Diane remembers attacker woman GH
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In Florida, Carly and Drew arrive out front of John F. Kennedy High School, which Carly attended. Carly needed to see the spot where her life changed in an instant. She recalls becoming best friends with Reese, who gave her access to a life she wouldn’t otherwise have had. They were best friends until junior year. She recalls one afternoon when she was to meet Reese and two other girls after school to go home in Reese’s convertible. She had to go back in to get her sweater, and when she returned, Reese made sure that she knew they were gossiping about her. Reese pulled off and Carly says she yelled, “I hope you crash and burn.” Ten seconds later Reese pulled out in front of a tractor-trailer, leaving two girls dead and one in a coma right before her eyes.

Drew Carly talk Reese GH

Drew tells Carly she can’t take the blame for the crash, but Carly feels she contributed to Reese’s state of mind. Carly explains it was the day after Reese found her in bed with her father. The adult Carly knows he took advantage of her, but at the same time, the teenage Carly felt it was something new and exciting. She also didn’t want to give up Reese and being one of the popular girls.

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Carly forgives herself GH

Carly cries that Reese should never have been in that car given her state of mind. Drew believes Peyton wasn’t clueless about what was going on, but she didn’t want to lose her status and money over what was likely not her husband’s first fling. He thinks it was easier for both Peyton and Reese to blame Carly rather than the real culprit. Drew tells her it is time to let go of the misguided guilt as it wasn’t her fault. Carly cries, “It wasn’t my fault, and I never believed it until now.” She cries it’s over, and they embrace.

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Ava visits Ryan at Spring Ridge. She had to see for herself that he was still incapable of movement, but she still thinks he can be faking it. She snaps and claps in his face, but he doesn’t move. Ava tells Ryan about her recent attack by a maniac with a hook. She knows Ryan used a hook before on one of his victims. To himself, Ryan fumes that if anyone is going to gut Ava with a hook then it will be him.

Ava visits Ryan GH

Ava brings up Esme, who she knows visited him, and wonders if he misses her. She vents about Esme, who was blackmailing Nikolas. However, all good blackmail schemes come to an end. She gloats Esme overstayed her welcome and left. Ava explains the authorities have traced her social postings to the French Riviera. In his head, Ryan says Esme would never abandon him, especially for someplace so tacky. Ava rants that Esme kept pushing and pushing and didn’t watch her step, and Wyndemere is a dangerous place. She doubts anyone will see Esme ever again. Ryan clenches his fist.

Ava gloats to Ryan GH

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Valentin meets with Michael at the Metro Court to discuss business. He would like Michael to come back to ELQ full-time. Michael didn’t expect this and reminds him Ned won’t like it. Valentin says he can handle Ned. He needs Michael to help him run the company because right now he has several outside projects that need his attention.

Valentin and Michael have business GH

At Sonny’s restaurant, Joss meets a knife-wielding Carver, who claims he’s Sonny’s chef. She explains she left her jacket and needs to grab it, but he won’t let her go looking for it. She says Sonny won’t be happy that he was rude to her and gave her a hard time. She storms out.

Joss and Carver GH

Joss arrives at the Metro Court to see Michael, who is still talking to Valentin. Valentin asks Michael to consider his offer and leaves. Joss tells Michael that she thinks Sonny has Dex at his restaurant and they need to get to him before Sonny kills him.

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At the hospital, TJ informs Sonny, Dante and Robert that Diane is awake and breathing on her own. Robert goes in to see Diane, who assumes she was attacked by the hook. He confirms it and asks what she remembers. She recounts going to the garage to help Sasha but can’t seem to get the sequence of events in order. She thinks talking to Sonny could help, so Robert offers to get him.

Robert and Diane talk GH

Dante and Sonny head inside Diane’s room with Robert. She recalls the light in Brando’s office was so dark that she had to go into the garage to read over the conservatorship documents. She notes Dex wasn’t there, but she does remember him returning later. While reading the papers is when she saw a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye. Diane explains she turned, and that’s when she came at her with a hook. They are stunned when Diane reveals her attacker was a woman.

Questioning Diane about Hook GH

Diane recalls she was about her height, but had on a bulky coat and a hood, so she couldn’t see her hair or face. Dante asks if she heard anything, and Diane remembers bracelets jingling when she raised the hook. TJ enters and tells them there are too many visitors and they need to leave, so they depart to let her rest.

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Later, TJ checks on Diane, who admits she knows this woman from somewhere, but she can’t place her. TJ tells her that it will come back to her in time. Meanwhile, Dante and Robert discuss this new bit of evidence. Robert fears it’s possible the attacks aren’t linked to Sonny but are random.

In the back freezer of Sonny’s restaurant, Dex is shivering and singing to keep himself awake.

Michael and Joss arrive as Carver is in the restaurant leaving Sonny a message on how to proceed. Joss demands he give them Dex, but Carver claims he’s just the chef. Michael tells him here is what will happen. Michael explains Joss is going to look around, and if he won’t let her, then he’ll call their brother the police detective. Michael assures him if Dex is found, Sonny will give him up and claim he had no knowledge of what he was doing on his own.

Joss Michael return to save Dex GH

Joss searches and finds Dex in the freezer. She helps gets him out and they head back into the restaurant, though Carver won’t let them go until Sonny says so. Joss announces she’s calling the cops, but Dex blurts out, “No cops!” Sonny appears and Michael tells him, “Hey Dad, look what we found in your freezer!”

Dex shivers in freezer GH

Nikolas meets Victor outside of Kelly’s, where Victor orders him to divorce Ava immediately. Nikolas refuses, and Victor laughs that he has no choice in the matter. Nikolas reminds his uncle he controls the family fortune, and this is just a rough patch with Ava. Victor tells him to open his eyes and see that Ava refused to move back in with him. Nikolas assures him that she will as he’s found a way to prove his love to her.

Nikolas and Victor argue about Ava GH

Valentin arrives, and Nikolas says he won’t be bullied by Valentin either. Victor asks his son if he was successful, and Valentin hands him Nikolas’ confession letter. Victor reads it out loud and tells Nikolas that his obsession with Ava has put their family in jeopardy. Victor says he’ll make sure Ava gets a good payoff in the divorce, but Valentin points out that if Nikolas disappears like Esme then everything goes to Spencer, who they can control. Nikolas seethes that he’ll divorce Ava.

Valentin has Nikolas' letter GH

In the background, someone in a black hoodie appears to be recording everything on their phone. They turn around, and it’s Esme!

Esme is back!

On the next General Hospital: Ava returns to Ryan’s room and yells, “I knew it was too good to be true!” Carly thinks it’s time she stops being Carly Corinthos. Joss vents to Trina that Sonny is worse than she ever thought. Sonny screams, “I have a big problem with that!”

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