Cyrus saves Spencer's life GH
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In Florida, Carly wakes up and finds Drew is not on the couch, but he soon returns from a run. Carly knows Drew offered to help her deal with her mother’s grave, but she thinks she should call Diane. Drew stops her and fills her in on Diane’s attack. Carly immediately thinks she should go back home but Drew again reminds her it’s safer for her here in Jacksonville and promises that her girls are safe too.

Carly upset about Diane GH

Later, Carly calls out to Drew that breakfast has arrived. He comes out of the bathroom wet, only in a towel, and exclaims he’s ravenous. She tries not to stare and tells him, “Really?” He apologizes and heads to the bathroom to put on his clothes. As he dresses he tells her that he’s arranged for a local reporter to interview her about the cemetery.

Sexy showered Drew GH

Clothed, Drew exits the bathroom and warns Carly the press will likely shine a light on her past here in town and asks if she’ll have a problem with that. Carly isn’t afraid and welcomes them to come at her. After breakfast, Carly thanks Drew for being here because she couldn’t have done this without him. He laughs she could. She agrees but says she’s glad she doesn’t have to do it alone.

Drew helps carly GH

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At Deception, Maxie pulls Sasha into a hug when she appears in the office. Sasha knows she is supposed to be taking a step back from the company, but she didn’t know where to go. Maxie tells her to forget about the company, and they sit down to talk. Maxie makes her tea and asks if she can do anything for her. Sasha cries that she needs a dress for Brando’s funeral, and her credit cards are still on freeze. Maxie promises to find her the right outfit.

Sasha and MAxie talk death GH

Maxie finds Sasha an outfit from the Crimson collection. Sasha thanks her, but admits she doesn’t know what to do now without Brando. Maxie tells her to go home and wash up and do her nighttime routine. Tomorrow, she is to lean on those around her and take things one minute at a time. Maxie survived this same ordeal and knows Sasha can too. They embrace.

MAxie supports Sasha GH

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In Pentonville, an inmate nicknamed Book clobbers Spencer over the head with a book. Spencer asks what his problem is. Book explains Spencer stole his job in the library, a job that took him 12 years to land. As he is about to continue the beating, Cyrus appears spouting bible quotes about punishment for those who commit violence.

Book beats Spencer GH

Book tells Spencer he got lucky, and next time they won’t be interrupted. Book departs, and Spencer tells Cyrus he had things under control. Cyrus disagrees. Spencer asks what he owes him for the save. Cyrus claims he wants nothing from him because they are family, and he would have stepped in to save any fellow child of God.

Cyrus saves Spencer GH

Spencer doesn’t trust Cyrus, but his great uncle assures Spencer he has nothing to fear from him. Cyrus notes the word is out that Spencer has protection, but some inmates like Book aren’t scared of that because they have nothing to lose. Cyrus explains he has ways of handling people like that. Spencer jokes, “Baptism?” Cyrus tells him this is a dangerous place, and he needs to be protected so he is here for him. All Spencer has to do is call.

Spencer doesn't trust Cyrus GH

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Sonny arrives at his restaurant and finds Dante waiting. Dante needs to know where Dex is. Sonny explains Dex has the day off. Suddenly Kristina enters and tells her father this new bodyguard is scaring off the customers, so just give her back Dex. She immediately wonders if Dante is flexing his muscles to keep Dex away from her, but Dante says he’s done no such thing. However, he points out Dex is still a suspect. Kristina is certain Dex is innocent. Sonny tells his daughter for now to humor him and take the guard he’s assigned her back to work.

Kristina upset Sonny GH

Later, Sonny and Dante sit down in his office, and Sonny asks if he thinks Kristina is right about Dex’s innocence. Dante says it’s possible, and they found nothing at his place, not even Dex. He asks Sonny if he knows anything about that. Suddenly Dante gets a call that Diane is out of surgery.

Dante curious about Dex GH

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Trina and Joss head to Charlie’s, and Joss is worried because she can’t get ahold of Dex. Trina asks why she’s looking for Dex. Joss explains he’s a suspect in the attacks, but she has evidence that can clear him. She also finds it strange that he’s gone MIA.

Trina grills Joss about Dex GH

Talk turns to Ava closing the gallery, and Curtis setting Trina up with an internship at The Chuck. She refuses to take it, and fumes about Curtis making decisions for her and about her life. They are interrupted when Rory texts Trina to see if she’s available for an out-of-town comic convention. Joss wonders if they’d stay in a hotel together and if Trina’s even ready for that. Trina isn’t sure they are there yet, and she’s still recovering from her last getaway.

The topic shifts to Esme and Spencer, and Trina asks Joss if she’s visited Spencer. Joss hasn’t, but she and Cam have discussed it. Joss asks Trina if she wants to come with them. Joss reminds her that she missed her chance to see Spencer before he was shipped off. She wonders if Trina had caught up with him in time, what would she have said to him.

Trina doesn’t get the chance to answer because Kristina arrives for work, and she and Joss share a hug. They talk about the hook killer and Dex. Kristina knows Dante hasn’t ruled him out as a suspect, and she is worried his suspicions are getting to her dad. She asked her dad to give her Dex back as her bodyguard, but he refused. Kristina gets to work, and Joss realizes Dex could be in serious trouble with Sonny. Joss must go, and Trina asks her to be careful.

Joss and Kristina discuss Dex GH

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At the hospital, Gregory asks Liz why she’s asking about Reiko. She explains Finn doesn’t mention her much. Gregory knows that losing Reiko was very difficult for Finn. He wishes he could tell her about them, but he wasn’t around when they were married.

Liz asks about Reiko GH

Finn gives Robert and Alexis the news that Diane pulled through surgery, but she’s not awake yet.

Finn has good news GH

Finn and Alexis find Gregory with Liz. They tell them Diane is okay, and Finn and Liz leave to check on Diane’s vitals. Alexis thanks Gregory for staying with her, but now that everything is okay she says he can get back to work.

As Liz and Finn check on Diane, Finn tells her about Nikolas berating him for telling Ava the truth about his alibi. Liz notes at one time she and Nikolas meant a lot to one another, and that connection doesn’t just go away.

Sonny and Dante arrive at the hospital and run into Robert. Robert explains that Diane is out of surgery but not awake. Robert intends to find this guy before he strikes again. Sonny can’t believe for once they want the same thing. Sonny walks away.

Robert determined to find killer GH

Elsewhere, Gregory tells Alexis while he has papers to grade, he’d rather support her, who he sees as a friend. Sonny arrives, and Alexis introduces Sonny and Gregory to one another. Gregory excuses himself to locate Finn. Alexis and Sonny look into Diane’s room, where she lies hooked up to a ventilator.

sonny and Alexis check on Diane

Gregory finds Finn and tells him that Liz was asking about Reiko earlier. Finn wonders why. Gregory doesn’t know and suggests maybe she’s feeling a little insecure. Liz interrupts and informs Finn that Diane should be awake soon.

Across town, Joss enters Sonny’s restaurant and runs into Carlos the ringer, who is brandishing a large knife.

On the next General Hospital: Drew wonders why Carly is blaming herself. Ava visits Ryan and tells him Esme overstayed her welcome. Joss tells Michael she thinks she knows why no one has seen Dex. Victor warns Nikolas not to put his theory to the test. Sonny vows to get justice for Diane.

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