Esme faking pains GH
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At the Metro Court, Carly meets with Brick in his room as Nina lurks outside and wonders what Drew would think about this.

Nina spies GH

Nina rejoins Sonny at their table. Nina recalls Sonny joking about Brick flirting with Carly, which Sonny said was harmless. Nina admits she has a habit of getting things wrong, but she just saw Carly go into Brick’s room. She quickly realizes this was a mistake, and that she needs to stay out of other people’s business. Sonny assures her that she did the right thing by telling him. Nina can’t help but wonder if he seems upset because Brick is his friend, or Carly is his ex-wife.

Nina tattles GH

Brick appears, and Sonny asks Nina to order him a big steak and steps away to speak to Brick. Sonny knows the call he got earlier was from Carly and that he went to meet her. Brick assures him that nothing inappropriate happened between him and Carly, and that he’d never do that to Sonny.

Brick makes promise GH

Sonny asks Brick to tell him what happened between them, but Brick can’t say. Brick only reveals Carly needed something and he helped get it for her. He swears his allegiance is to Sonny, but he doesn’t want to go back on his word to Carly. Sonny accepts his explanation, but Brick knows he doesn’t like it. Nina steps over and asks if Brick will join them for dinner, but he takes a raincheck. Brick leaves, and Nina tells Sonny that she shouldn’t have said anything. Sonny notes Carly can see who she wants, but she needs to respect boundaries when people are connected to him.

sonny upset

At the Quartermaine Gatehouse, Drew offers to help Willow find her biological parents, and Willow thanks him.

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Michael steps out to tell Leo, who is still playing outside, that his mom wants him home for dinner. Leo shows him the phone he found, which has gone dead. Michael explains they’ll have to charge it to find out who it belongs to.

Inside, Willow and Drew talk about how to find her biological parents. Drew feels the best approach is to write her and Harmony’s story as a human-interest piece to get the information out there. He thinks someone has to know something and will respond. She hopes it works, and the sooner the better. He tells her these things take time. Willow understands, but she’s just eager to know the truth.

Drew Willow chat GH

Michael enters with Leo, who insisted on sticking around to solve the mystery of the cellphone he found. They head upstairs to get a phone charger. Drew confronts Willow about why she’s in such a hurry to find her family. Willow says she may not get as lucky as him and end up with a great family like the Quartermaines, but that doesn’t really matter. He finds the comment odd.

Willow finds parents GH

Later, Leo rushes out, and Drew notes how fun it is watching kids grow up. As they chat, Michael gets the phone working and sees missed calls and an email from Sonny. Michael steps outside and on a hunch calls Dex, and the mystery phone rings. He worries about where Dex is. Back inside, Drew is confident they’ll get answers about Willow, as someone out there knows the truth.

Michael finds Dex's phone GH

In Finn’s office at General Hospital, Liz finds him arguing with Jeff. She suggests Jeff leave before he makes things worse. Jeff is sorry she feels that way. She lectures him about his affairs, on ruining Finn’s marriage, abandoning her, and the fact that maybe Reiko would still be alive if it weren’t for him. Finn is paged to the lab, and Liz tells him that she’ll be fine. Before he leaves, Jeff tells Finn that he’s sorry about Reiko.

Liz confronts Jeff GH

Alone, Liz asks why her father is here. Jeff feels there is so much left unsaid. He tells her that she created this narrative that her parents never wanted her, which isn’t true. He admits he and Carolyn have made mistakes, and one of the first things they’ve done right in a long time was telling her the truth, even if she never wants to see them again.

Jeff asks for second chance GH

Jeff insists every choice he and her mother made, as flawed as they were, was to protect her. He admits he felt the most kinship towards her because she’s not afraid to go her own way like him. Liz seethes that she’s nothing like him, and he hasn’t known her since she was a teen. He hopes for another chance to know her, but he won’t push. He tells her Finn seems like a good man, and he hopes he hasn’t ruined things for them.

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In the tower of Wyndemere, Nikolas orders Esme to pack a bag, which he throws at her, and tells Demetrius to have the jet readied and instruct the servants to have the house stocked with food. He departs when suddenly Esme doubles over in pain and claims it’s the baby. Demetrius returns and rushes to Esme’s side, but Nikolas warns him that Esme is lying about the pain to avoid going to their new location. When she insists she could lose this baby, Nikolas calls someone for help as Esme continues to scream in pain.

Esme claims pain GH

Back at the hospital, Finn returns to his office and Liz ignores a message on her phone from Nikolas. She gets calls, but she ignores them too. She asks if Finn has had time to think about things, and Finn says he has. She assumes that he’s decided he can’t be with her, and she doesn’t blame him. She knows that in the short time they’ve been together it’s been a rollercoaster of incidents, most of which have been on her. She understands he can’t forget what happened. Finn says neither one will forget what they’ve been through, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing left to discuss.

Finn and Liz talk GH

Nikolas calls again, and Liz finally takes his call and says she’s in the middle of something. Nikolas tells her something we don’t hear, and Liz informs Finn that she has to go. He asks if it’s the boys. She insists it’s not, but she can’t tell him what it is. She says she’s sorry and runs out.

Liz thinks it's over GH

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Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas orders Demetrius to get the first aid kit. He tells Esme that help is on the way. She thanks him because she knows how much the baby means to him, even if she doesn’t. Nikolas knows she’s pretending, but she swears she’s in pain. He assures her she will be in pain if she’s not right now.

Esme continues pain faking GH

Liz arrives at Wyndemere and in the halls Nikolas thanks her for coming over. He explains Esme is claiming to be in pain, but he doesn’t know if she’s telling the truth. Liz agrees to examine her, but only this once. When they enter the room, Esme is passed out on the floor.

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In Joss’s room, she tries to cool Dex down with a wet cloth. She puts a thermometer in his mouth to take his temperature, but also to shut him up, as she lectures him about working for Sonny. She takes the thermometer out and asks why he’s risking so much for Sonny. Dex simply says he has his reasons. Joss notes his temperature is 104, so if her mom doesn’t get back soon then they’ll have to go to the hospital. She continues to try and keep him cool and they make small talk. She eventually says he needs to hydrate and has to help him drink the water. Another close moment and a possible kiss is interrupted by a knock at the door.

Dex still sick GH

The knock is Carly, who comes in with the antibiotics. Joss gives Dex some pills and tells him to rest. He soon passes out. Joss steps aside to talk to her mom. Carly believes Dex’s fever will break by morning. She counsels her daughter about the dangerous situation she’s found herself in. Joss explains it’s not like she planned any of this. Carly says this is a big risk for someone she barely knows. Joss doesn’t know him well but admits they are becoming friends. Joss swears Dex didn’t come to her for help, this just happened, but now she’s in this and will see it through.

Carly's advice GH

Carly says Joss is so much like her, so she knows it’s futile to try and talk her out of this. She guesses that Joss is going to sit with Dex through the night. Joss says someone has to. Carly would stay if it weren’t for Donna. She orders Joss not to open the door to anyone, and to call her if she needs anything. Joss thanks her mom again for getting the antibiotics. After her mother leaves, she sits beside Dex.

Dex still sick GH

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