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Sonny finds Sasha and Gladys enjoying a meal at the Metro Court. Sasha thanks Sonny for the flowers he sent for what would have been Liam’s first birthday. He asks how the guardianship arrangement is going. Gladys says it is a work in progress, and they discuss the big decision the Deception staff made to save the business. Sonny offers Sasha a tour of the changes Nina made in the kitchen, a ploy to get her alone.

Sonny asks Sasha to be honest, did Gladys try to block the Deception deal? She admits she did at first, but she realized that the deal was good for the company. Sasha believes Gladys is looking out for her.

Sonny questions Sasha GH

Brad joins Britt at the bar, and she wants to pretend like it’s the old times and it’s them against the world. Ms. Wu approaches them and is glad to see them out. She tells the bartender to put their drinks on her tab. After Wu departs, Brad asks what happened between her and his aunt to make Selina suddenly like Britt. Britt admits his aunt blackmailed her to convince him to work for her and not go back to GH. Britt is sorry and understands if he hates her for it. Brad doesn’t hate her, and he likes working for his aunt. Brad also knows she’s dealing with something big and asks how he can help her. She says he can go dancing with her at The Savoy and drags him out of the restaurant.

Brad and Britt drink GH

Selina sits at a table and Gladys approaches her and is happy to see a fellow investor of Deception. Gladys explains she’s managing Sasha’s affairs, including her stake in Deception, for the time being. Selina tells Gladys about her private poker games, and Gladys asks her to tell her more.

Gladys meets Selina GH

Selina gives Gladys a card with the address and password to get in and suggests she keep this to herself as not everyone can afford the buy-in. Sasha and Sonny return, and Sonny says he didn’t know Ms. Wu knew Gladys. Selina says they are more of business associates as she is a Deception investor. Selina is glad to hear Sasha is on the mend. Wu departs, and Sasha gives Gladys a hug. Gladys asks what that was for. Sasha replies, “For always having my best interests at heart.”

Selina makes offer GH

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Outside the coffee shop, Laura talks with Martin on the phone, and she says she’s bringing him some food and support. She knows he misses Lucy, and there are a lot of people working to try and find her.

Laura speaks to Marting GH

Robert and Holy enjoy each other’s company inside the coffee shop. Robert is worried about Anna, and has no clue what her plans are. Holly thinks she’s flying under the radar to protect her loved ones. Robert hopes she’s able to get the goods on Victor.

Robert Holly chat GH

Laura appears, joins them, and explains she’s picking up soup for Martin. Laura fills Holly in about her two newfound brothers, and that Martin is grieving over Lucy. She says her brother believes Anna is behind the shooting and a video doesn’t lie. Holly blurts out that people lie, and they gaslight others, and before you realize it’s too late, they are using you.

Holly lying GH

Robert asks if Holly is remembering what happened to her. Holly claims she isn’t, she just knows what it means to lose someone, so her heart goes out to Laura’s brother. Holly knows for sure Anna isn’t guilty of shooting Lucy. Laura asks her if she knows something they don’t. Holly simply says she just knows what kind of person Anna is.

Laura suspects Holly GH

Holly excuses herself for some air, and Laura tells Robert that she thinks Holly knows more than she’s letting on. Robert asks if she thinks Holly is working for Victor. Laura reminds him that he saw Holly whispering with Eileen Ashby, and she thinks deep down Robert knows Holly is hiding something.

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Outside, Holly remembers she was the one who shot Lucy, in an Anna mask and planted the evidence in her car.

Holly framed anna GH

At the PCPD, Dante finds Sam in his chair. He is glad to see her, and she says she has a surprise. She takes him to the interrogation room for some privacy.

Sam surprises Dante GH

Sam produces a brown paper bag containing hoagies from Sal’s, delighting Dante. They talk about the investigation into Lucy’s shooting, the marshal that has been brought in to take over the case, and Dante reveals he suspects his father helped break Anna out. Dante asks Sam if she could direct him to any of his father’s safe houses. Sam doubts she’s still there if she was, and she guesses Anna’s gone someplace more secure to investigate Victor.

Sam gives Dante a hoagie GH

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At Wyndemere, Liz and Nikolas find Esme passed out in her tower room. Liz rushes to her and finds signs the baby is in distress and Esme could miscarry. Nikolas insists they can’t take her to the hospital. If they aren’t taking her to the hospital, then Liz explains she’s going to have to do a c-section without anesthesia. He thinks that is a big risk. Liz says she is going to do everything she can to save this baby, and there is a 50/50 chance mother and baby will make it. Suddenly Esme springs up and yells, “Get your paws off my baby!”

Esme faking it GH

Liz gloats she knew nothing was wrong with Esme that a little scare wouldn’t cure. Liz decides to get back to what she was in the middle of when she was summoned. Nikolas and Liz lock Esme back up and leave. Esme can’t believe she was outsmarted by Liz. Suddenly the baby begins kicking, and Esme softens and says, “I’m feeling you, Ace.” Soon she’s reduced to tears and cries, “Damnit Ace, see what you’ve done to me.”

Esme alone GH

Downstairs, Liz asks Nikolas what he and Esme are going to do now. Nikolas insists he is not involved with Esme and plans to parent this baby on his own. Liz wants nothing more to do with this, but he tells he it’s too late for that. Since Liz didn’t rescue her, Nikolas assures her that Esme will lie and make her an accessory to kidnapping. Nikolas is only asking her to go home and stay silent about what she knows.

Liz Nikolas argue

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Liz notes, “So I’m not just an accessory to kidnapping, but eventually murder.” Nikolas says that won’t happen, and explains before tonight he was going to take Esme to Cassadine Island. He plans to raise the baby and leave Esme on the island forever. Liz accuses him of being no better than Esme, but Nikolas says there is no alternative. Liz disagrees and asks Nikolas not to fly Esme to Cassadine Island. She says Esme will give birth here, and he’ll need a nurse.

Nikolas plans GH

On the next General Hospital: Laura threatens to take apart someone. Valentin warns Anna it’s not safe for her to be here. Sam asks someone if this is what they’ve been after all along. Cody finds Britt worse for the wear and asks what she got into. Maxie confronts Austin and asks if he’s really doing all these surgeries or is he covering for something. Robert tells Holly that he knows when something is wrong.

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