Jordan arrests Anna
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Nina arrives at the hospital and meets with Sonny. They head into an office where Sasha and Martin are. Sasha asks Martin for the news on her guardianship. Martin explains that the judge feels it’s more important than ever given Brando’s death that she has a guardian. However, because she has no living relatives, it will be a court-appointed one. Sasha gasps, “You mean a stranger.” Nina and Sonny vow to fight this and offer to be her guardian, but Martin says the court won’t sign off on anyone with a criminal record. Nina feels there must be someone else. Gladys enters and volunteers.

Martin gives Sasha News GH

Gladys feels Brando would have wanted her to be Sasha’s guardian. Sasha accepts the offer as the last thing she wants is a stranger to tell her what to do. Martin feels the judge could be persuaded to accept Gladys given she’s Sasha’s mother-in-law. Sonny promises they are all in this together. Nina cries to Sasha that she is like the daughter she didn’t have and she loves her. Sasha loves her too, and they hug.

Gladys offers help GH

Martin says he’ll go petition the judge right now and will get back to them as soon as he hears back. He exits, followed by Sasha and Gladys, who head home. Nina tells Sonny that she is sure Sasha will get through this as she has them pulling for her.

Martin thinks it may work GH

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At the station, ADA Arden and Jordan discuss the investigation into Lucy’s shooting. Jordan says the evidence they have at this point is circumstantial. Arden comments “We’ll see.”

Arden leaves and Jordan makes a call to someone for help. Mac arrives and she updates him on the video and her feeling that Anna’s been framed. She finds the rush to declare Lucy dead and Anna charged odd, especially since Lucy hasn’t been missing for 24 hours and they have no body.

Mac knows Anna being framed GH

Mac looks at the video and they both realize while Lucy was the victim, Anna was the real target. Mac asks if Jordan has an idea who is doing this. Jordan suspects Victor did it to get rid of Lucy and Anna with one shot and explains Lucy was working for Anna to get dirt on Victor.

Outside in the parking lot, Anna discovers the gun and the outfit “she” was wearing in the video in the trunk of her car. Dante comes upon her and tells her about Holly’s return. Thrilled goes to get in her car to see Holly but is stopped by Arden and another cop.

Anna has something to confess GH

Arden has a search warrant for Anna’s car and fills Dante in on Anna being the main suspect in Lucy’s shooting. Dante laughs at the absurdity. Arden demands Anna open her car, so Anna opens the trunk.

Evidence found in Anna's car GH

Arden, Dante and Anna go back inside, and Arden has the evidence in a bag from the car. Dante tells Anna that he has to go take care of something, but they all know she’s being set up. Mac is sure someone planted the evidence in the car, and it had to be Victor. Arden demands Mac arrest Anna. An irate Mac asks Arden if she doesn’t recognize a frame job when she sees one, or is she on Victor’s payroll too. Anna tells Mac to arrest her, but he refuses. Anna asks Jordan to do it, so she does.

Arden demands Anna's arrest GH

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Scott and Felicia arrive at the Metro Court Gardens. They discuss Lucy, and Scott knows in his gut that she is alive, plus there are always miracles. Suddenly they spot Robert at a table with Holly. Felicia comments, “What were you saying about miracles?”

Scott and Felicia see Holly GH

Scott and Felicia race over to Holly to hug her and ask where she’s been. She admits she has little memory of the past two years. Holly learns about Lucy and is shocked. She asks who would want to kill her. Scott looks over as Victor appears and suggests they ask him.

Holly, Robert and friends GH

Victor walks over to the group and tells Scott how sorry he is about Lucy. Victor walks off, and Scott rails about the Cassadine. Holly recognizes the name Cassadine, and Scott calls him the worst of the bunch. She notes he seemed sincere and doesn’t look like a cold-blooded killer. Felicia tells her that she has no idea what Victor has done. Robert shakes his head at Felicia, and Holly asks what they aren’t telling her.

Victor's fake sympathy GH

At Victor’s table, he takes a call and learns warrants have already been issued. He makes a note to himself to make a sizable donation to Arden’s campaign fund if she chooses to run for a higher office.

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Back at Holly’s table, Felicia tells Robert that Holly won’t let this go, so she fills her in on Luke’s death and the likelihood that Victor was behind it. Dante arrives and gives Robert the news on what’s going on with Anna and Arden. They all agree Victor is behind Anna and Lucy’s troubles.

Holly learns about Luke's death

Holly walks over and introduces herself to Victor. He doesn’t believe they’ve met. She suggests he consider this their introduction and slaps him. She seethes that was for Luke, and the next ones will be for Lucy and Anna. Robert leads Holly off, and Scott warns Victor that his day is coming.

Holly slaps Victor GH

After everyone departs, Victor gets a call with news on the package they dropped off has been found. He also learns the search of Anna’s house is underway and gloats it would be terrible if they found something in her home that could put her away for life.

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Down in Jacksonville, Drew and Carly kiss on the bluffs above the ocean. After the kiss, Carly asks Drew what is next. He thinks they head back to Port Charles. She admits she’s reluctant to go because she found him here and is afraid to lose that.

Drew and Carly in Jacksonville GH

Carly and Drew stroll on the beach, and she tells Drew that he’s the best thing to happen to her in a long time. She doesn’t want to mess it up by making a mistake. He laughs that she’ll mess up, but he promises that she won’t lose him. He calls her irreplaceable and says nobody is to him like she is. They kiss again and then take in the view of the ocean. Carly thinks she’s going to like them as an “us.” Drew says, “I already do.”

Drew and Carly in Jacksonville GH

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