Olivia sees Heather GH
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Carly and Drew return home to Carly’s place. They kiss and Drew asks if she’s ready to hear a lot of “I told you so” statements from their friends. She’s not ready to share him with the world yet. Drew heads out, and Bobbie finds Carly is back. Carly tells Bobbie that her coming to Jacksonville meant a lot to her. Bobbie had to come to support her, but she found she already had all the support she needed from Drew.

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Drew Carly return GH

Bobbie’s carpal tunnel flares, so Carly massages it for her. She ponders renewing her PT license, or even finishing nursing school. Bobbie notes that’s a far cry from running a hotel, but she can’t wait to read out about the next chapter of her life. Carly has been doing a lot of thinking lately and admits she’s been having an identity crisis of sorts. Carly is now surer than ever who she is. Carly says she’s a Spencer and is going to take her mother’s name.

Carly and Bobbie talk GH

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At Elizabeth’s house, Joss asks Cam if he’s sure his brothers don’t know she spent the night. He’s positive. As Joss heads out, they are caught by Finn at the door. Finn apologizes for intruding, he just wanted to stop by and check on things. Cam realizes his mom asked him to and assures him that Aiden and Jake have gotten off to school. Joss departs, and Cam invites Finn in.

Joss and Cam busted GH

Cam swears to Finn that Joss stopped by to drop off some books. Finn knows Joss spent the night, but promises not to tell Liz. He thinks Cam may want to come clean eventually. Cam suspects he should wait awhile because his mom might not come back super-relaxed given she’s in the same city where Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Carolyn live. Finn is taken aback, and Cam realizes he didn’t know.

Finn won't tell GH

Finn worries about why Liz kept this from him. Cam understands why his mom didn’t tell him. He says people tend to underestimate what he and his mom are able to handle. He says his mom isn’t weak, and when he tries to fix her problems, it takes her back to a time when she felt powerless. Cam advises Finn that his mom doesn’t need him to be her hero, because she’s her own hero. Finn thanks Cam for the talk and leaves.

Cam defends mom GH

Drew heads to the park where the memorial stone for Oscar’s meadow is as it’s his birthday. Drew tells him how much he inspires him daily, especially on bad days, and to not give up. Joss appears with flowers, and she and Drew embrace. Drew says he’ll give her some privacy with Oscar, but thanks her for giving Oscar’s short life meaning by being in it.

drew visits Oscar GH

Joss talks to Oscar and assumes he knows she and Cam are together now. She rattles on about how things between her and Cam have been off. Ever since the sex tape, she’s felt like she’s drifting further away from him. She knows she should tell him that, but she’s afraid he can’t handle it.

Joss visits Oscar GH

Joss returns home and is thrilled to find her mom back.

Brook Lynn wakes up in her bed as Chase steps out of the shower. He said he wanted to let her sleep in, but she’d rather spend her morning with him. He climbs onto the bed, and they kiss. Later, Brook Lynn dresses and wishes she could stay in bed all day, but they must prep for a meeting with Linc about this duet. She leaves to get them some coffee and pastries and tells him not to bother to dress.

Brook Lynn Bed GH

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Michael gushes to Willow that he can’t believe they are going in for their second-trimester checkup already. Ned enters and tells Michael that Valentin has been missing for several days, and ELQ has no CEO. He wonders if this was something he orchestrated or Drew. Michael asks what he thinks he did. Ned suggests he called immigration to detain him just like Sonny did to Jax. Olivia enters and tells them enough fighting and plans to bring in reinforcements.

NEd rails at Michael GH

Back in BLQ’s room, Chase decides to get cheeky and lays on Brook Lynn’s bed in a sexy pose. Suddenly Olivia bursts in looking for reinforcements, screams, and quickly covers her eyes.

Chase gets sexy GH

Back in the kitchen, Ned and Michael continue to fight, and Ned asks Brook Lynn for backup. He notices she is holding two cups of coffee and wonders why. Olivia storms in apologizing, as Chase follows tucking his shirt into his pants. They all ask what is going on, and Brook Lynn admits Chase spent the night with her. Chase is beyond embarrassed, and Brook Lynn notes, “Now every woman in this house has seen my boyfriend naked.” Olivia points out, ‘Not Monica!”

Oliva and Chase embarrassed GH

Chase, Michael and Willow step out to the patio, and Michael congratulates him on his first awkward Quartermaine moment. Michael steps away to take an Aurora call, and Willow tells Chase she’s happy for him and BLQ. Olivia exits the kitchen to give Ned and Brook Lynn some privacy. She notes Michael is gone, and when she learns it’s for a work call, she offers to drive Willow to her appointment at the hospital as Michael could be on the phone for hours.

In the kitchen, Ned hopes Brook Lynn didn’t feel compelled to hide Chase from him because of what went down with Valentin. They talk things out, she departs as Drew arrives. Ned thought he’d be back hours ago, but Drew explains it was Oscar’s birthday today. Ned forgot the date. Drew asks Ned for Oscar’s sake if they could fix what is broken in this family.

Ned BLq talk GH

Michael joins Drew and Ned in the kitchen, and Drew tries to convince Ned to flip and get Valentin out. Michael comments, “Don’t bother, Ned won’t ever put the family first.” Ned thinks that’s rich given Michael uses Sonny’s last name. Ned is also sick of Drew’s nice guy act. Drew says he won’t like seeing what he does next. Ned isn’t afraid of him given he’s about to face insider trading charges. Drew has no idea what Ned means. Ned details that Michael’s mother bought stocks knowing about the merger, which is what got Martha Stewart sent to prison. He says it’s lucky for them nobody has investigated it, yet. Ned walks out, and Michael assures Drew that Ned is bluffing.

NEd threatens Drew GH

Out front of the mansion, with Chase, Brook Lynn gets a message from Linc that he wants them to meet with his artist.

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At General Hospital, TJ speaks with Britt about his concerns regarding Willow. He knows she has an appointment today and would like to be in on it. Britt will allow it, but only as her friend.

Britt and TJ talk Willow GH

Olivia and Willow arrive for her appointment, and Willow tells her there is no need to stick around. Olivia seems puzzled.

In the exam room, Britt tells Willow the baby looks good. However there is some inflammation in surrounding areas, and she notices the lymph nodes in her throat after feeling them appear to be swollen. She decides to call Terry for advice and excuses herself. Alone, Willow asks TJ what Britt is worried about. He says she could have an enlarged liver, which means she’s advanced to stage three. That would limit her treatment options.

Willow questions TJ

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In Monterey, Liz and Terry sit in a car. Terry called Liz’s parents and they were shocked to hear from her but agreed to meet at a coffee shop. Terry says she’ll stall them as long as possible, but wonders what is Liz looking for.

Liz and Terry plot GH

Liz isn’t sure but thinks she’ll know it when she sees it. Terry gets a text that Jeff and Carolyn are at the coffee shop. Liz says, “This is it.”

Terry and Liz plot GH

At the coffee shop, Terry gets a call from Britt. She’s worried that Willow’s liver may be enlarged, so Terry tells her which doctor to consult. Terry looks around after hanging up and realizes Jeff and Carolyn are nowhere to be found.

Liz breaks into her parents’ house and looks at a photo of them on the mantel. She also sees a photo of her and her sister from 25 years ago. Suddenly her father walks in and is stunned to see her standing there. Liz says, “Dad.”

Jeff sees Liz GH

Back at GH, Britt tells Willow they need to schedule an ultrasound of her liver immediately.

Willow asks TJ what is wrong GH

Olivia bumps into Finn on her way out, becomes woozy, and gets the feeling that someone just walked over her grave. She turns around to see a woman brought in in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit. The woman says, “Hello Olivia!” Olivia screams and the woman cackles. She says, “Be seeing you around!” as she’s dragged off by cops. Finn asks what is going on. Olivia tells Finn, “That was Heather Webber (now being played by Alley Mills)!”

Heather is back GH

On the next General Hospital: Valentin realizes he’s been set up. Heather, chained to a hospital bed, rants, “There are crazy people in here!” Liz is reunited with her father.

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