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At the Metro Court Gardens, Nina checks on Olivia, who has been working 20 days in a row. Nina tells her that she can take a break and let her handle this. Olivia suggests Nina just let her buy her out of the hotel before this gets nasty, which is where this is headed. She admits Nina does good work, but she can’t trust her, and she needs trust for this partnership to work. Olivia again offers to buy her out, but Nina responds, “No deal, you are stuck with me.” Sonny appears and asks if everything is okay. Olivia says it’s peachy and decides to take a break after all.

Nina Olivia squabble

Sonny can see things aren’t going well with Olivia. Nina states he warned her. She knows it’s because of what she did to him and his family. She spies TJ across the way, and says, “Even if I’m looking out for them now.”

At a table, Curtis and Portia are working on wedding plans. TJ is distracted texting Willow to check on how she’s doing. They ask what’s so interesting, and he apologizes for being not fully here. Portia must go because she wants to wish Epiphany luck on her MCATs and takes off.

TJ admits to Curtis that he’s glad to see he has settled things with Marshall. He also asks if he and Portia have discussed kids. Curtis explains there is a lot to think about there, and remembers talking with Marshall and Portia about how he could potentially pass on the genes for mental illness to his kids. Nina and Sonny interrupt and make small talk.

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Curtis takes Sonny aside and confides in him about his decision not to find out what his chances are that he inherited mental illness from Marshall. He’s worried it was a mistake. Sonny admits he considered getting tested for Alzheimer’s, but he didn’t go through with it because what’s going to happen will happen. He also thinks Curtis would have shown signs by now, so why get tested? Curtis would need the information to make decisions about the future of his family. Sonny feels that’s his answer then.

Curtis wonders to SOnny

Meanwhile, Nina apologizes to TJ for what she said at Brando’s memorial. He says he can accept her apology if she stays out of his business. Nina explains Michael and Willow are her business as her grandson’s parents. She begs him to tell her what is going on. He won’t explain his relationship with Willow as it’s none of her business. Sonny interrupts and tells TJ he must go and will catch up with him and Curtis later. TJ departs, and Sonny asks what his attitude was about. Nina tells him to add TJ to the list of her non-fans, as he’s close to Willow.

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At the hospital, Marshall shows up to support Epiphany on her big day taking the MCATs. She rants that if she crashes and burns she’s going to blame him. She reminds him that he appeared a year ago and pushed and encouraged her to follow her fantasy dream of being a doctor. She fears if she bombs this test, her dream is over, and she’ll be a real-life failure. He knows she has got this, and if she doesn’t pass then a valiant effort is brave and courageous.

Epiphany blames Marshall GH

Portia arrives and wishes Epiphany luck. She thanks her, looks at Marshall, and gives him a quick kiss before leaving. Marshall is left speechless. Portia thinks things are getting serious for him and Epiphany, and she thinks they are good together. Marshall says Epiphany supported him from the moment he confessed all about his secret, and it does no good to carry around secrets like that because they will destroy relationships.

Portia wishes luck GH

Epiphany starts her MCATs, as Curtis arrives and runs into Portia and Marshall. He has changed his mind and wants to look into genetic counseling after all.

Curtis drops big news GH

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Victor arrives at the PCPD and tells Jordan he’s happy to answer her questions, once his attorney arrives. He waits in the interrogation room, as Anna, Dante, Robert and Jordan discuss Victor’s guilt. Jordan pulls Anna aside to find out what is going on. Anna fills her in on bringing Lucy in to help nail Victor. Jordan asks if she thinks Victor could have murdered Lucy? Anna tells her, “Absolutely.”

Martin arrives, and Dante asks if he’s seen Lucy recently. He hasn’t since yesterday and is informed about Lucy going missing.

Martin lucy missing GH

Jordan and Anna rejoin Martin, Robert and Dante. The coast guard has informed Jordan they’ve moved the operation from rescue to recovery. Martin refuses to believe Lucy is dead. Martin spots Victor in the interrogation room and asks what he has to do with this. Robert suggests he and Martin take a walk, and Dante departs to call Scott.

Anna bursts into the interrogation room as Jordan follows. She tells Victor if Lucy is dead then she’ll make it her mission to destroy him, and he’d wish things went through the courts instead of her. She suggests he start talking.

Victor PCPD questioned

Victor’s lawyer arrives and demands to speak with her client privately. Meanwhile, Robert tells Martin for what it’s worth, there is always hope. Martin swears if Lucy is alive, he’ll never take her for granted again. And he’ll make whoever did this pay.

Victor and lawyer GH

Trina shows up and tells Rory that she thought they were meeting out front. He explains it just got busy, and he’s all packed for the trup. She tells him if he needs to postpone because of work that it’s fine, but he wonders if she’s backing out. She isn’t, and while she’s not big on comics, she knows he’ll show her what they means to him. Dante interrupts to speak to Rory before he leaves.

Rory Trina GH

On a rocky shore somewhere, a woman’s body lays still. Suddenly, her hand moves. She’s able to get up and walks between some large rocks to a path.

Holly Sutton Bech

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Ned leaves a message with Valentin, who he hasn’t heard from, and tells him to call him. Michael enters with Willow, overhears Ned, and thinks things aren’t going well with Valentin.

Michael and Ned argue GH

Olivia arrives and finds Ned and Michael arguing about ELQ again. As they yell at one another, Willow becomes shaky and faint. Michael rushes to her, and she says she just needs air. She departs, and Olivia scolds Ned and Michael. She tells them it’s about time they start remembering they are family.

Willow hit with pain GH

The mystery woman, barefoot, makes her way to the Quartermaine boathouse.

Willow goes for a walk on the grounds and notices the wet footprints outside of the boathouse. She heads inside thinking it might be Brook Lynn, sees someone, and screams.

Willow boathouse scream GH

Michael rushes out of the kitchen after everyone hears the scream, and finds Willow on her way back. She tells him about the woman in the boathouse, and that it might be whoever killed Brando. Michael grabs a meat tenderizer from the kitchen and goes after them.

Back at the station, Dante informs everyone that Ned just called and said a woman just found their way to the Quartermaine estate. Anna hopes it could be Lucy. Dante and Robert leave to check it out. Jordan later learns a registered drone was surveying the lake last night, so hopefully, it will provide more answers.

Anna checks on Martin, who tells her none of this would have happened if she hadn’t blackmailed him and put Lucy in Victor’s crosshairs. Anna admits she regrets involving her in the first place, and the initial risks weren’t that great. He realizes there is more to this than she’s saying, and he wants to know what it is. She asks him to just trust her, and she’ll bring Lucy home, or bring to justice anyone who hurt her.

Jordan acquires the drone footage from the time when Lucy disappeared. They can see the dark pier, someone shooting Lucy, and her falling into the water. Seeing the face of the shooter, a shocked Martin and Jordan turn to Anna for answers.

Victor confers with his lawyer and tells her not to worry, as Anna and Robert will soon have their hands full with other matters.

Elsewhere, Trina looks conflicted when Rory tells her he’s off duty and officially hers for the weekend.

Trina unsure GH

Back at the boathouse, Michael and Olivia approach, and she tells him to be careful. Michael kicks in the door, Olivia peers in and is stunned by who she sees.

Dante and Robert soon arrive, and Olivia tells Robert to prepare himself before he goes in there. They head inside and Robert sees a soaking wet Holly. She says, “Hello, Robert.”

Holly is back GH

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