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On the pier, Oz’s body is put into a body bag and an officer calls in a dead John Doe found on the docks. He says there is no appearance of a stab wound, but the medical examiner should reveal more. After the police vacate, Esme appears in her black hoodie. She looks at the chalk outline and says, “Bad for you Oz, but good for me.” She looks through her bag and pulls out some cash, which thinks will get her through the day. She then declares, “Wyndemere, here I come!”

Esme at docks GH

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Sonny and Nina arrive at the Metro Court Gardens for Brando’s funeral reception. Willow and Michael enter, and Willow reminds Michael to just tell himself this day is about Brando, Sasha and Gladys. Maxie, Dante and Sam head in, followed by Olivia, Gladys and Sasha. Sonny embraces Sasha as does Nina. Sasha notes the place looks beautiful, and she cries when she looks at Brando’s portrait.

BRando's portrait GH

As Nina and Sonny talk with Sasha and Gladys, Michael tells Willow he can’t stand to watch anymore and heads to get a drink. TJ meanwhile brings Willow a club soda and orders her to drink up. Sonny gathers everyone and makes a toast to Brando.

Sonny Sasha Gladys GH

Olivia takes Nina aside, and Nina asks her not to start in on her today for Sasha’s sake. Olivia simply wanted to tell her the set-up is lovely and well done. Nina appreciates the comment.

As TJ checks in on Willow, Nina can’t stop glancing over at them. Willow informs TJ that Nina is watching them and has it in her head that they’re having an affair. TJ is stunned. Willow tells him not to let it get to him, and Nina just judges everyone by her own shabby standards. Elsewhere, Michael embraces Sasha and says he’s here for her if she needs anything.

Dante and Sam discuss Sasha and how well she’s handling her loss. He’s more determined than ever to find out who did this. Maxie borrows Sam for a second, and Michael approaches Dante and hopes his investigation finds this guy. Michael proceeds to tell Dante what Sonny did to Dex. Dante asks him to shelve this for today as they are supposed to be here for Sasha.

Can it Michael GH

Sasha thanks TJ and Willow for coming, and she knows it meant a lot to Brando that he and TJ patched things up. Willow takes Sasha aside privately. She is sorry she hasn’t been around more for her, but Sasha understands she thought she couldn’t handle her having a baby. Willow says she knows her life looks perfect, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Sasha acknowledges she’s been through a lot with losing Harmony and finding out she wasn’t her biological mother. Willow feels fortunate to have a friend like her, and they embrace.

Willow comforts Sasha GH

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Elsewhere, TJ thanks Nina for what she’s done for Sasha, but he doesn’t know why she would stick her nose in and suggest something is happening between him and Willow. Nina simply says take it from her, whatever is going on, he doesn’t want Michael as an enemy.

Sonny checks on Gladys. Gladys has decided to head back to Bridgeport. Sonny has known her to be a lot of things, but never a coward. He says she can’t run because Sasha needs her, and only she and Sasha know the other’s pain. He also promises to be here for them, and she’ll always be family.

Sonny comforts Gladys GH

Later, Gladys thanks Nina for what she’s done here today and tells Sonny not to follow her mistakes and make things right with Michael while he has time. She’s blessed that she was able to reconnect with Brando.

Later, Nina suggests Michael see Willow home as she appears tired. Willow states she’s fine, and Willow asks TJ to take her home. They leave, and Sonny asks Nina for a moment so he can speak to Michael alone. Nina leaves them, and Sonny tells him about Gladys’ advice to make things right between them before it’s too late.

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Joss bangs on Dex’s door. He opens it, with his dress shirt open, and his chest visibly bruised. She enters and thinks he should be at the hospital given the condition he’s in. She jokes if this is his look for the day or is he going to button his shirt. He physically can’t because of his swollen hands, so Joss buttons it for him. He thanks her, but she wants him to thank her by making sure Sonny never does this to anyone again.

Shirtless and bruised Dex GH

Dex reiterates he doesn’t want to get the cops involved. Joss says someone must take Sonny down, and he notes she sounds like her brother. Joss asks, “How do you know I sound like my brother?” Dex simply says she knows Michael has issues with his father, but Sonny protects those he cares about. Joss thinks he’s delusional and warns him that Sonny will betray him just like he does everyone else, and she hopes he sees who he is before it’s too late. She leaves, and Dex vents, “Son of a bitch.”

Joss doesn't get Dex GH

After Joss leaves, Dante arrives to question Dex about what happened to him.

Curtis stops by Jordan’s office after getting her message. She hands him an envelope containing the signed divorce papers. She’s filed them and has a receipt he can show Portia. Curtis still has trouble believing she misplaced the original papers. She simply states she’s not perfect, as evident by their failed marriage. Jordan wants him to be happy with Portia and knows how much he values honesty. He notes once again she acts like there is some reason he and Portia won’t be happy. As Jordan brings up Trina, she’s interrupted by a call. Jordan learns there’s been another attack.

Jordan divorce papers GH

At the hospital, Ava has a checkup with Portia. Afterward, Portia tells Ava she’s worried about her, especially given she closed the gallery which means so much to her. Ava had to for her own safety, and for Trina’s as well. Portia is just glad she’s staying somewhere safe like Wyndemere. Ava informs her that she’s actually staying with Nina, who has protection from Sonny. Portia admits she has no love for Nikolas or Spencer, but she can see Ava is still in love with Nikolas. She just hopes Ava will finally leave Nikolas and never look back.

Portia advises Ava GH

As Portia sees Ava out, Amy stops them and tells them another person was attacked and his body was brought in as a John Doe, but she recognized him as the bartender from Trina’s trial. Panicked, Ava heads into the elevator and runs off.

Ava Portia get news from Amy GH

Portia heads to Jordan’s office where Curtis is. She identifies the latest victim as Oz Haggerty. Portia also realizes three of the victims are linked to Trina. Jordan points out Brando doesn’t fit the connection. Curtis blurts out, “Unless…” Jordan remembers Joss was in the alley that night and Brando may not have been the real target.

Curtis and others put pieces together GH

At Wyndemere, Nikolas puts some documents in his safe. Victor hopes that soon his divorce decree will be added to that pile of papers. They bicker over Nikolas loving Ava, and Nikolas tells his uncle he’ll never understand their connection because he’s never been in real love. Victor rebuttals that he’s experienced real passion and the kind he’ll never know. Nikolas laughs that what he had with Obrecht was an obsession.

Nikolas and Victor argue GH

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Outside, Esme arrives but finds the locks changed. However, she won’t let that stop her.

Esme arrives at Wyndemere GH

Back inside, Victor and Nikolas hear someone come in as they argue. Victor checks the foyer and quickly drags Ava into the living room. Nikolas asks what she’s doing here. Ava gives him the update on the bartender who was killed. She also was going to get some of her clothes, but instead asks Nikolas to have the staff pack her things and sent them to Nina’s. Nikolas thanks her for the warning. Victor sees Ava out.

Victor sees Ava out GH

As Ava and Victor make their way to the launch, Esme sneaks into the unlocked mansion. She heads to the safe, enters Spencer’s birthday as the combination, and opens it. Nikolas appears and yells, “Who the hell are you!”

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