Liz confronts parents GH
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In California, Jeff walks into his house and is stunned to see Liz standing in his living room. Carolyn walks in after Jeff and can’t believe her eyes. She rushes over to hug her daughter, but Liz doesn’t return the embrace. They ask how she got in, and she admits she jimmied the lock. She planned to be gone before they returned. They are stunned and ask if she’s okay. Liz responds, “That’s what I’m hoping to find out.”

Liz wants answers GH

Jeff and Carolyn ask about her kids and how they are and tell her how sorry they are about the loss of Franco. Liz learns they’ve been peeking at her kids on social media, and they noticed she’s been dating a doctor. Jeff comments, “Maybe we didn’t set such a bad example after all.” Carolyn gushes they are happy to see her, and Jeff admits they considered coming to Port Charles to see her. Liz wonders why they didn’t. Jeff explains with their jobs, they never know where they will be sent from week to week.

Jeff and Carolyn argue with Liz GH

Liz lashes out at them for abandoning her and leaving her with the neighbors when she was a child. She had to run away to get back to her family. Jeff insists they knew when she got to her grandmother that she’d be okay. Liz asks if it ever occurred to them to give up doctors without borders and raise their children. She knows about all the good they’ve done, but she needed parents who loved her, who cared, and were paying attention. Carolyn says they thought they were giving her the home they couldn’t. Liz cries they were her home, not four walls and a roof. She points to the pictures on the mantel of her and Sarah and rants these don’t make them a family. She says they are lies, and that’s why she came back.

Jeff and Caroline shocked GH

Carolyn tries to calm the situation down and suggests they all take a moment, but Liz tells her she doesn’t get a moment as she wasted them all. She cries she’s missing pieces of her life, and memories, and came here for answers. She sees she wasted her time and walks out. However, she stops and returns. She announces that she came looking for answers and won’t leave without them.

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At General Hospital, Alexis finds Olivia in a state of panic and asks what is wrong. Olivia points to the room where Heather is handcuffed to a bed. Alexis sees her and asks Finn, “Who decided to let her out?” Finn checks the records and learns Heather has been sent for diagnosis and treatment. Olivia thinks Robert will need to know about this and heads to find him at Anna’s hearing.

Who let the crazy out GH Alexis Finn

Gregory stops by and asks Finn if he wants to grab breakfast, but Finn explains he has a patient to attend to. Finn heads in to see Heather, introduces himself, and she realizes he’s the one Liz took up with barely five minutes after her Franco was cold. As Heather talks trash about Liz, Finn looks over her file. He asks if she’s been overseas lately. She laughs, “Only in my dreams.” He’s not sure how she came in contact with this strain of bacteria as it is usually found in the rainforests of South America. He tells her this bacteria can eat flesh, so he needs to find out how she contracted it.

Heather rants GH

Heather continues ranting about Liz and others. Finn prepares a syringe and injects her with something. She asks, “That’s it?” He tells her it’s all done. Heather asks what now? Finn looks at his watch and tells her now she loses consciousness, as he gave her a sedative. Heather soon passes out.

Finn and Heather bacteria GH

Back in the halls, Gregory assumes Alexis is going to Anna’s arraignment. Alexis informs him that she sent a reporter to remain objective. He’s impressed. She admits he was a constructive influence. He asks why she’s been avoiding him if that’s the case. She explains she hasn’t been, and she’s just been busy.

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Finn exits Heather’s room and claims after that experience he needs some fresh air. Alexis suggests he take a walk with his dad. She tells Gregory that she’ll see him soon and walks off. Finn tells his dad about Liz’s trip, but he knows she has Terry to help her and doesn’t need him to run to her rescue.

Back in Heather’s room, she appears to stir awake as a nurse takes notes.

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Robert stops by Holly’s room at the Metro Court and brings her a croissant and tea. He’s off to Anna’s arraignment, and Holly fixes his tie for him. Robert asks if she’s remembered anything, but she hasn’t. Robert checks the time and has to get to the courthouse. Holly says, “Not without me.”

Holly helps Robert GH

In Switzerland, Valentin is reunited with Charlotte, who shows him the stable and the chapel on the school grounds. The guard Victor assigned her is ever present, and Valentin steps out when he gets a call from America. It’s Felicia, and she informs him that Anna’s been arrested for Lucy’s murder. Valentin says he’ll be home immediately, but Felicia insists that Anna wants him to stay put with his daughter. She promises him that Victor won’t get away with this.

Valentin takes call GH

Valentin continues to spend time with Charlotte. He asks if she’s homesick, but she insists she loves her school. However, she can’t wait to come home and see Laura and Anna but now isn’t a good time what with upcoming horse-riding competitions. Valentin suggests they check out the little town nearby and tells her to go grab a coat and to not forget her backpack.

Valentin and Charlotte reunion GH

Once Charlotte is gone, Valentin tries to pay off the guard Victor assigned her, but the man refuses to be bribed. Valentin tries to sucker punch him, but the guard gets the upper hand and twists his arm. A mysterious person comes up and clobbers the guard with a candlestick. The person in a nun’s habbit takes down their hood and it’s Laura.

Laura to the rescue GH

Jordan visits Anna in jail. She asks if Anna’s sure Scott is the right representation for her. Anna feels Scott knows she’s been framed and wants nothing more than to nail Victor. Jordan cuffs Anna to take her up to the courthouse.

Jordon visits Anna GH

Outside the courtroom, Victor appears just as Felicia gets off the phone with Valentin. She inquires why he’s here, and he says he wants to see justice done. Felicia promises him that Lucy’s killer won’t get away with it.

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Robert arrives with Holly, and Olivia grabs him before he goes inside. She tells him about Heather and fears she could escape from General Hospital, after all, she’s done it before.

Olivia stops Robert GH

In court, Scott tells Arden that she’s wasting the taxpayers’ time and that she doesn’t have a body. Martin enters and asks Scott to show more respect to Lucy. Scott notes he loved her once too, and nobody gets the better of Lucy. Martin wishes Laura was here. Scott advises Martin that he should think about what Valentin would say if he was here. Victor enters and says his son’s absence speaks volumes.

Victor Martin Felicia GH

Anna is brought in, and Victor sits behind ADA Arden. He tells her it would be a shame if Lucy’s killer went free. She asserts she knows how to do her job. He hints this job is just a stepping stone to bigger opportunities.

The judge takes the bench, and Arden makes her argument for bail to be denied. Scott argues his client will surrender her passport and is not going to run. The judge asks Anna to rise and denies her bail based on her past and WSB training.

Anna Denied Bail GH

Scott tells Arden to enjoy her victory today because she’ll look like a patsy when he proves Anna was framed. Meanwhile, Felicia, Robert and Holly support Anna, and Jordan tells her she’s sorry. Jordan has to escort her back to jail. Victor and Anna exchange glances before she’s taken off in cuffs.

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