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Nina and Sonny have dinner at the Port Charles Grill. A call comes in that Sonny has to take, so he excuses himself.

As Nina fixes her makeup, Victor appears and asks if she’s dining alone. She answers that she’s with Sonny. She is glad to run into him because she wants to know what is going on with Charlotte. Victor has no idea what she means. Nina sent Charlotte a gift, which was returned, and when she called Valentin he never got back to her. He wonders why she’s so invested in his family and if could it be because she has none of her own.

Victor Nina confrontation GH

Sonny returns and demands Victor apologize to Nina, so he does. He tells Victor if he finds out he had anything to do with framing Anna that it will be the last stunt he pulls. Sonny says there was a time he would have made Victor disappear, but he’s a changed man. Victor jokes love must have turned him into a pacifist. Sonny promises that he will come after him if he finds proof that he’s behind what happened to Anna. Victor walks off, and Sonny apologizes to Nina for making a scene. He suggests they get out of there and go home, so Nina grabs her purse.

sonny warns victor GH

Back at Sonny’s place, he and Nina make love. Nina tells Sonny that she loves him.

Sonny Nina make love GH

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At Pentonville, Spencer is thrilled to find Joss and Cam came to visit him. Cam admits they were worried this place would break his spirit, and Joss hates seeing him in here. Spencer says it was worth it to try and save Trina, even if she doesn’t know he always believed in her. Joss admits Trina found out the truth about that the day he shipped off. Spencer thinks she must not care as she hasn’t contacted him. Joss and Cam explain she’s been busy with work and school. Spencer is glad she’s happy, even if it’s with the cop.

JOss and Cam visit Spencer GH

Spencer knows he’s hurt so many people and hates himself for everything he’s done. Cam tells him that despite all their fights over the years they still have a bond. Spencer knows they are family. Cam says he’s stuck with him as a cousin but chooses him as a friend. They tell him when he gets out, he has friends waiting for him. A guard enters and tells Spencer his time is up.

Cam and Joss fess up GH

Cam and Joss go back to his house and room. She tells him what he said to Spencer was incredible, and she can’t imagine her life without him. Joss offers to stay over, but Cam admits his mom said they can’t have a sleepover. However, they end up ignoring that rule and fall onto Cam’s bed and kiss.

Joss lucky to have cam GH

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Rory and Trina check into their room at the comic con hotel. Rory was supposed to have booked two beds, but they find the room only has one. Rory calls the hotel front desk to make things right. He tells Trina the hotel acknowledges their mistake and will give him a discount, but there are no extra rooms. However, they are going to send up a cot.

Rory and Trina and one bed GH

They sit on the bed and talk about the convention, which Trina enjoyed seeing with him. They move in for a kiss. Rory notes they can stop, but she tells him not to. They fall on the bed and continue to kiss. However, Trina begins to fantasize she’s with Spencer. She freaks out, pushes Rory away, and sits up. He asks if she’s okay. When she says nothing, he guesses it’s not the right time. There is a knock at the door, and he thinks it’s his bed for the evening.

rory and Trina kiss GH

Rory and Trina get into their respective beds, and she tells him that she’s having a good time. She wishes him good night, and he says the same. As she dozes off, she misses a call from Spencer.

Rory gets the cot GH

At Pentonville, Spencer gets Trina’s voicemail and doesn’t leave a message.

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Chase and Brook Lynn are out to dinner at the Metro Court Gardens. She gets another email from Dante reminding her to get him a letter of support for Chase. She ignores it and brings up the singer that Linc wants Chase to duet with. He thought they were supposed to be doing date night. She puts her phone away and promises no more phone or work talk.

Chase and BLQ date GH

Brook Lynn admits she’s dreamed about this for so long, and in some ways, it still feels like a dream. He promises this is as real as it gets. They take one another’s hands and kiss. BLQ’s phone beeps in her purse, and Chase knows it’s killing her not to check. He lets her look at it, and she finds out his interview with a DJ is going to live stream in a few minutes. Chase caves and lets her listen to it.

Chase Brook Kiss

As they listen together, Brook Lynn is touched when Chase gushes about her during his interview and calls her his muse. She pulls him into another passionate kiss.

Brook Lynn and Chase go back to his place and make love.

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At the hospital, Britt finds Cody still hanging around. He thought he’d wait for her and opens up that the test was torture because he had to fake how he felt. He explains Mac’s family smiles a lot and is nice, but people like him don’t fit into that kind of family. Cody suggests they get out of there, so they depart.

Britt and Cody chat at the hospital GH

Mac and Felicia enjoy an evening at The Savoy. Mac vents to Felicia about the day he’s had between Anna, Lucy and his maybe son Cody. Sam and Dante appear, and Mac wonders how much they heard. Sam says, “Enough to know Cody’s been holding out on us.” Dante reveals he just found out today about Cody possibly being Mac’s son, and he says he was going to tell Sam tonight. Felicia insists they join them and tells Sam they should go grab a round.

Dante sits down and Mac asks him about Cody. Dante explains they went to camp together as kids, and he has lots of spirit and heart where horses are concerned.

Dante and Mac talk GH

At the bar, Felicia senses Sam has reservations about Cody. If she knows anything troubling about him, she’d like to know. Suddenly Cody and Britt arrive.

Felicia asks Sam to be honest GH

Britt and Cody join Mac, Felicia, Sam and Dante. Britt tells them all about the necklace of Peter’s and that she’s hired Sam to find out the origin of it. Cody is taken aback by that piece of information. From the bar, Ms. Wu stares at Cody, so he excuses himself to grab a beer.

Cody seems troubled GH

Sam and Felicia ask Britt if it’s possible Faison stole this necklace, and Peter stole it from him. Britt thinks it is very possible.

At the bar, Cody orders some beers as Ms. Wu asks if she can count on him to be a ringer in an upcoming game. In the background, Mac spots Cody talking to Wu. He approaches them, so Ms. Wu greets Mac and tells them to have a good evening. She departs, and Mac suggests as a friend and possible father that Cody stay away from that woman as she’s a notorious crime figure. He also says if the DNA tests come back and prove he’s his father, they can figure out what kind of relationship they want.

Ms Wu and Cody GH

Mac heads back to the table, and Sam confronts Cody at the bar. She notes it was written all over his face that he doesn’t want her looking into Peter’s necklace. He swears he’s not out to hurt anyone, he likes Britt and loves Dante. Sam hopes he’s telling the truth.

At the table, Dante admits to Britt that he may have misread the situation between her and Cody and apologizes for how he spoke to her about him. He doesn’t know if they’ll ever be friends, but for Cody’s sake, they should call a truce. Britt laughs, “He better be worth it.”

Cody and Sam rejoin Britt and Dante, and Mac and Felicia have called it a night. Cody proposes a toast to new beginnings.

Cody makes a toast GH

Felicia and Mac return home, they passionately kiss in the bedroom, and make their way to the bed.

Felicia and Mac make love GH

On the next General Hospital: Willow asks what Britt is concerned about. Brook Lynn quips to Chase why would she want to spend her morning in bed when she could spend it with him. Joss worries Cam won’t be able to handle something. Ned asks Michael, “Is this something you cooked up, or Drew?” Carly tells Drew she wants to hold out about telling anyone.

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