Lucy begs for her life GH
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Ava waltzes into Wyndemere and informs Nikolas that Uncle Victor told her that he plans to divorce her, but she thought he wanted this marriage to work. He says he does and suggests Victor got the wrong idea because it’s not as if she’s been giving him much hope. However, he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her because he loves her. He thinks she still loves him too. Ava admits nothing. He wonders why he came here then. Ava claims she has to take inventory before closing the gallery, so she needs some files from the tower. He insists that she can’t go up there. Ava asks what is going on here?

Ava thinks Nikolas is arrogant GH

Nikolas explains to Ava a pipe burst in the tower, and he packed up her files and will get them to her. Ava suspects he’s trying to get rid of her. He’s not and swears he just has a lot to check on with the repairs. Ava has to meet Nina for dinner and asks again about what Victor said. Nikolas swears he wants her and there is no need to involve a third-party intervention.

Nikolas lies to Ava GH

Up in her room, after several tries, Esme finally picks the lock to the door.

Esme picks lock GH

As Esme walks out of her room, Nikolas appears and asks if she’s going somewhere. He forces her back into the room and tells her that he’s sick of her as she’s blown up his life. Nikolas locks her in the bathroom and informs her that he’s clearing the room of everything but the bed. She screams that he’ll be sorry, and he quips he already is.

Nikolas warns Esme GH

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In Pentonville, Cyrus finds Spencer cleaning up the library. They talk about family, and Cyrus explains he regrets pushing Martin and Laura away, but he sees an opportunity in Spencer to make amends. Spencer responds, “The adopt an inmate program has been shut down.” Cyrus knows he’s being hazed and offers to look out for him. Book appears and warns Spencer if he is relying on this old man then he won’t last a minute. He tells him the Corinthos guys won’t help much, but he can offer him protection. Spencer asks what Book wants. He wants his work assignment back.

Book taunts Nikolas GH

Spencer tells Book it’s a tempting offer, but he’ll watch his own back. Cyrus tells Book that he heard his nephew and orders him to go. Book up and punches Cyrus. Cyrus quotes the bible on retaliation and pins him against the wall and tells him to keep away from Spencer. A guard enters and asks if there is a problem. Cyrus claims Book has a shiv, and the guard finds one in his pocket. He drags him off to solitary confinement.

Cyrus saves Nikolas

Spencer realizes Cyrus set Book up and assumes he should thank him. Cyrus would just like to get to know him better, but that’s his choice. He goes to leave, but Spencer stops him. A book on a specific bible translation came in, and Spencer offers it to him. He says now he doesn’t owe Cyrus. Cyrus tells him, “You never did.”

Nikolas thanks Cyrus GH

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At the hospital, Robert calls Anna about Lucy. She gives him an update from the pier.

In Diane’s room, she asks Alexis why she would goad the attacker in her paper. Alexis sees Diane saw her article. Diane says she’s had a lot of time on her hands, and she’s been thinking about things. She’s wondering if she’s missing something in her life.

Diane Alexis bond GH

Robert appears and is happy to see Diane awake and talking. Alexis takes off, and Robert sits with Diane. She assumes he has more questions for her. He asks if she remembered any more details. Diane has tried, but the only other thing she remembers is her life flashing before her eyes. Robert has been there before. Facing her mortality has been sobering for Diane. Robert quotes a line of poetry, and Diane finishes it. They smile at one another.

Robert and Diane flirt GH

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Kristina meets with Dante and Sam at the Metro Court for dinner. Kristina asks what guard Sonny has today, Frank, or is Dex back? Sonny confirms Dex is back and in the alcove. Kristina brags that she told them that Dex being the killer made no sense.

Dante and Kristina meet Sonny GH

Alexis arrives and runs into Dex, who she knows works for Sonny. Dex informs her that Sonny is meeting with her daughter right now.

At their table, Dante is called to work and says his goodbyes. Sonny tells Kristina that he’s very proud of his children. She asks, “Even Michael?” He says Michael is the first child he raised and is the one most like him. However, he feels their relationship is over. Kristina believes he still loves him. He asks, “Like you and Alexis?”

Sonny proud of Kristina GH

Alexis approaches Sonny and Kristina. Sonny asks her to join them, and he gets up to take care of something. Alexis tells Kristina that Diane was touched by her call, and the flowers she sent to Brando’s memorial were lovely. Kristina couldn’t get out of work and is about to go out of town for a seminar on being a better manager. She assumes her mom doesn’t feel it’s that important. Alexis knows her job is important to her, and she seems happy, which is the most important thing. Alexis never wants her to think she’s not proud of her.

Alexis talks to Kristina GH

Sonny speaks with Dex and tells him that he can go if he needs to. Dex doesn’t mind staying. Sonny apologizes for what happened, mistakes were made, and he was unfairly treated. Dex hopes he has proven his loyalty. Sonny notes he needs a lieutenant he can trust. Dex assures him he is his guy and is up for the challenge.

Dex plays Sonny GH

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Anna is at Pier 47 and sees no sign of Lucy or a boat. At Pier 55, Lucy asks someone what they are doing here. The person raises a gun and fires shots at Lucy. Anna hears the shots at Pier 55 and runs.

Lucy is shot GH

Anna calls the shots in, arrives at Pier 55, and only finds Lucy’s shoe on the ground. Victor soon arrives and sees the shoe. He claims he was on the way to Pier 47 to meet Lucy when he heard the shots. He assumes Lucy must have gone to the wrong pier. Anna asks Victor why he was meeting Lucy. He says they were taking a sunset cruise. Anna points out there is no boat.

Victor deflects GH

Dante and the PCPD arrive, and Anna tells him about the shots and the possibility that Lucy is missing. Dante calls for backup, and Anna finds it odd that all of this is happening while Valentin is out of town. Victor doesn’t understand why Valentin would be interested in this. She reminds him that Valentin is a major investor in Lucy’s company. He knows Valentin is very involved in Deception. Dante tells Victor his story checks out, and he’s free to go.

Dante questions Anna and Victor

Victor departs, and Anna gives Dante more details about what happened. She explains Lucy was working with her to bring down Victor, and she can’t prove it, but she thinks Victor is behind her disappearance. She fears Victor learned Lucy was betraying him. Dante feels if anyone can survive Victor, it’s Lucy.

Elsewhere, a woman struggles as they swim ashore and collapses in the mud.

Anna fears Lucy was found out GH

Back at the Metro Court, Victor appears and runs into Ava at the bar. She refuses to talk to him about her marriage again.  Victor tells Ava that she is too much of a woman for his nephew and he’d hate to see a woman like her waste her potential on the wrong man. She asks who the right man is? Victor says, “One who would repay her loyalty with devotion.” He knows the crushing disappointment of putting trust in the wrong person, and they both deserve better. He walks off.

On the next General Hospital: Martin asks if there is news about Lucy. Rory questions if Trina has changed her mind about going away with him. Epiphany tells Marshall that she’s holding him responsible. Michael asks Ned how it’s working out with him and Valentin. Victor is in the PCPD interrogation room and Anna vows to destroy him if he did anything to Lucy. Willow walks in on something at the Quartermaine boathouse and screams.

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