, Whitten has his men positioned around the house, and Mac and Dante hope they all make it out in one piece. When they break into the house, they find it empty. The agent thinks either they got a bad tip, or Anna got away.

At the real safehouse, Anna gets into her van, but not before sharing one last kiss with Valentin.

Val Anna Goodbye GH

On the pier, Robert confronts Holly and tells her that she has some explaining to do.

On the next General Hospital: Carly tells Drew that someone knows about them. Robert asks Holly how long she’s been working for Victor. Scott advises Cody to run for the hills.  A recovered Dex asks a favor of Joss.

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