Holly is working for Victor GH
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Robert walks Holly back to her room at the Metro Court. He is going to meet with Mac and Felicia to figure out how to help Anna and invites her to come with him. She explains she’s exhausted and just wants to get to bed. She heads into her room as he departs. After waiting for Robert to leave, she sneaks back out.

Holly feels guilty GH

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At Charlie’s, Chase takes a photo with a fan. He and Brook Lynn sit down and BLQ thinks all this fan attention will force Linc to beg to sign him. He says once Linc forks over her songs, he can finally retire from music. Brook Lynn suggests he doesn’t have to retire. Chase points out that he wouldn’t be doing this if he could get his badge back.

BLQ doesn't want Chase to retire GH

A woman arrives and introduces herself to Chase and Brook Lynn as Blaze (played by Jacqueline Grace Lopez), the artist that he is supposed to sing with. They invite her to sit with them, and Linc shows up and declares Chase and Blaze will be a match made in heaven. Brook Lynn suggests to Linc they leave these two to get to know one another, plus they have details to discuss.

Chase meets Blaze GH

Chase and Blaze discuss how they got started in music and Blaze confides that her name is actually Allison. Linc and BLQ return and Linc notes their talents are hitting it off. Blaze and Linc take off, and Chase admits to BLQ that he doesn’t think Blaze likes Linc. He’s worried about what is going on between them. She tells him the best way to neutralize Linc is to take him down.

Chase and Blaze bond GH

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At Carly’s place, Joss and Trina are stunned when Jordan reveals that the hook is attacking people involved in Trina’s trial. Jordan further explains her belief that the killer targeted Joss the night Brando was killed, and he simply got in the way.

Joss and Trina get shocking info GH

Joss says Jordan mentioned new evidence, so Jordan tells them about the letter. She explains the killer didn’t name anyone but indicated the targets aren’t random and they have a score to settle. Trina wonders if it could be Esme.

Joss was the target GH

Jordan explains they have evidence that Esme was in France when Ava was attacked but aren’t ruling anything out. She tells Joss and Trina they should be on guard, and she advises them not to go back to living at PCU. Carly agrees it’s safer for Joss at home. Trina can’t believe this as their lives were just getting back to normal. Jordan offers to take Trina home.

Jordan explains theory GH

Alone, Joss cries to Carly that she just wanted this to be a somewhat normal year, but now someone is targeting her and Trina. Carly swears to never let anyone hurt her.

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Curtis and Portia return home from dinner. Curtis asks Portia when his genetic testing results will be back. She expects the results in a week. Curtis is stressed about it but needs to know if it could affect their kids. Portia asks how many kids he’s considering. He says six, and she tells him to stop right there. He laughs that three should be nice.

Portia Curtis Genetics GH

Portia gets an email from Olivia that there is an opening for the Metro Court Ballroom for their wedding, but it’s on Valentine’s Day. She thinks it’s way too soon to pull off, but Curtis thinks they should do it.  Curtis notes what better day to celebrate their love than Valentine’s Day? Portia thinks it’s crazy but agrees to do it. They kiss.

Curtis Portia set wedding date GH

Later, Jordan arrives with Trina, and Trina explains to her mother that she needs to stay here for a while. Jordan tells Portia and Curtis about the hook killer’s letter, and it appears they are targeting those close to Trina. Jordan urges Trina to be extra cautious until the killer is caught.

Portia is concerned GH ABC

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At Maxie’s place, Felicia and Mac are watching her kids. They chat about Cody and the DNA test, and Felicia asks what results he’s hoping for. Before he can answer, Mac gets a text that Robert’s on his way.

Mac and Felicia chat GH

Robert soon arrives and Mac tells him that no new evidence on Anna has turned up, but Arden thinks she has enough evidence to convict. Robert is hoping to get Anna out on bail because he can’t protect her in Pentonville. As they talk, Robert’s distracted and admits he can’t shake the feeling Holly is hiding something. Felicia says she tried to get her to open up but maybe Holly’s afraid of what she might remember.

Felicia changes the subject to Cody, and they tell Robert about the possibility he’s Mac’s son. Robert smacks Mac upside the head for keeping this from him, as he knows he hates secrets.

Robert smacks Mac GH

Robert takes off. Returning to her earlier question, Mac admits he’d like the chance to be Cody’s father. They embrace.

At Deception, Maxie calls Austin and explains she can’t make dinner tonight. She fills him in that Deception is in freefall with Lucy missing and she’s trying to keep the investors from revolting.

Maxie makes a pitch GH

At the hospital, Austin finds Gladys sitting by herself. He checks on her, and she tells him that she volunteers at the maternity ward from time to time. She admits things haven’t been the same since Brando died, and she’s having a hard time dealing with it. Mason arrives to see Austin and introduces himself to Gladys, who is surprised Austin has family in town. Austin suggests to Mason that they go to his office to talk in private.

Austin comforts Gladys

Back at Deception, Diane and Sasha arrive. They sit down with Maxie and begin strategizing on how to save the company. Diane suggests moving some stock options around to help keep the company afloat, and the partners take temporary pay cuts. Maxie also thows the idea out of hiring Serena to replace Lucy, and Sasha agrees with everything. Diane points out it’s not up to Sasha.

diane meets with Maxie and Sasha GH

Gladys arrives and asks what the emergency is. Diane fills her in on the plan to keep Deception afloat and leaves them to discuss it. Gladys refuses to sign off on this plan as Sasha’s guardian. Maxie exits to give them privacy. Sasha explains she and Maxie are trying to save the company, and no company equals no money. Gladys agrees and says all she wants is for her to be healthy, happy, and secure. They hug, but Sasha looks worried.

Sasha argues with Gladys GH

In Austin’s office at GH, he tells Mason that he needs to stop harassing him at his work. Mason informs him another patient is coming in who needs medical care and the boss knows she can count on him. Austin insists he paid his debt, and he’s a different person now. Suddenly, Maxie walks in on them.

Austin and Mason argue GH

Holly meets with Victor on the footbridge, and she tells him that Robert is trying to get a new judge to set bail for Anna. Holly cries that betraying her friends is torture, but he says it’s better than being in that cell. He also warns her that he will take Robert out if she doesn’t keep him distracted. Victor reminds her that he bought her freedom from Winston Rudge, and once Anna is convicted she will be truly free.

Holly Victor blackmail GH

Victor advises Holly not to forget who she left behind. Holly swears she’ll kill Victor if he harms him. Victor reminds her that he alone holds this man’s life in his hands.

Holly threatens Victor GH

Later, Robert runs into Diane in the Metro Court elevator. She offers to buy him a drink for all his support in the hospital, but he explains he’s off to pick up Holly. Diane is happy for him, and he steps off the elevator. The lawyer is visibly upset.

Robert knocks on Holly’s door, but there is no answer. Suddenly Holly rounds the corner, and he asks where she’s been as she looks freezing. She says she couldn’t sleep and took a walk. They reminisce about how she always seems to forget her gloves in the cold weather and Robert moves in for a kiss. Holly tells him that was unexpected. They kiss again, but after Holly tells him she is exhausted now, so Robert says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Back on the bridge, Victor asks someone over the phone if they convinced the bank manager to release the information. He looks at a photo on his cell of Peter’s necklace and thinks this might finally be it.

On the next General Hospital: Joss calls Cam to warn him that he could be in danger. Jordan confronts Portia about entering a marriage with a huge secret. Maxie tells Spinelli that she knows his secret. Michael asks Willow if she wants to get married. Carly tells someone that they can’t be here and have to leave. Cam finds himself in a dangerous situation on the footbridge.

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