Esme reveals she's pregnant GH
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At the Metro Court Gardens, Sonny tells Michael that he wants to make things right with him. Michael feels it’s too late and he is so far removed from the father he knew. Sonny advises his son to put himself in his shoes and consider what if Wiley started treating him the way Michael is treating him.

Sonny reaches out to Michael GH

Sonny understands the feeling of betrayal and backstabbing, he dealt with it with his own father. However, no matter what they’ve done to one another, he still loves him. Sonny cries that he wants this to end before it’s too late because they’ve buried too many people already. He doesn’t want to bury them next.

Micheal and Sonny argue GH

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Nina gets a call and heads upstairs to the hotel where she meets Valentin. He needs her to let him into Victor’s room. Valentin explains she can’t ask questions, and Charlotte’s safety depends on it. She agrees to help him.

Nina meets with Valentin GH

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At Dex’s place, Dante notes the bruises on his face and hands and explains a concerned citizen told him he was kidnapped and tortured. He also has been told his boss Sonny turned on him after he was brought in as a person of interest in the hook attacks. Dante asks if there is any truth to that. Dex insists Sonny only drove him home from the station, and whoever told him that Sonny tried to hurt him is a liar. Dante exits.

Dante questions Dex's bruises GH

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Robert finds Anna waiting for him in his office. She needs his help in bringing Luke’s killer, Victor, to justice. She asks Robert to put out an arrest warrant for Victor’s man Johann and detain him for a bit on whatever charges he can come up with. Robert can’t help but think more is going on and demands she tell him the whole story. Anna wants to, but she can’t, and she’s running out of time. Robert agrees to help her but insists this is the last time.

Robert and Anna debate GH

Before Robert can make the call and issue the warrant, the deputy mayor enters and asks if she’s interrupting something. Anna leaves Robert to his work. Ashby accuses Robert of being up to something with his ex-wife the WSB agent, which she’ll put an end to. She plans to do a full review of his office to make sure he’s on the up and up. Robert accuses her of wasting time and abusing her power.

Deputy Mayor Ashby

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Victor sees Ava to Kelly’s, where she goes in and meets with Trina. As they catch up, Trina ignores a text from Rory, and she says she can’t deal with him right now. Ava lets Trina know that she can confide in her, and asks what is going on with Rory. Trina explains Rory invited her to an out-of-town comic book convention, and she’s not sure how she feels about going on an overnight trip. She can’t help but think about her last weekend trip.

Ava and Trina talk rory GH

Ava understands her hesitation given what she’s been through, but she needs to ask herself if she wants to let what Esme did to her dictate the rest of her life. Trina wants to be happy, and decides to go with Rory on the trip. She notes at least she’ll be safe because she’ll be with a cop.

Trina worried something will happen GH

At Wyndemere, Nikolas catches a hooded Esme going through his safe. She tries to run off, but he grabs her and pulls her hood down to reveal Esme. He’s stunned, and Esme guesses he thought she was dead. Esme gloats she’s back and he and Ava will have to try harder next time to get rid of her. Nikolas swears he didn’t want her to die, and he looked for her. However, he advises that coming back here was a mistake because the PCPD are looking at her for the attempted murder of that bartender. Esme rants that the cops can’t prove a thing. Nikolas tells her that Oz was murdered this morning, and asks if she came back to finish what she started.

Nikolas learns Esme is alive GH

Nikolas finds it a big coincidence that three of the victims of the hook’s attack wronged her in some way, and he thinks she’s back for revenge. Esme smiles and says, “That would mean, you’re next.” She laughs and says his accusations are so hilarious. She demands money, but Nikolas refuses and says he’s going to notify the police that she’s back and connected to three of the victims. She tells him he won’t be calling the police, opens her coat, reveals her baby bump, and says she’s carrying his child.

Esme gloats to Nikolas GH

Back at the Metro Court, Johann and Victor return to his room. Johann arranged for Esme to make another post from San Tropez. Victor calls Ava and Esme trivial distractions that are getting in the way of his plan that’s been years in the making.

Lucy knocks on the door. When Johann opens it, she runs in crying, holding flowers, and heads straight to Victor. He asks her to sit and explain what was going on. She says her business partner Sasha’s husband’s funeral was today. She couldn’t bring herself to face Sasha after the way she hurt her the last time she saw her. She wanted to at least deliver flowers but thinks it’s too late now. Victor says Johann can deliver the flowers, and he has Johann take them down to the reception.

Lucy cries to Victor

In another room, Valentin explains to Nina that he needs to plant a bug in here, and he needs her to tell Victor there is an issue and to move him into this room. She asks why doesn’t he just put a bug in Victor’s room, but he explains his man Johann does a sweep every few days, but he’s otherwise engaged now and hopefully won’t catch this bug for a few days.

Nina puts in a call to Victor and explains they need to move him to a new suite due to having to shut the water off in his room. With Valentin’s prompting, she tells him there is a bottle of complimentary wine waiting for him to make up for the trouble.

Nina calls Victor GH

Victor moves to his new room, and he and Lucy break out the wine. He finds it odd that someone like her would be reduced to tears over a floral arrangement. He thinks she’s not being honest with him and asks what is really going on.

Lucy gets Victor to talk GH

Anna meets with Valentin in the park. They listen in on the bug, and Anna says it’s all up to Lucy now. Robert tries to call Anna and warn her they can’t arrest Johann and to abort her mission, but she misses his call and doesn’t see his message.

Valentin and Anna listen to bug

Back in Victor’s suite, Lucy explains Sasha’s situation had her wondering about her own future, and whether she’d be alone. Victor responds, “Not if I have anything to say about it.” Lucy explains that’s why she knew she could come to him because when he talks about his plans it makes her feel more secure in herself. She asks him to tell her more about these plans. As Victor begins to open up, the phone rings and it’s Ashby. She warns him they have a problem. Elsewhere, Johann knocks on a hotel room door.

Back in the Metro Court Gardens, as Michael softens and says, “Look,Dad,” to Sonny, Nina appears. Michael shuts down they begin arguing. Dante enters and tells them both that this ends now. Dante explains he just came from a visit with Dex, and he said Michael lied about everything. Dante tells him this vendetta has gotten out of hand, and if he doesn’t let it go, he’s going to end up doing something destructive. Dante gets a call and tells Michael, Sonny and Nina there’s been another stabbing and leaves them to deal with their issues on their own.

Michael and Sonny almost patch things up GH

Michael departs, and Nina tells Sonny that she can’t believe Michael lied to the police about him. She never thought he’d stoop so low.

Michael returns to Dex’s place and congratulates him because they have Sonny right where they want him.

Dex lies to Dante GH

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