Holly returns GH
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On the beach in Florida, Drew is carrying a large bag and tells Carly there is no rush on this. She feels she’s ready. They take a walk up to a bluff above the ocean, which was Virginia’s favorite spot. Carly feels this is where her mom would like to be forever. She pulls an urn from the bag, talks to her mom, wishes she was able to know her kids, and tells her that she loves her. She then pours the ashes over the bluff and into the ocean.

Carly Drew Ashes GH

Carly tells Drew that returning here made her face her past, and realize what is important to her, which includes him. She thanks him for helping her and that it meant so much to her. Drew insists it meant as much to him, and when he came back last year, he had to make his own new beginning. They both say, “To new beginnings,” and then kiss.

Carly Drew kiss GH

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Robert is stunned to see Holly sitting in the Quartermaine boathouse soaked to the bone. They embrace and she asks why they all look like they’ve seen a ghost. He explains they thought she was dead and has been missing for the past two years. Holly is confused, and only recalls being on a boat. Robert decides to have a doctor check her out. Dante says an ambulance is on the way and asks if Holly knows how she got to Port Charles. Holly has no idea.

Holly Returns GH

After Robert leaves with Holly, Ned knows Olivia is dying to find out what happened. He says Robert is her friend, so she should go to the hospital. Olivia kisses and hugs Ned before running off.

Olivia needs answers GH

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In the kitchen, Brook Lynn fills Chase in on Holly’s sudden return, which has Chase itching to play detective. Brook Lynn focuses on music and tells him his social media accounts are blowing up and he is going to be the next big thing.

Chase and BLQ plan GH

Ned appears and fills them in that Holly has no idea how she got back to Port Charles. When the studio calls, Brook Lynn rushes out to take it. Ned tells Chase that he can see BLQ is having the time of her life but asks how he’s doing. Chase enjoys singing and making people happy, but it’s not his passion. He wants so bad to be back on the force helping to catch the killer.

NEd Chase talk

Outside, Brook Lynn gets an email from Dante asking for a letter of support for Chase’s reinstatement. She deletes it and takes a call from Linc.

Brook Lynn heads back inside and tells Chase that Linc called and took the bait. She thinks they are one step closer to getting what they want, and they embrace. Chase looks uncertain.

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At the hospital, Sasha and Maxie wonder where Lucy is and why the police are looking for her. Fortunately, they learn no one has been brought in matching her description. Austin arrives and assures them if Lucy is brought in he will let them know. Mason interrupts them, and Austin suggests the women head home and he’ll contact them if there is news. Sasha doesn’t want to go to her apartment, so Maxie takes her off to the cafeteria to get her some food.

Sasha and Maxie discuss Lucy GH

Austin tells Mason he can’t be here, but Mason says neither of them has a choice. He tells Austin to face it, family is forever, especially theirs.

Austin and his cuz GH

Robert arrives with Holly in a wheelchair and grabs Austin to look her over. Holly is taken to a room for an exam. Olivia enters and asks Robert how Holly is. Before he can tell her, Austin interrupts and tells Robert he can come into Holly’s room. He explains Holly appears fine, but he wants to run an MRI.

Robert wheels Holly in GH

Alone, Robert sits with Holly and asks what the last thing she remembers is. She recalls working for the WSB and investigating a casino in Monte Carlo. Robert explains he and Ethan turned the place upside down looking for her, and Ethan will be thrilled she is alive. She wishes she had a way to reach Ethan. Robert gives her his phone, and steps outside to speak to Olivia. Holly hesitates to contact Ethan.

Holly doesn't remember GH

Dante arrives and asks Austin for information on how Holly is doing. Austin can’t give him too many details as he’s not family, but feels there is no physical reason for her memory loss.

Later, Holly is wheeled back from her MRI. Robert and Olivia join her in her room. Olivia introduces herself and says she brought Holly clothes to change into. She tells Holly she was in Monte Carlo with Robert and Ethan trying to find her, and Robert was something else. Holly smiles and can’t believe Robert went to all that trouble for her.

Elsewhere, Austin finds Mason talking to Maxie. Mason invites Maxie to join their family in Pautuck for Thanksgiving. Austin reminds Mason he needs to be heading out.

Austin sees Mason out and tells him to leave Maxie and her kids out of it. Mason warns him that he can’t separate his life here from Pautauk, and perhaps Maxie is better off without him.

In the PCPD squad room, the drone footage shows Anna shooting Lucy. Martin fumes, Anna insists she’s being set up, and Jordan asks Martin if he thinks Anna would shoot Lucy at point-blank range. Martin rants that Anna is a WSB-trained agent, and the last time he saw Lucy, she was running off to confront Anna. Anna insists this is all Victor’s doing.

Anna been framed GH

Anna and Jordan burst in on Victor in the interrogation room. Anna demands to know what he did and where Lucy is. Victor claims he doesn’t know where Lucy is. Jordan explains they have a video of a woman firing a gun twice at Lucy, and Victor sheds crocodile tears saying he was holding out hope that she would have been found alive. Anna lunges at him and chases him around the table.

Anna rails at Victor GH

Jordan drags Anna out of the room, tells her to cool down, and that she is off this case. Jordan goes back to see Victor, who wants to know what they are doing to identify Lucy’s attacker.

In the squad room, Anna calls Robert, leaves a message, and tells him Victor is trying to frame her for Lucy’s murder. Martin returns with the ADA and demands Anna be arrested for murder. Anna tells Martin if she wanted to take someone out, she wouldn’t have done it in plain sight of everyone.

Martin wants Anna arrested GH

Jordan appears and asks why the ADA is here. The ADA instructs Jordan that Victor is free to go. Anna takes off, infuriating Martin. Jordan explains Anna is not under arrest. Victor exits the interrogation room and learns that Anna is on the drone footage shooting Lucy. The ADA demands Jordan be removed from this case due to her relationship with Anna.

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Jordan details that she is sending the video to IT to find out if it was altered. Victor notes Lucy was always uncomfortable when Anna’s name came up, and he thinks Lucy was afraid of Anna. Martin concurs. Jordan assures them that if the video proves to be Anna, she will reassess things. However, nothing links Anna to Lucy’s death right now.

Outside, Anna searches her car for planted evidence. In her trunk, she finds the gun and the outfit her look-a-like was wearing in the video.

Back at the hospital, Sasha runs into Martin. She asks if he heard from Lucy, but he hasn’t. He checks in with Sasha on how she’s holding up. She says she’s taking it day by day. Martin heard from the judge and has an update on her future.

In Holly’s room, she tells Robert she will not be staying for observation and would like a room at the Metro Court with a full English breakfast, along with some tea with a heavy shot of whiskey.

On the next General Hospital: Anna shares something with Dante. Mac tells Jordan that Lucy may be the victim, but Anna’s the target. Martin has an update for Sasha on her guardianship. Holly introduces herself to someone and later throws something.

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