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Nina meets with Sonny in the park. She says with Carly back and not wanting her around Donna, she can take a step back for a while, at least till the danger with the hook has passed. He reminds her that he and Carly have an understanding now, and Nina tries to be hopeful.

Nina and Sonny park GH

Michael and Willow spend time with Wiley in the park. Michael apologizes for missing her appointment yesterday but won’t miss the one today.

Michael Willow Park GH

TJ arrives and says hello to Michael and Willow, and Michael excuses himself when he gets a work call. Willow tells TJ that she’s finally telling Michael the truth after her meeting with Terry. As they embrace, Sonny and Nina approach and spot them together. Sonny apologizes for interrupting but says they saw Wiley. Wiley rushes over to Nina, but Willow pulls him back. Willow tells Sonny she is sure they can arrange for him to spend time with Wiley later. Michael storms over, and Nina assures him they were just leaving. She and Sonny quickly depart.

TJ Willow chat GH

Michael asks Willow what happened, and Willow explains Nina and Sonny came upon them by chance, and Nina walked away surprisingly knowing her place. Willow gets a call that their driver is running late, and she can’t miss her appointment. She asks TJ to drive her to the hospital and for Michael to meet her there.

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Elsewhere, Sonny is surprised Nina backed down from Michael and Willow so quickly. She says she has accepted she won’t have a friendly relationship with certain members of his family. He knows something else is going on and presses her. She explains something may be going on between Willow and TJ. He scoffs, “Like what, an affair?” Nina notes she’s been seeing Willow and TJ huddled together a lot, and there have been tears, but maybe she is misreading the situation. Sonny believes they need to stay out of it, and Michael doesn’t need to know any of this. Michael walks up and asks, “Michael doesn’t need to know what?”

Michael catches Sonny Nina GH

Terry and Liz arrive home at Liz’s place, and Liz has no idea what to say to Finn. Cam appears and wasn’t expecting his mom back so soon. He’s happy she’s home and leaves to grab a book before heading to class.

Cam sees Liz home GH

Terry asks Liz how she’s feeling. She admits she’s angry and feels betrayed by what her parents did. Terry offers to be there for her when she tells Finn. Liz knows she can’t be with Finn with this secret between them, so maybe she shouldn’t be with him and not dredge up his painful past. Terry asks, “How does that make you better than your parents?”

Terry Liz chat GH

In the tower in Wyndemere, Nikolas checks on Esme, who is jostling the windows. She claims she wanted some fresh air for the baby. Nikolas accuses her of trying to climb out or scream for help, but she won’t get anywhere out that window and the staff is paid to look the other way. He leaves and locks her back in as she screams.

Nikolas yells at Esme GH

Downstairs, Victor talks to Johann on the phone and says he believes Britt’s necklace is what they’ve been looking for, and that means the final act of his plan can begin. Nikolas appears and asks what Victor is doing here. Victor reminds him he’s moving in. Victor warns him something big is coming and he must be on his best game and help protect the family. Nikolas lashes out that he’s tired of his grandstanding, so if he has nothing else to tell him just leave.

Victor on Phone GH

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At the PCPD, Laura surprises Anna and brings Valentin with her. He rushes over and kisses her between the bars. Valentin fills her in that Charlotte is home safe, and Kevin and Laura helped them escape. Laura explains Charlotte will be staying with her and Kevin for a while and she has security watching her.

Valentin has a plan GH

Anna and Valentin update Laura on Victor setting Anna up for shooting Lucy. Laura says she’ll let the public know they have the wrong suspect and departs. Valentin tells Anna not to worry as he has a plan to get her out. She’s not so sure he can because she’s being transferred to Pentonville tonight. He asks her to trust him. She tells him that she does.

In Robert’s office, Victor texts Holly to find out what the ADAs case is against Anna. Robert appears and says they’ll have to cancel lunch. She offers to help with his investigation into Lucy and says it will be just like old times. They are interrupted by Ashby, who confronts him over rumors that he’s placing calls to get Anna bail.

Robert and Holly GH

Ashby warns him to back down or she will demand his resignation. He reminds her that he’s an elected official, she can’t force him to resign, and she’s not the mayor. Ashby says she’ll continue to run the city as she sees fit until Laura is back. Laura enters and lets Ashby know she’s returned.

Nasty Arden GH

Ashby is surprised, and Laura is not happy to hear about her falling out with Robert. She says the people of Port Charles trust him, and so does she. Laura then tells Holly she’s so glad to see her, and they embrace. Laura has to ask where she’s been. Robert explains that Holly’s memory is foggy, so Laura offers Kevin’s help in getting to the bottom of things. Holly sternly says, “No!” Robert asks Holly if she’s okay, and she profusely apologizes and claims she’s tired. Laura asks Robert to see her out. Once alone, Ashby scolds Holly for almost getting them caught. She reminds her that Victor calls the shots.

In the hallway, Laura tells Robert that she feels it’s possible Holly isn’t being honest about everything. Robert reminds her that Holly is the victim, but she points out that Holly got mixed up with some unsavory people in the past. Robert knows, but still trusts her. She trusts him, and he’s glad she’s back. They embrace.

Laura warns Robert GH

Robert returns to his office to find Holly and Ashby staring tensely at one another. Ashby leaves, and Holly assumes Laura is doubting her. Robert explains Laura’s less inclined to trust her given their past, but he does so with his life.

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At the hospital, Finn ponders over whether to call Liz. Heather is wheeled out, and she wonders what is behind that scowl on his face. Finn explains he is happy because he’s about to give her the all-clear so she can be shipped back to Darkham.

Finn spots Heather GH

Heather recalls back to their talk the other day and says he was very flustered when she brought up her ex Jeff, the father of the bimbo he’s involved with. She doesn’t know much about the current Jeff but guesses he’s a lot like the man he used to be. Heather says Jeff projects a beautiful, strong, and heroic image, but he tends to think with his other scalpel if he gets her drift. She seethes that Jeff would act superior while gaslighting someone else to justify his own actions, and it’s enough to drive one crazy.

Heather rants about Jeff GH

Valentin appears, and Finn orders the orderlies to take Heather to meet with another doctor for her checkup. Finn asks Valentin what he needs. Valentin tells him Anna is being transferred tonight, so they have to move the plan up he called him about. Finn has it under control.

Valentin needs Finn's help GH

Valentin departs, and Terry arrives. Finn confronts her and knows she and Liz weren’t at a conference. He asks if he should be concerned. Terry tells him that Liz is home, and that she can give him answers.

Later, Terry meets Willow, who has TJ with her. Terry gives her the news that her leukemia is now at stage four.

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Back at Liz’s place, Cam admits to his mom that Joss stayed the night, which he knows was against the rules, and he’s sorry. She thanks him for telling her the truth, and assumes that means things are better between them. He says they are, but then gives her the news that the hook is targeting people connected to Trina’s trial. He tells her not to worry as Sonny has men outside the house. Cam switches the subject to Monterey and asks if something happened there as she and Terry seemed off earlier. Liz admits she saw her parents and it was a lot. Cam heads to class but says they’ll talk later. Later, there is a knock at the door and Liz finds Finn standing there.

Cam fesses up GH

Over at Wyndemere, Victor realizes he’s been so focused on making Valentin into the man he wants him to be that he hasn’t realized Nikolas is the real heir apparent. He thinks he should let him into the inner circle and tell him what this is all about. Before he can say anything, he gets a call that Charlotte is gone. Suddenly Laura enters and says, “Hello Victor, aren’t you going to welcome me home?”

Victor opens up to Nikolas GH

Back in the tower, Esme manages to get a window open and thinks she can use the bed sheets to escape. She quickly constructs a rope out of them.

Esme rope bed GH

A guard arrives outside of Anna’s cell and she assumes he’s there to transfer her to Pentonville. He responds, “Oh, you’re not going anywhere.”

Anna surprised GH

On the next General Hospital: Esme attempts to break out. Britt asks Sam if she knows the origin of the necklace. Liz explains to Finn she needed to know what happened on that staircase. Sonny warns Michael to be careful in what he says next. Heather tells someone they’ll still have time to catch up as she’s loaded into a van.

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