Trina visits Spencer GH
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At Liz’s place, she looks through family photos and ignores a call from her dad begging to talk to her. Carly arrives and barges her way in despite Liz saying it’s not a good time. Carly ran into Jordan, who told her what happened with Esme.  Carly can’t believe this is happening all over again.

Carly barges in GH

Carly spots all the photos on the table and asks if Liz is scrapbooking. The nurse explains she’s decluttering. Carly sees a photo of her parents, and Liz reveals she hasn’t talked to them in 25 years, until a few days ago. Liz throws the photos in the fireplace to burn. Carly explains she has no photos of her and Bobbie as a kid, and one day Liz might regret burning these. After Liz sees Carly out, she returns to the fireplace and lights a match. Outside, Carly looks at a photo of Liz’s parents that she snagged.

Liz is shady GH

Portia and Curtis arrive at General Hospital and meet with Marshall. Jordan appears and overhears them discussing that the genetic results are in. Jordan asks to talk with Portia in private, so they head to her office.

Jordan interrupts Portia Curtis

Curtis receives the envelope with his results, and Marshall offers him privacy if he needs it. Curtis tells his father that he can’t do this without him.

Curtis Marshall chat GH

In Portia’s office, the doctor rants at Jordan for once again sticking her nose into her family business. Jordan tells her that she came to inform her that Esme is back in town, that she’s notified Trina, and that she wanted to tell her. She also knows that it’s obvious she hasn’t told Curtis the truth about Trina. Curtis and Marshall knock on the door and interrupt. Jordan explains she and Portia are done and departs. Portia fills Curtis in on Jordan’s news.

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After some time, Curtis is tired of waiting for the genetic counselor to arrive, so Marshall suggests Portia read the results. She does, and gleefully tells him he’s fully in the clear. Portia excuses herself for a moment and heads out. Alone, Marshall breaks down and tells Curtis he’s so happy he is okay. They embrace.

Portia reveals results GH

Finn attends an AA meeting, where Alexis is present. After the meeting, Alexis speaks to him, and he admits his dad loves talking about her and The Invader. Alexis knows he’s deflecting and asks what brought him to a meeting. He reveals he found out that Reiko was having an affair, and he’s questioning a lot about his marriage. She asks if he’s talked to Liz because she could help him. He explains it’s messy, so she advises he talk to her before the silence makes things worse.

Finn AA meeting GH

Later, Jordan finds Finn with Alexis in the hallway and asks Finn if Liz checked herself out last night. Finn wasn’t aware she was even here. Jordan asks him to have Liz call her as a follow-up.

Finn speaks with Jordan GH

Alexis chases after Jordan and reminds her that she still owes her that interview. Jordan says she’ll have her office be in touch and walks off. Alexis calls Gregory and thinks Jordan is giving her the runaround, so it’s time to use that backup policy.

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Portia finds Jordan before she leaves and gives her the good news about Curtis. Jordan is happy for her, but says the unanswered question as to who is Trina’s father still remains.

Jeff appears at the nurses’ station and asks about Elizabeth. Finn is stunned to see him in town.

Outside of Joss’s dorm, her RA Kiely bangs on the door and demands to talk. When Joss doesn’t answer, she says she’s coming in and begins to unlock the door. Dex scrambles inside, and Joss appears in the hallway to stop the RA. Kiely heard she was complaining about bed bugs and needs to examine her room. Joss says it was just a rumor she overheard, and her room is clear.

After the RA takes off, Adam appears. She can’t believe he ratted her out because Kiely almost went into her room. He jokes, “Are you afraid she’ll find your stash?” Joss says she doesn’t have one, but when a sound is heard from inside, he notes she’s hiding something. She claims found a stray cat in there and is trying to find a new home for it. He says her secret is safe with him.

Joss and Adam GH

Joss heads into her room to find Dex passed out on the floor. She quickly rushes to him and realizes he’s burning up. Joss helps him up and says they need to get him to urgent care. He refuses and falls back into her bed.

Dex hits the floor GH

Dex swears he’ll be fine and just needs to hydrate. Joss knows he needs antibiotics, so she‘ll have to get him some. She orders him not to move from this bed. Dex notes he owes her, and she responds, “Big time, and I plan to collect.”

Joss leaves and outside her room runs into Carly, who is not happy.

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At Wyndemere, Esme wakes up to find Nikolas (temporarily played by Adam Huss) has boarded up the windows. He brings her food and warns her if she tries to escape again then he’ll ship her off to his family’s island in Greece. After he leaves, she throws her food across the room.

Nikolas and Esme GH

Downstairs, Nikolas finds Ava waiting for him. He sends his servant Demetrius to take care of matters upstairs. Once alone, Ava tells him that she ran into Victor last night, who revealed Esme is alive and in Port Charles. She says the cops are after Esme, so they must find her first.

Ava warns Nikolas Esme GH

Nikolas points out that Esme hasn’t made a move against them yet, so he doubts she will. Ava disagrees and says the only way to stop Esme from hurting them is to hurt her first. Nikolas suggests they discuss this more over dinner at the Metro Court. She has nothing to say to him until he finds a way to keep them safe. He promises her that he’ll never let Esme hurt her or his family again. Ava departs.

Nikolas lies to Ava GH

Upstairs in the tower, Demetrius finds the mess Esme made, and says he’ll get her an early lunch. She thanks him and tells him that Nikolas clearly isn’t well locking her up like this. She begs him for Nikolas’ sake to call the police before he gets worse. He doesn’t fall for her sob story and exits.

Esme begs Demetrius GH

Back downstairs, there is a knock at the door and Nickolas is surprised to find Liz standing there.

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In Pentonville, Spencer is shocked by Trina’s visit. They sit down, and she tells him that she knows what he did, and she wants to see if there is something left to salvage between them. She also needs to hear what he wanted to tell her in that letter that night. Spencer knows he lied to her for months, but he swears he always believed in her and knew she was innocent. He explains he couldn’t tell her because he thought he could play Esme and get to the truth. Trina says he sounds like Curtis, acting without consulting her, and she would have felt more protected with him standing by her side. She cries, “It hurt that you thought so little of me when I thought so much of you.”

Spencer and Trina visit GH

Trina tells Spencer that it might have been hell for him worrying about what could have happened to her, but it’s hell for her watching him actually go through this knowing what is happening to him. He smirks, “I didn’t think you cared.” Trina lashes out that he knew how she felt, but he never once tried returning those feelings. He admits he isn’t good at talking about those things. She tells him perhaps he wrote how he felt in that letter, but he reminds her that’s gone.

Trina upset with Spencer GH

A guard interrupts to tell them that their time is up. Trina cries to Spencer that she’s grateful for what he did, even if it was the wrong thing, and she knows what he meant by it. He simply tells her goodbye and walks off.

On the next General Hospital: Finn has nothing to say to Jeff. Liz demands Nikolas tell her where Esme is. Willow tells Michael she wants to find her biological family. Joss says to Dex, “My mom took her chance, now I’m taking mine.” Sonny introduces Brick to Nina. Esme touches her stomach and says, “Bye bye baby.”

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