Britt hires Sam GH
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At the Metro Court, Victor tells Nikolas that Ava knowing about Esme makes her a liability. Nikolas can guarantee that Esme won’t be a problem, nor will she be found.

Nikolas Victor fight GH

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At Nina’s, Ava screams, “Son of a bitch!” Nina runs into the room and finds out that the confession Nikolas gave Ava is missing. Ava won’t let Nikolas get away with this. After she cools down, she checks her phone and finds her recording of Nikolas reading the confessions is still there. She explains that Nikolas knows about this, and whoever took the note doesn’t know the video exists. She immediately suspects Victor’s handiwork and texts Nikolas to ask where Victor is.

ava furious confession GH

Nina blocks her door and tells Ava going after Victor isn’t a good idea as he’s a dangerous man. Ava gets a response from Nikolas that they are both at the Metro Court. Ava swears to sink Victor for trying to destroy her marriage, and she and Nikolas won’t be done until she says they are done. Ava heads out.

Nina blocks door GH

Alone, Nina calls Valentin and leaves him a message. She tells him things here are weird, Lucy is missing, and Victor may be involved. She asks him to call her when he can.

Back at the Metro Court, Victor tells Nikolas that he needs supervision, so he’ll be moving into Wyndemere. He plans to move in tonight and excuses himself to make calls and arrange it.

Victor moving in GH

Ava arrives and informs Nikolas that she needs to talk to his uncle. She fills him in on the missing confession. Nikolas warns Ava not to let anyone know about the video version. He says they have to play Victor’s game for now as she isn’t safe. He begs her to go before Victor catches them. Ava says, “Too late…” as Victor returns.

Ava furious Nikolas Victor GH

Victor tells Nikolas he’s reconsidered his arrival tonight and fills Ava in on his plans to move in with Nikolas. Nikolas instructs Ava that they are done and his lawyer will be in touch. Victor and Nikolas walk out, and Victor is pleased Nikolas is going ahead with the divorce. Nikolas warns Victor that Helena once thought she could control him, and that didn’t end well for her.

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At the hospital, Maxie arrives with Georgie and they meet up with Austin. They plan to go get ice cream, but Georgie gives Austin the cold shoulder when he makes small talk. Sam arrives, and Georgie runs to her and hugs her. She asks her to come to get ice cream with them, but Sam can’t as she has a meeting. Britt appears so she and Sam head off. Georgie suggests Austin go help Britt and Sam with whatever they have going on. Maxie tells her daughter that she’s being rude and to apologize. When Georgie refuses, Maxie tells her no ice cream for her then.

Georgie is Angry GH

Georgie sits and sulks, and Maxie apologizes to Austin. She says ever since Spinelli and Ellie broke up that Groegie’s got it in her head her parents will get back together. She wishes Spinelli would find someone to date and use Society Setups. He thinks she is giving that dating app too much credit. Maxie explains Zelda is a front for the company, and Spinelli is the brains and made up the algorithm behind it. She tells Austin it’s a secret though.

Maxie defends Spinelli GH

Georgie approaches Maxie and Austin and asks her mom if they can go home. Maxie again tells her that she knows what to do. Georgie apologizes to Austin. Austin thanks her and suggests maybe she can think of some things that are not special to her mom and dad that they can all do together. Georgie agrees to think about it.

Austin cools things down GH

In Britt’s office, Britt brings Sam up to speed on Peter’s safe deposit box containing a diamond and ruby necklace. She shows her a photo of it. Britt assumes it may have been stolen from her father, or are blood diamonds, or from something else she wants nothing to do with. Britt needs Sam to find out where they came from. Sam can’t pass this case up and takes the job.

Sam takes job GH

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At Sonny’s gym, Dante joins Cody for a workout. Dante asks what Cody’s been up to, and he admits he’s hung out with Britt. Dante warns him again about her and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Cody thanks him for having his back, but doesn’t need his help with Britt.

Sonny and Cody box GH

Cody gets a reminder on his phone about the DNA test and brings Dante up to speed on the possibility that Mac might be his dad. Dante can’t believe Cody didn’t tell him before now and asks how he’s feeling about this. Cody notes everyone tells him he should be glad to be Mac’s kid, but he doesn’t know how he feels yet.

Cody doesn't need Dante's help GH

Sam arrives as Cody heads out to get to the hospital. Sam and Dante both think they have had a crazier day than the other. She tells him that Britt hired her as a PI. Dante reveals he arrested Anna for murder. She says, “You win.”

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Felicia takes Holly to the salon and nail spa for pampering.  Felicia asks how she’s holding up. Holly wishes she could remember the past two years and what she has been through. She admits she feels embarrassed because someone got the better of her.

Felicia and Holly at the Salon GH

Holly says enough about her and asks about Victor. Felicia laughs he won’t forget about her after that slap. Holly says, “Trust me, I’m just getting started.”

Holly just getting started GH

Mac checks on Anna in the PCPD jail. Robert soon shows up and assumes that Anna has heard about Holly. He says that Holly is physically okay, but she has no memory of the past two years. Robert asks how he can help Anna. Anna asks him to get her out, but he can’t and has to recuse himself from this case.

Anna needs help GH

Anna asks Robert to find Valentin for her and explains he’s supposed to be visiting Charlotte at her boarding school. It was a visit arranged by Victor, but if he thinks Valentin is helping her, then Valentin and Charlotte are in danger. She gives Valentin’s number to Robert and asks him to check on him.

Robert helps Anna GH

Robert excuses himself, and Anna lets Mac know that Deputy Mayor Ashby is working with Victor. Robert returns and reveals Valentin didn’t answer, so he left a message.

Mac checks on Anna GH

Holly appears and greets Mac and Anna, who are thrilled to see her. She tells Mac that Felicia wants him to remember the appointment he has at the hospital. Robert says if this is about Cody then go. Mac departs.

Holly reunites with Anna GH

Anna brings Holly up to date on the frame job. Anna admits the coat found is hers, and Victor’s people must have stolen it along with her gun and ammo used in the shooting from her place. Anna updates her on investigating Victor’s involvement in Luke’s death, and she thinks Victor is after the Ice Princess. Holly can’t believe that blasted cursed diamond is back in play. Later, Robert gets news that Anna’s arraignment has been pushed to tomorrow. He promises her they will get her out of this. Anna says, “And then we go after Victor!” Holly adds, “Count me in.”

Mac and Cody arrive at the hospital and find Maxie, Georgie and Felicia waiting. Georgie meets Cody and takes an immediate liking to him. Cody spots Britt at the nurses’ station and goes to see her, and she realizes he’s here for the test. She hopes he gets what he wants. Cody wishes he knew what that was.

Cody arrives for the DNA test GH

On the next General Hospital: Chase tells Brook Lynn what’s happening between them is real. Joss informs Cameron that she can’t imagine her life without him. Felicia asks Sam if she knows anything troubling about Cody. Sonny warns someone that was the last stunt they’ll pull in this town.

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