Esme drops a bomb on daddy GH
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Portia meets with Trina at Kelly’s. Trina is expecting a lecture about forgiving Curtis but insists that won’t happen. Portia explains he’s going to be a part of their family, but Trina rants that he’ll never be her parent. Portia reminds her how much he helped her during the trial. Trina acknowledges she’ll always be grateful for that, but it doesn’t give him the right to try and dictate her life.

Trina very angry GH

Portia explains Curtis knows he overstepped. She reveals these past months were hard for her too, and she wouldn’t have made it without Curtis. She tells Trina that Curtis was willing to mortgage The Savoy if it came to it to fund her legal bills. She tells her Curtis may not have raised her, but he loves her as if he did.

Portia and Trina talk Curtis GH

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At The Savoy, Yuri and Terry are out with Finn and Liz for Chase’s big debut. Yuri asks Finn if he is the same type of doctor as Terry, but Finn explains he’s an infectious disease specialist. He notes he started off working in hematology but switched specialties when he experienced a tragic loss.

Yuri Terry Double Date GH

When asked if Finn regrets the switch, Finn doesn’t because he finds his work challenging. Liz wonders what would have happened if he didn’t experience that loss and if he is really better off with the life that chose him. Finn isn’t sure what she’s asking. Terry quickly suggests she and Liz go to the bar and get some drinks.

Liz grills Finn GH

Alone, Finn asks Yuri what type of things he’s into. Yuri replies, “Doctors.” Yuri gets a message from a friend who is watching his bearded collie. Finn reveals he has a bearded dragon, and they bond over their bearded pets.

Yuri Finn bond over beards GH

At the bar, Terry asks what is going on with Liz. She tells her about her memory and worries her or her father caused the fall that killed Finn’s late wife Reiko. She needs to know what happened to Reiko to give herself and Finn closure, so Terry offers her help.

Liz opens up to Terry GH

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Cody meets with Ms. Wu in the backroom. He wonders if she really needs his help. She hopes he’s not breaking their agreement as that would be a big problem. She reminds him of her man who roughed him up once before and taunts him about what he could do if Cody lets her down.

Ms Wu threatens Cody GH

Cody enters the club and is immediately spotted by Maxie, who asks what he’s up to. She asks if he’s thought about that DNA test, but he hasn’t.

MAxie confronts Cody GH

Chase and Brook Lynn (temporarily played by Briana Lane) arrive and talk with Dante. Curtis approaches to speak with Chase about some details, so they take off. Brook Lynn tells Dante that Chase is missing the job, which Dante believes he has a fix for. With the serial killer on the loose, Jordan thinks they’ll be able to bring him back to work. When Brook Lynn finds out this could happen within a few weeks, she panics.

BLQ unhappy GH

Elsewhere, Chase asks Curtis if he misses working in law enforcement. Curtis admits he does at times, but he’s happy where he is now. Chase confesses that he doesn’t know if he’s meant to be a singer. If he could be a cop again tomorrow, then he’d drop this singing business in a second. Curtis suggests he be open to this opportunity. Chase is only doing this for Brook Lynn and he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Curtis advises him not to hold back in a relationship as it is the beginning of the end. Portia and Trina enter, and Curtis smiles at them.

Curtis chase talk jobs GH

Curtis approaches Portia and Trina and is glad Trina came. Trina tells him after speaking to her mother she understands why he did what he did, but she needs him to never go behind her back again. She also notes though he’s going to be her stepdad, she doesn’t need another dad. She asks, “Friends again?” They hug.

Curtis explains himself GH

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Chase joins Finn and Yuri back at their table, and Yuri departs to give the brothers time to talk. Chase admits he’s nervous. He’s also not sure this is for him. Finn comments, “The things we do for love.”

Chase is nervous GH

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Terry and Liz rejoin Finn, who is talking with Yuri again. Terry and Yuri give them space, and Liz apologizes for interrogating Finn earlier. She was simply curious when he didn’t elaborate on the loss that so impacted his life. He tells her about the doctor friend he lost to a snake bite, and she admits she thought he was speaking of Reiko. Finn knows she talked to his dad about her, and he knows it’s strange he doesn’t talk about Reiko. He admits he closed himself down after she died, but there is no part of his life he won’t share with her.

Liz apologizes GH

Maxie joins Dante and BLQ, and Dante excuses himself to get them drinks. Brook Lynn tells her about Dante’s news, which could ruin her and Chase’s plans. Chase appears and asks to talk to BLQ, so she goes off with him. Alone, Chase asks Brook Lynn for a kiss for courage.

Maxie spies Cody throwing back shots at the bar. She thinks if the way he lives needs liquid courage, then he may be doing things all wrong.

Cody drinks GH

Curtis finally calls Chase to the stage and the singing cop makes his big debut. Maxie tells Cody that Chase chose a new path, and he can too. Selina appears, gives Cody a look, and Cody follows her to the back room.

Chase performs GH

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Oz Haggerty meets with Jordan and Robert in Jordan’s office. He asks if they’ve found that psycho Esme who tried to kill him, but they can’t talk about an open case with him. He brings up the immunity deal he was promised, and Robert says they’ll present it to his lawyer. Oz says they’ll deal with him because he was at the top of his class in law school.

Oz the big lawyer GH

Robert produces the deal, which Oz looks over and signs. He thanks them. Jordan hopes this serves as a wake-up call, but she doubts it will and he’ll continue to use his intelligence to make a profit in less than reputable ways.

Robert and Jordan work

In Spring Ridge, Ryan is surprised to see Esme as he thought she was dead. Esme brags that she is her father’s daughter, impossible to get rid of, and ready to seek revenge on anyone who tries. She explains she’s been in a Canadian hospital recovering, after falling off the parapet at Wyndemere and being left for dead by Ava. Ryan grabs her by her collar and thinks she got even by butchering Ava with a hook. She points out that she barely knew Brando. He suspects she’s targeting those around Sonny as she hates him but reminds her that Ava is his to deal with. He thinks she’s getting distracted from their original goal with this revenge scheme. She yells goals change, and she’s tired of talking about that hook.

Ryan shocked to see Esme GH

Ryan asks Esme if their old plan is beneath this new Esme. Esme reveals she now has a powerful weapon that will destroy the Cassadine family and drive Ava right into his arms. Esme tells Ryan the details, and he thinks this new plan is genius. She assures Ryan that Ava is safe from her for now, as she has other scores to settle. Ryan asks, “But are you safe from Ava?” Esme wonders if he is really that concerned about her. He calls her his legacy, and together there is nothing they can’t achieve. Esme knows they are closer than ever to getting what they want, but one obstacle does need her attention right now. Esme heads out.

Esme has business GH

Oz heads to the docks and calls someone to tell them he’s in the free and clear and about to be back in business. Suddenly, he’s approached from behind and attacked by the hook.

Oz is attacked GH

On the next General Hospital: Though the soap won’t be on Friday, due to Major League Baseball, friends and family say goodbye to Brando when it returns for an all-new episode on Monday, October 10.

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