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At the hospital, Liz goes over details with Cam, who is staying with his younger brothers while she’s out of town. She gives him the info about where she and Terry are staying. When he learns it is in Monterey, he says she can’t go there because it’s where Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Caroline live. Liz knows and assures him that it will be fine. Cam eventually departs to go to work.

Cam upset with Liz GH

At the nurses’ station, Terry gushes to Finn about how she’s so excited about this medical conference and getting to spend some time with Liz. Finn tells Terry that she can cut the act as he knows the real reason for her and Liz’s trip.

Terry Finn discuss Liz GH

They are interrupted by Gregory and Violet arrive. Violet is ready to go get her Halloween outfit. Finn sends her and his father to wait for him in his office while he finishes his conversation. Alone, Finn knows Terry invited Liz to the conference knowing she could use some time away, and he thanks her for that.

Greg and Violet surprise Finn GH

Terry and Liz meet up later, and Terry confesses to Liz that she thinks she’s making a mistake not telling Finn what is going on. Liz needs to search her parents’ house while they aren’t there to find out what happened in the Marianne Islands. Liz can’t tell Finn about her memory until she gets answers.

Liz explains plan to Terry GH

Finn finds his dad and Violet waiting in his office. Violet is watching the video of Chase singing on Finn’s phone and discovers a picture of him and Reiko. She asks who she is. He explains Reiko was his wife many years ago, but she got sick and died. Violet tells her dad that she’s sorry and hugs him.

Finn tells Violet about Reiko GH

Liz stops by Finn’s office and finds Finn hugging Violet. Violet explains she made daddy sad. Gregory and Violet head out, and Finn tells Liz that Violet found a photo of Reiko. He says he wasn’t prepared to explain her tragic death to Violet just yet. Terry knocks on the door and says their train is leaving. Finn and Liz tell one another they’ll miss the other, and she heads out.

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At Kelly’s, Joss leaves Trina a message hoping that she’s having fun with Rory. Dex appears and says hello to Joss. He sits down and knows she’s upset with him. She wants him to quit working for Sonny, but he says he can’t and it’s complicated. Joss asks him to enlighten her. He simply says he needs this job. He defends Sonny’s actions and notes he didn’t kill him and ask questions later. Plus, Sonny apologized and is an honorable man. Joss seethes he’s never been honorable.

Joss upset with Dex GH

Joss brings up Jason, who was shot, ended up in prison, and never had anything of his own because of his loyalty to Sonny. He also used to praise how great Sonny was, and it wasn’t two months after Jason died that Sonny betrayed his entire family. She says her mom and Jason trusted Sonny, only for him to screw them over. She doesn’t want him to be one of those people.

Dex can't tell Joss truth GH

Cam walks in and asks what is going on. Dex explains he said something about Joss’ stepfather that upset her. Dex leaves, and Cam asks Joss if she needs him to talk to Dex. Joss tells him no, and explains that she knows Dex a little better than she’s let on. She tells him about saving Dex from Sonny.

Cam upset over Dex GH

Cam admits he knows about her rescuing Dex because Michael told him. He wonders why she didn’t. Joss didn’t want him involved in Sonny’s world. Cam gets that, but he feels that lately, they haven’t been on the same page. Joss agrees, and notes ever since the tape got posted they’ve hardly been able to come up for air. Joss promises they will plan something as a couple, and they kiss.

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At the bank, Britt and Cody meet with a man to retrieve Peter’s safe deposit box. The man eventually leaves them to look through the box on their own after unlocking it.

Cody Britt at bank GH

Britt opens the box and takes out a diamond and ruby necklace. She wonders if it is real. Cody knows how to find out and tells her to hand it over, and a compact if she has one. She does, and Cody uses the necklace to scratch the compact mirror. He says it’s real, because diamonds cut glass, and it probably is worth millions.

Britt shocked by necklace GH

Britt wonders where Peter got it. She goes to take it back from Cody, but he tugs on it. She asks what he’s doing? He apologizes for freezing and says he never held something so valuable. Britt puts it back in the box and returns it to the bank manager. Cody questions why she doesn’t take it with her. Britt thinks it will be safer here until she can find out more about it.

Cody being sly GH

Nina comes home to find Ava making a martini. Ava asks if she cares to join her, so Nina accepts. They catch up as Ava downs her drink quickly. Ava decides to make another, but Nina stops her. She asks how long this roommate relationship is going to last. Ava asks if she’s going to kick her out? Nina isn’t but feels she’s just hiding out here and avoiding her husband.

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Nina questions living arrangement GH

Ava admits she has thought about kicking Nikolas out of her life. However, he made a grand gesture that has her rethinking things. She explains he wrote out a confession that gives her control of his life. Nina asks what Nikolas did. Ava admits Nikolas did nothing, she did. Nina is dying to know what happened but thinks it may be better if she doesn’t. Nina’s phone rings and it’s a call she has to take. She excuses herself, and Ava ponders her situation. She opens the envelope containing the confession, only to find the paper inside reads, “Missing something?”

Ava confesses to Nina GH

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Victor meets with Nikolas at the Metro Court and once again demands Nikolas stop wasting time and divorce Ava. Nikolas explains that things have changed, and he’ll learn the why and how in time. Victor is displeased, but Nikolas notes Victor hasn’t shared any of his plans since he’s returned.

Nikolas taunts Victor GH

Victor seethes that Nikolas and Valentin are so much alike, and they are more concerned about their own lives than the greater good of the family. Nikolas vents he loves Ava. Victor chides, “More than your son!” He accuses Nikolas of destroying his relationship with Spencer over Ava. He notes Nikolas hasn’t visited Spencer in Pentonville once because he’s consumed with that woman. Victor offers to help Nikolas build a bridge with his son if he gets rid of Ava. Or he can push Spencer further away from Nikolas. Victor pulls out the confession Nikolas wrote, and demands he divorce Ava. Otherwise, he’ll take him out.

Victor threatens Nikolas GH

On the next General Hospital: Holly reveals she’s just getting started. Britt asks someone if Peter was ever a jewel thief. Cody tells someone he doesn’t want their help any longer. Ava screams that she and Nikolas will be over when she decides. Victor informs Nikolas that he’s moving into Wyndemere. Anna confesses to Robert that Valentin and Charlotte are in danger.

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