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In the park, Michael happens upon Nina and Sonny talking about hiding something from him. Sonny ignores a call from Valentin, who leaves a message that Anna is being transferred and they need to act now. Michael accuses Sonny of trying to allow Nina to spend time with Wiley, but Nina says that isn’t what happened. Sonny excuses himself when he gets a voicemail from Valentin.

Michael catches Sonny Nina GH

Nina tells Michael she expects nothing from him, but he can at least show some respect for his father. Michael screams that Sonny broke their family. She tells him that he sounds like a broken record, that he seems to get off on being down on people, and no wonder Willow turned to someone else. She quickly realizes her mistake. Sonny returns as Michael tells Nina she’s losing it. Sonny informs his son that he also saw Willow with TJ.

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Michael says he knows Willow and she wouldn’t do this to him. Nina reminds him that she did it to Chase. Michael advises his father to open his eyes and see Nina for who she is, poison. Sonny warns his son to be careful about what he’s going to say next. Sonny has been patient with him, and he’s tired of Michael talking trash about Nina. Sonny says Willow has been on edge lately, and Nina urges him to find out what is happening with Willow and TJ. He yells at them both to stay away from his family and storms off. Nina apologizes and didn’t mean to tell Michael. Sonny knows his son has a way of getting under people’s skin.

Sonny warns Michael GH

In her office at GH, Britt makes an appointment over the phone with her doctor as she fears she’s having more symptoms. Sam enters and Britt asks if she knows where the necklace came from. Sam reveals the necklace is worth at least 35 million dollars and was a high-profile piece in the eighties. She explains the legalities of the necklace’s ownership are murky, and the last known owner was Leopold Taub.

Britt Sam and the necklace GH

Sam learned the last time the necklace was seen was on a runway in Paris in 1989, Leopold allowed it to be worn. Britt wonders if he could have sold it to Faison. Sam doesn’t know, but it’s also possible Dominique took it after Leopold died. Britt says, “Or my father stole it.” Sam also tells her that four of the gems in the necklace are from the ice princess.

Sam fills Britt in GH

Cody, Mac and Felicia all arrive to read the paternity test results. Dione tries to get them sent up, but there is a backup in the lab. She offers to go down and get them herself. Felicia excuses herself to get them some coffee, and Cody and Mac make small talk.

Cody Mac and Felicia wait

Later, Britt walks by, so Cody excuses himself to say hello to her. He reveals the results of his paternity test are in. Britt fills him in on what Sam found out about the necklace, including its worth and that it may have belonged to Taub, and that her father stole it from him. She notes he may have more claim to the necklace than her if he’s Leopold’s son.

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Dione interrupts Britt and Cody with the DNA results, and Felicia and Mac join Cody. He opens them up and seems stunned by what he reads.

Cody DNA results

Anna is brought to the hospital on Finn’s orders for a phlebotomy treatment. Valentin enters the room she’s in, wearing glasses and a fake ID badge with Finn’s name on it. The guard gives them privacy, and they kiss. She asks what the plan to get her out is.

Anna brought to hospital GH

Valentin explains she will be the only prisoner in the transport, and one of Sonny’s men will be the driver. They will drop her off at a rest stop where he’ll be waiting for her. He just hopes Sonny’s people don’t screw this up.

After a nurse administers Anna’s treatment, the guard returns and tells Anna it’s time for her to go.

In the hospital garage, Anna is signed over to Dex, who is driving the transport van. Suddenly Heather is brought out to the van by another driver and Dex is informed another prisoner needs transport. Heather sees Anna and thinks they’ll have time to catch up on the ride.

HEather van transport GH

In Terry’s office, she informs Willow that her cancer is now in stage four. Willow says she’s in her second trimester, so she’s ready to start treatment. Terry says remission is still possible, and they will start chemo right away. Terry explains she will also need a bone marrow transplant, and living relatives work best, but unrelated ones can work too. Willow says that’s good as she doesn’t have any known relatives. Terry says they will test her HLA levels and rush them through the system to find a match. Terry excuses herself to put in for the test while TJ stays with Willow.

Terry Willow news GH

Willow admits she never thought it would get to stage four so soon, and she knows there is no stage five. TJ tells her to let out what she’s feeling. She cries that she can’t die, she can’t leave Wiley or Michael, and she doesn’t want her baby to die. Suddenly Michael walks in as TJ and Willow embrace.

Willow doesn't want to die GH

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At Liz’s place, she invites Finn in. Liz admits there was no medical conference, she went home to get answers from her parents. Finn knew something was off, and he figured if she needed him that she’d reach out. She explains she confronted them about everything in her memory, the stairwell, and that woman. She explains to Finn that when she was 15, she found her father having an affair with another woman doctor. They argued, and she fell, and she didn’t mean for it to happen. Liz explains the woman died and it was her fault.

Finn learns the truth GH

Finn assures her it wasn’t her fault and it sounds like a horrible accident. Liz explains the woman didn’t die from the fall, but from complications from an infection at the hospital. She goes on to reveal how her parents went out of their way to keep her from remembering, and that they stayed away so the sight of Jeff wouldn’t retrigger the memory. Finn is dumbfounded and tells her how sorry he is. He suggests she talk to Kevin to sort this out, and Liz thinks that is a good idea.

Liz tells Finn the truth GH

Liz thanks Finn for being so supportive, and she has no right to his kindness. He’s confused because he loves her, and she’s not to blame for the accident. Liz tells him there is something else, something she’s afraid to tell him because he’ll never look at her the same again. Liz confesses this happened on the Mariana Islands when her parents were there with Doctors Without Borders. Finn realizes that was around the same time that he and Reiko were stationed there. Liz admits the doctor she argued with was Reiko.

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In the tower at Wyndemere, Esme lowers the rope she made out of bed sheets out the window.

Esme escapes GH

In the living room, Nikolas is happy to see his mother and then asks Victor what this is about Charlotte. Victor says she’s missing, but Laura reveals she brought her home with her. She says Valentin is home too and will be in touch. Victor is relieved Charlotte is okay, but he questions taking her home when exams are so close. Laura says exams are weeks away, and Charlotte really wanted to come home. Laura came to see her son and would like to talk to him in private. Victor says he has business on the mainland anyways.

Laura confronts Victor GH

Alone, Laura tells Nikolas that Victor was holding Charlotte hostage, and she now has no interest in having a relationship with him. Nikolas knows his uncle has an agenda. She warns him that Victor could turn on him or Spencer at any moment. Nikolas notes that’s why it’s important to stay on his good side and he knows what he’s doing. Laura asks about Ava. Nikolas explains their attempts to work things out failed and that they are moving forward with the divorce. Laura asks if Victor played a hand in this, but he says this was all his doing, and he cheated on his wife. Laura embraces him and says she’s so sorry. Nikolas sees his mother out and is glad she is home.

Laura and Nikolas talk Victor GH

Nikolas goes back to the tower and finds Esme has escaped.  Back in the house, Esme sneaks around and looks for a way out. She seethes, “Nikolas won’t get away with this.”

Back at the hospital, Sonny runs into Victor. Victor wonders what brings him to GH. Sonny explains he’s here to visit a friend because he takes care of his friends and Victor should remember that.

Dex drives Anna and Heather off, and the other guard comes with them. The driver realizes they missed the turn for Pentonville, but Dex says they are going to Darkham first. The other driver says that’s not their order, and when Dex tells him to just let him do his job, the other driver pulls a gun on him. Dex reaches for it, the gun goes off, and the van swerves off the road.

On the next General Hospital: Dex is unconscious in the crashed van. TJ asks Sonny to trust him. Britt tells Cody, “Maybe you dodged a bullet.” Mac notes, “At least now we know the truth.” Michael demands Willow and TJ tell him what is going on. Valentin waits for Anna at the meeting spot and is puzzled when she doesn’t arrive. Finn tells Liz, “Just say the words.”

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