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At a safe house, Anna wakes a sleeping Valentin up with a kiss, and they cuddle on the couch. There is a knock at the door and they arm themselves, but it’s only Sonny. They invite him in and explain what happened with Dex and Heather. Sonny is worried about where Dex is because he has no other connections besides him.

Anna Val interupted GH

Sonny fills them in on Heather being captured, and he excuses himself when he gets a voicemail. Sonny later tells them that Jordan needs to speak to him, and Anna knows she suspects he helped her. Sonny notes they’ll have to cut off contact from here on out. Anna thanks him before he leaves.

Sonny worries Dex GH

Anna advises Valentin that he should go because if he’s caught with her, he’ll be arrested too. Valentin can’t bear to leave her, but she needs him to think about Charlotte and dealing with Victor. He agrees to go but gives her his Cassadine ring to hold on to until they are together again. They share a kiss goodbye, and Anna weeps when left alone.

Anna Val part ways GH

At PCU, Joss calls her mom and tells her that she is safe in her dorm room and she’s not alone. Joss looks over at a shirtless Dex sleeping in her bed.

Shirtless sleeping Dex GH

Dex eventually wakes up, and Joss explains he popped a stitch and passed out near the Quartermaine place. She put him in her car and drove him here. She tells him that she rebandaged the wound, the one he won’t discuss. Dex knows he can’t stay here, and tries to get up, but becomes dizzy. He falls into Joss, who catches him, and once again they come close to a kiss. She orders him back into bed, and he doesn’t argue with her.

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Joss notes he needs sustenance, so she will get him food and water from the dining hall. She orders him not to go anywhere. He insists he has somewhere he can go and asks for his phone, but she says he didn’t have one on him, and she refuses to let him use hers if he’s going to call Sonny. She leaves to get him some food.

Joss Dex in bed GH

At Kelly’s, Cam asks Trina if she’s heard from Joss. She hasn’t, and Cam admits he’s on edge what with the attacks. Trina understands, especially with the latest news. Cam knows and can’t believe Esme is back, which stuns Trina. Trina was speaking of Jordan’s theory that the attacks are connected to her trial.

Cam and trina talk Spencer GH

Cam fills Trina in on what he knows about Esme. She wonders if Spencer knows yet, or that the attacks are linked to her. Cam explains they didn’t tell him about the hook or Esme as they didn’t know that information when they visited him. Trina knows his feelings were hurt when she didn’t acknowledge that he believed in her all along. He tells her that she knows where Spencer is, so what is standing in her way?

Trina thinks about Spencer GH

Trina confesses the last time she talked to Spencer, she told him that she didn’t want them to be friends. She isn’t sure she wants to take it back either. Cam says Spencer just wants her to be happy, even if it’s with Rory. Cam suggests it was for the best that Spencer never gave her the letter.

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Trina and Cam are interrupted when Joss calls Trina to advise her not to drop by their place as it’s being sprayed for bedbugs. After the call, Trina turns the conversation back to Spencer’s letter and asks Cam if he knows what was in it. He only knows he confessed to why he did what he did, and suggests she ask Spencer about it.

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Back at PCU, Joss runs into Adam (played by Joshua Benard), who overheard her talking about bedbugs. She tells him not to worry about it. Adam tells her that he’s glad she’s back and is sorry for everything that happened to her. Later, Kiely, Joss’ RA, bangs on Joss door and demands to talk to her as it is important. Back inside, the bedridden Dex sweats profusely.

Joss and Adam GH

In Pentonville, Laura embraces Spencer and is glad to see him. She thinks he looks thin, but he says he’s being looked after by his various uncles. Laura gives him the news that Esme is back, and they are searching for her. She also knows something is going on between him and his father and hopes they can all work this out when he’s released. Spencer realizes his father didn’t tell her the whole truth, and he says she can ask him, or perhaps Esme what happened when they find her. Laura wonders what that means. Spencer tells her that it isn’t for him to say. A guard lets them know that time is up. Spencer is glad she came, and she tells him how proud she is of him for protecting Trina.

Laura visits Spencer GH

Before she leaves, Laura is told someone else wants to see her, and Cyrus enters the visiting room. She doesn’t exactly want to see him but admits she now knows he wasn’t behind the attack on her and Martin. He thanks her for acknowledging that. He can see by her face something has happened, but she stays silent. He insists he’s trying to make things right, just like he is doing with Spencer. She warns him to stay away from Spencer, but he explains it’s dangerous here and he’s been making sure he stays okay. However, he can’t promise the same for her friend Anna. She asks what he knows. Cyrus quips, “Does the name Olivia Jerome mean anything to you?” Cyrus explains Olivia is gloating about rolling out the red carpet for her arrival, so it’s best Anna stay on the run.

Cyrus and Laura chat GH

Elsewhere, Spencer learns he has another visitor and is surprised to find it is Trina.

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At General Hospital, Austin leaves a message for Spinelli asking about that favor he asked of him. He then finds Britt venting at the vending machine after not being able to operate it due to her hands shaking. He rushes over to help her and gets her a club soda, which she coughs up upon drinking. She tells him that she’s okay, but he doesn’t believe her.

Austin Britt and Soda machine GH

Austin takes Britt into an exam room, and he confronts her about her symptoms. He wants to run tests, but she tells him not to bother. Britt confesses that she knows what is going on, and she has Huntington’s Disease.  He inquires what her timeline is according to her doctor, but she doesn’t have one. Austin tells her that she needs a doctor, and she is only in the beginning stages and there are things that can help her.

Britt knows all this, but she also knows there is a bomb in her brain that’s ticking. She doesn’t want to waste what time she has left. Austin asks if Cody knows. Britt reveals only her mother and Scott know. He reminds her how much support she has from Maxie, Brad, and others, and tells her to lean on those who love her. He also reminds her that advances are being made in medicine every day.

Britt confides in Austin GH

Federal Agent Whitten (played by Mike Peebles) barges into Jordan’s office, and she scolds him for doing so. He demands everything she has on the Anna Devane case as he’s assuming control of the investigation. He explains the deputy mayor called him in on this feeling Jordan’s overwhelmed with a serial killer on her hands. He demands access to her files and department resources.

jordan angry at agent GH

Jordan complies with Whitten, and they are interrupted when Sonny shows up. Whitten introduces himself and knows Sonny goes way back with Anna. He wants to speak with Anna and asks Sonny to let his friend know they can give her safe haven in exchange for information. Sonny claims he’s not in contact with Anna. Whitten notes that’s a shame because if they can’t bring her in, they have to bring her down.

agent whitten GH

Whitten offers Sonny his number in case he hears from Anna and departs. Sonny feels Whitten wasn’t bluffing about taking Anna down and says for now, Anna is safer on her own.

Sonny Whitten and Jordan GH

In the hall, Agent Whitten calls someone and orders them to find Valentin and lean on him until he breaks about Anna’s escape.

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