Lucy's in danger GH
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At Wyndemere, Esme tells Nikolas that he’s going to be a daddy again and shows him her baby bump. He insists it must be one of those fake baby bumps, so she proves it to him by having him feel her stomach. Nikolas refuses to believe it is his and demands a paternity test. She agrees to take one but doesn’t exactly have a test on her. Nikolas reminds her that she is still wanted by the law, and even a pregnancy won’t get her out of prison time. Esme insists she won’t set foot behind bars and he will make sure of that. He refuses to lift a finger to help her. She says terrible things could happen to her and this baby in prison. She demands he hire the best lawyer money can buy to fight the charges. Otherwise, she’ll talk to Ava.

Nikolas Esme argue GH

Nikolas tells Esme she doesn’t need to talk to Ava, and besides, she already knows they slept together. Esme points out that when Ava finds out she’s pregnant, she will never forgive him. He realizes that is true. Nikolas agrees to help her get a lawyer, but until then, she needs to stay hidden and out of sight. Esme says she’ll hide out here, but he tells her that she can’t stay here because the staff has no love for her and will turn her in. Nikolas knows just the place for her.

Nikolas threatens Esme GH

Nikolas leads Esme to a dusty room in the old wing that’s only used for storage and notes the staff won’t bother her. Nikolas then locks her in the room. She asks what is going on. He refuses to let her attack anyone else. She swears she didn’t attack those people, but he says she’s still dangerous. She bangs on the door and screams, “Nikolas!”

Nikolas locks up Esme GH

At the Metro Court, Johann finds Victor has been moved to a new room.

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In his new room, Victor gets a call from the deputy mayor. Lucy excuses herself to freshen up but tries to spy on Victor’s call through the wall of his bedroom. Victor asks Ashby why she’s calling, and she tells him that she walked in on the DA talking to Anna. Lucy picks up the phone in the other room to listen in. Ashby tells Victor that it’s clear that Anna and Robert are still investigating Luke’s death.

Lucy cries to Victor

In the park, Anna and Valentin wish they could hear who Victor was talking to. They hear Johann arrive and realize something happened and Robert didn’t detain him.

Anna Valentin bug listening GH

Back in the suite, Johann finds Lucy in Victor’s bedroom applying her makeup. She rejoins Victor in the living area and decides to leave them to their business. However, Johann won’t let her go until he sweeps the place. He does so, but fails to find the bug. Victor asks when he’ll see Lucy again. She suggests he call her as she exits.

Johann sweeps the room GH

Back in the park, Lucy meets with Anna and Valentin. She learns Johann didn’t find the bug because they deactivated it, and now it’s useless. Lucy informs them about eavesdropping on Victor’s call and reveals he’s working with deputy mayor Ashby. Anna thanks her for the intel, but says her part in this operation is over. Lucy fumes and storms off.

Lucy fills Anna and Valentin in GH

Back in Victor’s suite, he finds Lucy’s lipstick on the phone in his bedroom and realizes she eavesdropped.

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At Dex’s place, Michael tells him that Dante now thinks he lied to him, and Sonny realizes he’s loyal to him. Dex is worried about Michael and how this will affect his relationship with his siblings. Michael says his father must be neutralized, and he’s prepared to be the bad guy with his siblings. Dex points out it will be hard keeping Joss away as she feels she needs to protect him. Michael orders him to show her that he doesn’t deserve her concern.

Dex wants to get Sonny GH

Joss gets spends time with Cam at Kelly’s in the kitchen. Cam can’t remember the last time they were alone together, and Joss can see something is bothering him. Cam notes they haven’t had sex since their first time, and wonders if he did something wrong. Joss assures him that he didn’t, it’s just with everything that happened after with Esme and Trina that it didn’t feel right.

Cam has a problem GH

Michael arrives later to pick up some sweet potato pie for Willow. Cam goes into the back to get a slice, and Joss tells Michael about her visit to Dex. Michael asks her to stay away from him and lets her know Dante questioned him and he denied everything. Willow calls, so Michael excuses himself to talk to her. When Cam returns, Joss tells him she is sorry, but she has to run. She kisses him and rushes off.

Michael warns Joss GH

When Michael returns, he asks where Joss went. Cam says she just rushed out. Michael realizes she’s gone to see Dex. Michael fills Cam in that Joss is determined to save him from Sonny, and they need to keep her far away from Dex.

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Back at Dex’s place, Joss confronts Dex and is furious he covered for Sonny. Dex explains this is his opportunity for advancement and power, and she’s been given way more chances in her life than he has. Joss warns him that Sonny will turn against him. She rants when he’s hanging from another meat hook, don’t ask her to come and save him. She heads out and gets a text from Cam asking to meet after his shift.

Joss confronts Dex GH

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Ava finds Sonny in his office at the restaurant and says they need to talk before Trina ends up dead. She tells him there has been another attack, and the latest one is connected to Trina like several of the others. Sonny wonders how Brando fits in. Ava isn’t sure and then realizes Brando’s funeral was today. Sonny notes Brando was like a son to him, whereas his other son stabbed him in the back today. He fills her in on what happened between Dante, Michael, and Dex. Ava tells him she told him Dex was a keeper. Sonny still hates that people think Michael is a liar, and he wants to make things right between them. Ava informs him there is nothing he can do, so stop trying.

Ava and Sonny chat GH

Ava says Michael is wallowing in what happened between him, Carly, and Nina and not moving forward. Sonny fears as long as Michael is bent on revenge, nothing will change his mind about him.

Sonny won't forget GH

Ava decides to get back to Nina’s but reveals she won’t be there for much longer. He asks where she’ll be going. When Ava doesn’t say anything, he blurts out, “Don’t tell me!” She knows she and Nikolas have issues, but they are moving past them. He wishes her luck with that. Before she departs, she again thinks Dex is a good guy to have around.

Later, Sonny calls Dex and orders him to his office to discuss his future.

Carly and Drew arrive at the Jacksonville city hall and the room the beatification guild is meeting in. Peyton appears and says Carly’s too late and she should have had the good sense to stay away. Peyton doesn’t hide the fact that she was behind the hatchet job on her in the paper as she wanted the guild to know who they were dealing with.

Carly faces Peyton GH

The meeting starts, and Carly speaks on behalf of her mother and the others buried in the cemetery they are determined to relocate. Carly speaks about how the cemetery is a part of Jacksonville, and this road will divide the city in more ways than one. This relocation project puts the burden on the working class who are the heart of Jacksonville, and whose relatives are buried there. The head of the guild thanks Carly for her thoughts, and says there will be an update on the project on their website. Carly and Drew depart, and Carly worries what she said wasn’t enough.

Carly makes a speech GH

On the next General Hospital: Carly asks Peyton how the guild voted. Lucy connects with Victor again. Anna informs Robert of the new lead regarding victor. Maxie feels Spinelli is making a mistake Britt scoffs, “What, you think I’m not good enough for your friend?” Cody informs Sam that as far as he’s concerned they are square.

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