Michael learns the truth GH
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At Liz’s place, she tells Finn that the doctor she argued with and fell down the stairs was Reiko. He remembers Reiko had a fall but said she tripped. Liz insists it was her fault, and she’s been subconsciously pushing him away so she wouldn’t remember, and to protect him from finding out. He insists this makes no sense, why would Reiko lie to him? Liz tells him that Reiko and her father were having an affair.

Finn and Liz discuss Reiko GH

Finn doesn’t even remember a Jeff Webber. Liz only knows her dad has a history of cheating on his mom. A devastated Finn thought he and Reiko were happy. Liz tells him that she’s sorry. He responds, “So am I,” and walks out. Liz calls Terry, gets her voicemail, and asks her to call her back. She then thinks about Nikolas and ponders calling him.

Liz is sorry GH

At Wyndemere, Nikolas calls someone to inform them of Esme’s escape and that she’s nowhere to be found. He heads into the living room where he discovers the lamp bulb is broken, leaving the place in darkness.

Nikolas find Esme GH ABC

From the shadows, the hook emerges. The killer raises their hook and slashes at Nikolas. Nikolas spots them in time and fights them off. During the struggle, he hits his head on the fireplace mantel. The killer drops the hook and runs off, and Nikolas falls to the ground.

Esme attacks Nikolas GH

Nikolas’ phone buzzes and Liz is calling. He manages to get up and grab his phone. He sees the hook left on the ground and picks it up with a napkin. He realizes it’s from his boathouse, and it was Esme. He vents she should have finished him when she had the chance. He makes a call insisting nobody be let off the island.

Nikolas finds Hook GH

Liz arrives at the Wyndemere launch as Esme hides behind some crates.

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At General Hospital, Cody opens the DNA test results and tells Mac that he’s not his son. Felicia asks to see the paper, and Cody goes to hand the results to her, but Mac stops her and says there is no point in dragging this out. Felicia tells Mac that she’s sorry, but Cody tells him, “Congrats, the Scorpio gene pool remains pristine.” Britt and Felicia give them time alone. Cody says they may not be related, but they could still be friends. Mac agrees to give it a shot.

Cody DNA results GH

Britt heads to talk to Cody, while Felicia comforts Mac. As they talk, Britt is paged to check on a patient. Meanwhile, Mac tells Felicia that he would have enjoyed having a son, but it’s okay as he loves his life as is. They are interrupted and Mac is called into work over an issue with Anna’s transport.

MAc upset GH

Cody notes to Felicia that Mac took off in a hurry. She asks, “What is it to you?” Cody says Mac might not be his dad, but he still cares. She explains Mac got news about a friend, and she guesses he’s feeling a bit guilty about getting Mac’s hopes up. Cody thinks he’s probably not worthy of being Mac’s son anyway. Felicia tells him to take care of himself and departs.

Cody Felicia chat GH

Cody finds Britt, who appears to have a stiff neck. He hands her some coffee and thanks her for standing by him through his Maury drama. She accuses him of trying to hide his feelings through humor. Cody admits for a few seconds he thought maybe he wasn’t alone in this world. She suggests maybe he dodged a bullet as family can be a curse. She takes off when she’s paged and Cody looks at the results again. It is a match, and Mac is his father.

Britt bullet dodges GH

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In Terry’s office, Michael walks in on TJ comforting Willow. He asks what is going on. He knows she is supposed to be in Britt’s office, but instead, he finds her in an empty office in the arms of another man. Willow asks, “Do you think I’m cheating on you with TJ?”

Michael wants answers GH

Willow quickly realizes Nina told him of her suspicions. Willow asks TJ to give them privacy, so he steps out. Michael knows Nina lies, but he also recognizes something has been off with Willow for a long time. Willow admits he’s right and confesses that she has leukemia.

TJ and willow caught GH

Willow cries that she found out a week after she learned she was pregnant and is sorry she kept it from him. He embraces her. He asks about the baby, and she tells him it’s fine. He assumes all the dizzy and tired spells were her going through chemo alone, but Willow explains she hadn’t started it yet for the sake of the baby.

Willow confirms truth

Michael doesn’t understand, so Willow explains she decided to delay the chemo to give the baby the best chance for survival, but it has caused her leukemia to enter stage four. Michael asks what is next? She tells him that she starts chemo, but will also need a bone marrow transplant. She promises she was going to tell him today. Michael assures her this would have always been her choice and he would have supported her. Michael tells her that they will get through this together. They embrace.

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Sonny calls Dex, leaves a message, says he has not heard from him, and asks how it went with Anna. Dante appears and asks what he knows about Anna. Sonny explains he knows Anna is being transferred to Pentonville and wants to make sure she’s unofficially taken care of. Dante thanks him. As they talk about hanging out some night soon, Dante is called to work. He heads off, and Sonny continues to worry about Dex.

Dante and Michael talk GH

TJ runs into Sonny, and he asks if Nina is with him. Sonny says she isn’t and asks if this is about Willow. TJ explains this is just a huge misunderstanding, and Nina is hellbent on causing trouble for Willow and Michael, even if it causes trouble for Sonny. Sonny knows Nina and knows her heart. He admits he too saw TJ with Willow, and Willow has been on edge. TJ promises him that he and Willow are not involved. Sonny believes him.

TJ asks Sonny to truth him GH

Finn returns to his office, sits on the floor, and goes through photos of himself and Reiko.

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Valentin sits in his car in the woods and worries when Anna doesn’t appear. He listens to the police scanner and eventually hears that the prison transport is overdue and not responding.

Valentin worries about Anna GH

The prison transport van sits side of the road having crashed. Dex and the other guard, along with Anna, are all unconscious. Dex finally comes to as someone on the radio asks for their status. He checks the other guard who is alive, but still unconscious. He quickly exits the van and makes his way over to Anna.

crashed van GH

Dex tries to stir Anna awake, and she finally wakes up. She asks what happened, and Dex brings her up to speed. Anna realizes Heather is gone. She says Heather is dangerous and they need to find her. Dex suggests they get out of here before the cops find them.

Anna is unconscious GH

As Dex and Anna step out of the van, Valentin pulls up in his car. He tells her that the cops are on their way, but Anna insists they can’t go until they find Heather. He reminds her if she goes to Pentonville then Victor will eliminate her. She agrees to go with him, and thanks Dex.

Dex hears the cops coming and realizes help is on the way for the other guard. He books it.

Later, Mac and Dante arrive, and the guard is taken to the hospital. Mac explains the driver didn’t follow protocol, the other guard grabbed the wheel and the van swerved. They both know this was an attempt to break Anna out. Later, Dante calls in Anna and Heather’s escape and tells Mac the chances of getting a lead tonight are slim.

Dante and Mac investigate GH

Valentin and Anna pull over and lay low for a while. Anna says it is going to get bumpy what with the cops and Victor’s people looking for her. After some time has passed, Valentin says they need to get somewhere secure.

Valentin and Anna escape GH

Back at the hospital, Sonny gets a call from Dante to let him know Anna has escaped, along with Heather. Sonny is confused on the Heather part, and Dante updates him on what they know happened.

Back in the woods, Dex struggles to get to safety. He has a gunshot wound to his abdomen which bleeds profusely.

On the next General Hospital: Willow has a favor to ask of Michael. At the hospital, Jordan asks someone, “Who did this to you?” Victor makes calls about his son’s whereabouts. Liz calls the cops and reports seeing a fugitive. Dante warns that Heather is capable of anything. Heather says, “They will get what they deserve.”

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