Joss and Dex Argue GH
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Michael and Willow have a date at Charlie’s, as Wiley is sleeping over with Leo. After their dinner arrives, Michael notices she’s barely eating. Willow explains she’s nervous and waiting on some standard test results on the baby that she says Britt ordered. Michael asserts they are in this together.

Willow Michael Date GH

After dinner they order sundaes, and Michael tells Willow that she has changed his life. He says she and their children are all he wants. Willow gets a call from Terry and takes it, but Michael doesn’t see it’s Terry and not Britt calling. Willow tells Michael that she needs to go in tomorrow to discuss the test results with the doctor. Michael thinks it sounds serious and insists he comes with her. Willow tells him that she wants him there. Michael suggests they go home as tomorrow is a big day.

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Dex stands guard outside of Kelly’s as Nina and Sonny enjoy a sundae inside. He can’t stop thinking about Joss being disappointed in him.

Nina and Sonny Sundae GH

Inside, Nina and Sonny talk about his standing up to Carly, and how Dante and Kristina have accepted her, but Michael and Joss haven’t. Sonny isn’t giving up on them yet. Nina tells Sonny that she loves him.

At the hospital, Maxie finds Austin with Mason in his office and asks if she interrupted something. Austin explains Mason was having some issues with GH billing, so he was asking him to call in some favors. He tells Mason he’ll see what he can do. Mason heads out, and Maxie thought they could grab a bite at the Metro Court before she heads back to the office. He would love to but has things to take care of. Maxie understands and says she’ll get take-out. She departs.

Austin and Mason argue GH

Alone, Austin’s phone rings and he tells the person on the other end to let the patient asking for him in the ER know that he’s on his way.

Austin is a bad dude GH

Later Austin returns to his office to find Mason sitting in his chair. Austin tells him there won’t be anything for his boss to worry about, nobody will know he did an illegal procedure on someone with a gunshot wound. Austin orders Mason to never talk to Maxie again. Mason isn’t buying this virtuous good guy act as he knows the real Austin, and knows if Maxie knew the deals with the devil he’s made that she’d run for the hills. Austin chooses to believe Maxie will accept him, and all his mistakes. Mason says he’d love to test that theory, and tells him, “See you around cuz.”

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On the Metro Court terrace, Spinelli makes a call to find a way to shut down Society Setups. Maxie walks in on him irate on the phone, and he’s shocked to see her. She explains she’s picking up food as she has a long night ahead of her at Deception. She suspects he is in for a long night as well and says she knows he created Society Setups to try and get over his own broken heart after Ellie left him. She has faith that the right person for him is out there.

Maxie catches Sonny GH

Austin interrupts them and explains he got done at GH and thought he might catch Maxie here. Spinelli learns Austin knows he’s behind Society Setups, and Maxie insists he can keep his secret. Austin asks if she can change her plans and have dinner with him. She says she’ll go cancel her order. She leaves, and Austin asks Spinelli for a favor. Austin wants Spinelli to run his algorithm on himself and Maxie.

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At Portia and Curtis’ place, they speak with Jordan about the possibility the hook could come after Trina. Curtis feels someone should call Taggert. Curtis mentions how this further complicates things with the upcoming wedding. Jordan is surprised but congratulates them on setting a date. Portia reveals they are aiming for Valentine’s Day.

Jordan, Portia Curtis danger GH

Curtis excuses himself to call Taggert. Portia thanks Jordan for the good wishes on the wedding. Jordan still believes she owes Curtis the truth. Portia explains Curtis hasn’t gotten his genetic tests back, and until he does, she won’t turn everyone’s life upside down with the possibility Curtis could be Trina’s father. Jordan urges that it’s more important than ever to tell Curtis the truth and not go into a marriage with this secret hanging over her head. She thinks Curtis has the right to know that Trina may be his daughter.

Jordan demands Portia come clean GH

Curtis returns and says Taggert is willing to do anything to protect Trina, even rejoin the PCPD if it comes to it. Jordan heads out, and Curtis tells Portia they can change the wedding date with this new threat hanging over them. Portia refuses and is certain Trina would want them to be happy.

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At Carly’s, Joss suddenly realizes that Cam could be in danger too. She calls him to warn him, but only gets his voicemail. She leaves him a message to call her and texts him as well. She wants to go looking for him, but Carly refuses to let her go out there with the killer on the loose. She senses something is going on and asks if something has happened between her and Cam. Joss recalls helping an injured Dex button his shirt but insists that things between her and Cam are fine, aside from being targeted by a killer. Carly understands and says she’ll take care of things.

Joss calls Cam to warn him GH

Cam goes to the footbridge to do some thinking. He looks at all the love locks on the bridge and recalls making love to Joss recently. Suddenly he hears someone, and calls out, “Is anyone there?”

Cam in danger GH

Drew steps out of the shadows and he wonders why Cam is out here by himself with the hook out there. Cam explains with it being Oscar’s birthday that he feels close to him here. As they talk, Carly calls Drew and tells him that Joss is worried about Cam and he’s not picking up his phone. She asks if he can swing by Kelly’s and check on him. Drew informs her that he’s with Cam on the footbridge and asks if something is wrong. Carly simply tells them to get home safely.

Drew Cam talk Oscar GH

Back at Carly’s, she’s shocked to find Drew turn up on her doorstep. She invites him in so they aren’t seen together, and Drew just wanted to tell her that he walked Cam to his car and he left for Kelly’s. Carly asks him to give Joss the news but soon discovers Joss is gone.

Carly Drew can't be there GH

At Kelly’s, Joss finds Dex standing guard outside. He explains Sonny and Nina are inside. She refuses to go in, and only came to check on Cam. She scoffs at him for continuing to work for Sonny, but he says she has no idea what he really wants. She asks him to tell her, but they’re interrupted when Cam appears. Joss rushes over to him, embraces him, and is glad he’s okay. He asks what is going on. Joss tells him about Jordan’s theory that everyone involved in Trina’s trial could be a target of the hook killer, and they were after her the night Brando was killed. Dex feels Sonny should know about this, but Joss rants it is none of his concern. Dex insists this information is more important than her pride.

Dex Joss Cam GH

Dex, Joss and Cam head inside, and Dex tells Sonny there is something he needs to know. Joss tells Sonny, “Someone is out to kill me and Cam.”

At Carly’s, she tries to call Joss, but she’s not picking up. Carly decides to go to Kelly’s, and Drew insists on driving her. When they open the door, they find Joss and Sonny standing there. Joss tells Carly she’s fine, and Carly orders Joss inside. Joss storms off, and Sonny informs Carly that he knows about Jordan’s theory. He says Dex is taking Cam home, so he’s going to head out. After he leaves, Carly quickly tells Drew to go as Sonny must see him leaving. Drew kisses Carly goodbye before heading out. Joss stands in the background stunned having witnessed the kiss.

Back at Kelly’s, Cam closes and Dex offers to drop him off after he takes Nina home. Cam insists he’ll make his way home himself. Nina asks Cam if he’s sure he’ll be okay by himself. Cam says he’ll be just fine. Once alone, Cam looks at his phone and sees Joss’ missed message. He smiles.

On the next General Hospital: Valentin returns home and tells Anna that he has a plan. Nikolas and Esme argue. Victor feels like someone is trying to get rid of him. Nina tells Sonny if she has to step aside then that’s what she’ll do. Heather tells Dr. Dreamboat to speak now or forever hold his peace. Holly asks Robert if he has any more details to share with her.

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