Finn punches Jeff GH
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Outside the Quartermaine gatehouse, Drew finds Leo upset because he and Michael are mad at his dad, and wonders if Drew is mad at him too. Drew tells him that neither he nor Michael is mad at him, and families argue from time to time, but they always make up. Leo asks if Drew and Michael can make up with his dad.

Leo and Drew GH

In the gatehouse, Willow finds Michael looking into bone marrow transplants. He thinks they should start a bone marrow donation drive at GH, which Willow thinks is a great idea. However, she’s still not ready to be the girl with cancer and having everyone feel sorry for her. Michael knows that’s because she grew up alone and without the support of her parents, but she’ll never be alone again.

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Willow admits she’s been thinking about finding her bio family. However even if she could find them, she doesn’t know how she shows up out of the blue and asks for a bone marrow transplant. Michael says there are a lot of good people out there. Willow notes, “People like Nina make it hard to remember.” Willow decides to try and track down her family and thinks they should start with the peace and love commune that Harmony was a part of when she was a baby.

Willow wants to find birth parents GH

Drew knocks on their door, and Leo is glad to see Michael isn’t mad at him. He rushes over to Willow, and Drew explains they need to fix things with Ned for Leo’s sake. Leo takes off after a bit and Drew notices the papers Willow’s looking through about communes. Willow explains she is looking for her birth family and doesn’t know how much she can trust about what Harmony told her. Drew recalls Carly telling him that Harmony said Nina was Willow’s mother, but later Carly claimed the DNA test she ran confirmed Nina wasn’t her mother. Drew offers to help them do some digging.

Drew talks with WIllow and Michael GH

Back outside, Leo plays around and hears a beeping. He finds Dex’s dropped cellphone, and there is a message from Sonny on it.

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Joss exits her dorm and finds her mother outside and upset. Carly explains she’s been calling her and she’s not been answering. She asks what is going on. Joss brings her mom inside and reveals she’s got Dex stashed, and they need help. Carly learns Joss found Dex near the Quartermaines, and Joss explains she couldn’t take him to the hospital because they’d have to report a gunshot wound. Carly looks at his wound and it’s infected. She says he’ll need antibiotics, which Joss says she was trying to get.

Carly checks Dex GH

At the Metro Court, Sonny introduces Nina to Brick, who just got into town, and they sit down at a table. They’re interrupted by an employee who tells Nina the chef needs to talk to her. She departs, and Brick notes Sonny looks happy.

BRick meets Nina GH

Brick asks how Dex is working out. Sonny reveals he’s been loyal and he may give him a promotion, but right now he’s laying low after springing Anna. Nina returns to the table, and Brick gets a call from Carly and excuses himself. Carly is glad to learn he’s back in town and needs his help. He returns to Sonny and Nina and tells them he has to take care of something and departs.

Brick and Sonny chat GH

Nina notes Sonny seems more relaxed than last night. She didn’t want to worry him then but fills him in on her run-in with Michael and Willow. Sonny wishes she’d leave it alone, but Nina just wants them to know she’s not a bad person for Wiley’s sake. Sonny advises she just stay away from them.

Back at Joss’ place, Carly realizes Joss lied to her about being with friends last night. Joss didn’t consider it a lie and points out she didn’t know she was dating Drew. Carly says that is beside the point, she came to see her because Esme is back in town and nobody knows where she is.

Dex is tired GH

Carly leaves, and Dex comes too. He says he dreamt her mother was here, and Joss admits she was and she’s agreed to help them. She tells him to lie down and rest, and he says, “Thanks beautiful.” He remembers the night they met and calls her his beautiful guardian angel, an angel so bright it hurts to look at. He passes out, and Joss thinks it’s a good thing he’s delirious and won’t remember this. She smiles and says, “But I will.”

Dex loves Joss GH

Carly meets with Brick at the Metro Court. She thanks him for coming through for her. He invites her into his room, and Nina lurks in the hall.

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At the hospital, Finn discovers Jeff looking for Liz. Jeff asks Finn if he knows him. Finn responds, “No, but you knew my wife, you slept with her.” He reveals his wife was Reiko. Jeff asks if there is someplace that they can go to talk. Finn punches him and says, “I have nothing to say to you.”


Jeff finds Finn in his office and explains he’s worried about Liz, who isn’t responding to his calls. Finn doesn’t blame her. Finn lashes out at Jeff for ruining people’s lives, and he thought he had a happy marriage. Jeff claims Reiko was happy with him at first, but she became lonely when he was often away and talked to him about it. Finn knows Jeff has a history of cheating, but Reiko wasn’t like that. Jeff asks what he wants from him. Finn wants nothing from him because what he did for Liz was unforgivable.

Jeff meets finn GH

In the tower at Wyndemere, Esme tells the baby that she could use some advice from their grandpa. She knows he’d have a strategy to get out of this mess, and needs to think about what daddy would do.

Poor Esme GH

In the living room, Liz confronts Nikolas about leaving her on the pier with a bump on her head. Nikolas says he knew she would be okay, and he went after Esme, but he lost her. Liz doesn’t believe him and asks where Esme is. He explains he’s taken care of Esme, and she’s fine. Liz threatens to call the police, so he admits he has her locked up so she can’t hurt anyone else. Liz demands to see Esme.

Liz scolds Nikolas GH

Nikolas brings Liz to see Esme, and she gasps when she sees Esme is pregnant. Esme cries that Nikolas is crazy and wants to kill her and her baby. Esme reveals that Ava and Nikolas tried to kill her, and then locked her up in here when they failed. Nikolas swears to Liz he had to lock her up as she’s the one attacking people with the hook. Esme insists that she isn’t the hook.

Liz sees Esme GH

Liz and Nikolas go downstairs, and he pours them drinks. He swears Esme tried to kill him, and he’s sure she’s the hook. Liz insists that’s why they need to call the cops. Nikolas says Esme can’t go to prison because of the baby. Liz asks if Spencer knows, but Nikolas says he’s not the father. She realizes he is and can’t believe him. Suddenly she gets a text and has to go. Nikolas wants to explain, but she rushes out.

Liz confronts Nikolas GH

Back in the tower, Esme rants about Liz leaving her locked up. She wishes she had some leverage and then realizes her baby is her leverage. She has to convince Nikolas if he doesn’t treat her right then it’s bye bye baby. Nikolas soon checks in, and Esme tells him that it’s only a matter of time before Liz reveals his secret. He responds, “I know, that’s why this ends now.”

Esme plots GH

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Back at the hospital, Jeff tells Finn that he owes him no explanation, and questions what kind of relationship he really has with his daughter since he wasn’t in Monterey supporting her. Finn yells that he knows nothing about his relationship with Liz. Jeff admits he made mistakes, but he sacrificed his relationship with his daughter so she could live a life and not feel guilty about Reiko. Just then Liz appears in the doorway.

On the next General Hospital: Liz fears Finn can’t be with her anymore. Drew thinks he knows why Willow is in a hurry to find her birth parents. Nina says, “I wonder what Drew would think about this Carly.” There is tension between Brick and Sonny, as Brick knows Sonny isn’t happy with what he’s told him. Esme doubles over and screams,  “It’s the baby!”

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