Liz learns the truth GH
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Robert and Holly return to his office and Holly asks Robert what the plan to break Anna out is. He gets a call he must take which could be Anna’s last chance, so he steps out. When he returns, he explains he’s been trying to pull strings and arranger another hearing for Anna with a judge who will grant bail.

Holly appears woozy GH

Holly warns him this could backfire and destroy his career. She points out Anna is going to need him as the DA to help her later on, and if he’s in trouble, it will only cause bigger problems down the line. Robert admits she has a point. Suddenly Holly becomes woozy. Robert asks if she’s okay. She assures him that she is, and Robert suggests they get some fresh air.

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Sonny is hanging out with Avery and Donna outside of the Metro Court for the Halloween festival. They run into Nina, and she offers to lead the girls to all the tables giving out the good treats.

Sonny, Nina, girls GH

Sam runs into Carly, and she asks about Jacksonville. Carly says she has never felt as level and as centered as this since… Carly stops, looks over, and sees Nina with Avery, Donna and Sonny.

The girls run over to Carly and welcome her home. Carly suggests they have a pajama party soon, and the girls ask if Aunt Nina can come too because they had one when she was away. Sam takes the girls off, and Carly fumes.

Avery and Donna GH

Carly takes Sonny aside and tells him that she told him not to have Nina over when Donna was spending the night. He swears Nina never spent the night, and all they did was watch movies and have pizza. Carly says she must have misunderstood, and thanks him for respecting her boundaries. He tells her, “About that, your boundaries aren’t working for me anymore.”

Carly and Sonny confrontation GH

Sonny explains he and Nina are getting more serious, and he can’t keep separating Nina from his family. He says if the roles were reversed and she was seeing someone, he wouldn’t ask her to keep Donna from that.

Later, Carly and Sam head over to a bench, and Sam says she would hate to see her throw away the good place she found over Nina. Carly knows she’s right. Sam asks her to tell her all about Jacksonville.  Carly fills Sam in on everything that happened with the cemetery and her mother’s ashes. Sam notes Drew was there, but she hasn’t mentioned him at all. Carly admits there is something she should know.

Carly and Sam talk Drew GH

Robert takes Holly to the park and the Halloween fair. He notices the color has come back to her cheeks.

Robert and Holly appear GH

Meanwhile, Nina asks Sonny about the intense conversation he had with Carly. He explains they spoke about her and Donna, and that Carly doesn’t get to call the shots on her spending time with his daughters. Nina is thrilled. Sonny looks over and sees Robert and Holly and says, “Hot damn.”

Sonny and Nina approach Robert and Holly, and Sonny’s thrilled to see her. Holly jokes with Sonny that the rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated. However, she is missing two years of memories. Sonny says he’s been there. Holly excuses herself to grab some hot ciders, and Sonny and Robert discuss Anna’s situation. Robert assures him he’s working on it.

Robert and Sonny talk Anna GH

Alone, Holly calls someone and informs that Robert is trying to interfere and get Anna another hearing. She cries, “Yes I‘m sticking close to him.”

Holly reports to someone GH

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Drew brings Scout to Alexis’ office to show off her costume. Alexis gives her some candy, and Drew sits her down to play on a tablet.

Alexis Drew and Scout GH

Alexis asks Drew why he’s really here. He needs her advice on a matter that could ruin a few lives. He details the hypothetical situation of a company, a CEO, a planned company merger, and a friend who bought stocks to drive up the company’s value. He asks if that is insider trading. Alexis tells him, “Hell yes!” Drew asks how bad this could get. She warns him both parties could serve prison time. Alexis says if these acquaintances are just that, and there was nothing more to their relationship, the SEC would have a hard time finding anyone to seriously investigate it.

Drew needs advice GH

After Drew leaves, Alexis finds a letter addressed to her which she opens.

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In Switzerland, Valentin asks Laura, who is dressed as a nun, if this is some sort of divine intervention. Laura tells him God didn’t send her, Anna did as she was afraid that he was walking into a trap. Valentin explains his father set a trap, but for Anna, and tells her about Anna being framed for Lucy’s shooting.

Anna aids Valentin GH

Laura and Valentin plan to grab Charlotte and run, but before they can leave, a large menacing man appears. He recognizes Valentin but doesn’t know the sister. Laura gives him a fake name and explains she’s visiting from the diocese. As she cons him into believing her, Victor’s goon groans from the corner. The man pulls a gun on them demanding answers. Suddenly the church bells ring, distracting the man, and allowing Valentin to club him with a candlestick. Valentin knows the bells rang too early. Kevin enters dressed as a priest and tells him that he’s welcome.

LAura and Kevin help Valentin GH

After tying the men up, they slip out the back not knowing how many more men Victor might have watching Charlotte.

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Finn drops by to see Anna in the PCPD jail and asks how he can help her. Anna wants him to steer clear of her problems and focus on his family and Elizabeth. Finn wonders where Valentin is. Anna explains he’s dealing with something important, and he’ll be here when he can.

Finn visits Anna GH

Anna changes the topic to Elizabeth. Finn brings her up to speed that Liz went with Terry to a medical conference, that happens to be in the same town her parents live. He’s not sure this is just a coincidence. Anna agrees but assures him that Elizabeth will tell him everything in time. She has faith that they’ll work it out. Finn thanks her and has faith that she’ll be exonerated. Anna hopes he’s right, but in situations like hers, the future isn’t certain.

anna in big trouble GH

In California, Liz tells Jeff and Carolyn that she came for answers about their past on the Mariana Islands. Liz tells them about an accident in a stairwell that triggered a memory. Jeff asks what it is she wants to know. She asks, “Who was Reiko Finn?” Jeff recalls she was another doctor that worked with Doctors Without Borders. Liz explains her memory of arguing with her and telling her to stay away from her father. She wants to know what their relationship was. Jeff admits he and Reiko had an affair. Liz gasps that she was married to Finn at the time, and she was told Reiko was a good person. Jeff explains they were working long hours with strangers, and people get lonely. Liz cries he had his entire family with him!

Liz wants answers GH

Liz assumes this is a shock to Carolyn, but she says it’s not. Jeff says it was long ago and doesn’t matter anymore. Liz explains it does because something bad happened, and it’s taken over her life lately. She doesn’t want to lose Finn over this. Liz cries, “Something bad happened, just tell me what it was.” She wants to know how Reiko ended up at the bottom of the stairs, and if Jeff pushed her.

Jeff carloyn tell truth GH

Jeff claims he pushed Reiko, but Carolyn tells him to stop it. Jeff reminds her this is why they’ve stayed away for 20 years. Carolyn exclaims it is over because Liz is remembering and it’s time she knows the truth. Jeff tells his daughter that she was the one who pushed Reiko.

Jeff blames Liz GH

On the next General Hospital: Jordan orders Alexis to do no such thing. Joss thanks Trina for the excellent advice. Sam asks Spinelli to help her get the goods on Cody. Scott looks at Cody and says, “I know trouble when I see it.” Britt tells someone there is more to him than they think. Liz cries, “It was me!” Drew informs Carly, “You cannot do that!”

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