Valentin has an idea GH
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BLQ shows up banging on Chase’s door and yelling at him to open up. Chase, in his boxers, answers the door causing Brook Lynn to squeeze the cup of coffee she’s holding and spill it everywhere. After cleaning the mess up, Chase offers to make them some coffee. She tells him that he can’t have any because caffeine wreaks havoc on vocal cords, and everything they’ve been working for is riding on tonight. They go over their plan for Chase to fire Brook Lynn, sign with Linc, and leave him high and dry. He just hopes one day he’ll be a cop again. Brook Lynn knows he will because he is the best. They share a passionate kiss, and he begins leading her to the bedroom.

Chase in boxers GH

Brook Lynn stops Chase and thinks they need to put this energy into the show and orders him to go get dressed. When Chase returns clothed, he finds Brook Lynn has gone through his food and took it upon herself to get rid of everything bad for his vocal cords. She has to stop by Deception and will treat him to a proper breakfast.

BLQ pushes Chase away GH

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Anna and Valentin wake up in bed together and have another round of lovemaking. Afterward, Valentin’s phone chimes, and he looks at the message and sighs. It’s a selfie and text from Charlotte, who misses him. Anna assures him that they will bring Charlotte home, and he has her to help him fight against Victor now. Anna feels they need to find a new way to get to Victor without Lucy.

Anna Valentin bed GH

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Victor visits Spencer in Pentonville, who looks like he hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Spencer explains he’s been having a rough time with the inmates, who know he’s a rich kid under protection. They’ve been taking his food, making sure he doesn’t have properly fitting clothes, and more. Victor offers to speak to the warden, but Spencer says that will cause more problems for him.

Victor stunned GH

Spencer asks about Ava, and Victor says she’s recovering. Victor tells him he can ask about his father too, but he’s the last person Spencer wants to talk about. He’s only interested in Ava because she’s important to Trina. When Victor again tries to bring up Nikolas, Spencer reiterates he wants nothing to do with him. He can’t even believe his father hasn’t tried to visit, further showing him that he’s not the man who raised him. Spencer has to get to his work detail, so Victor tells him to keep his chin up and watch his back.

Spencer rough GH

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At the hospital, Nikolas confronts Finn for going behind his back with Ava. Finn tells him that giving Liz a fake alibi was just covering his ass, but Nikolas questions if Finn even cares about Elizabeth at all.

Nikolas yells at Finn

Alexis finds Gregory waiting at the hospital and asks if he has bothered to sleep. He knew she was going to be pulling an all-nighter writing her article, so he wanted to keep an eye on her friend. He tells her that according to Finn, Diane is still in surgery.

Alexis talks to Gregory GH

Gregory and Alexis head to get some food and walk in on Finn and Nikolas arguing. Nikolas accuses Finn of being the reason Liz is screwed up. Finn goes to take his head off, but Alexis steps in. Alexis scolds her nephew and orders him to come with her.

Finn Nikolas argue GH

Alexis reminds Nikolas her best friend is fighting for her life, so if he could refrain from brawling in the hospital, it will be of help. He saw her op-ed and asks if she thinks it will bring the killer out. Alexis hopes so because she’s just poked the bear and put a lot of people in danger. When Victor appears, Alexis takes it as her cue to leave.

Victor tells Nikolas he just came up from seeing Spencer, and he needs his father now more than ever. He tells him to step up.

Alexis scolds Nikolas

Gregory asks Finn why he and Nikolas were fighting about Elizabeth. Finn doesn’t like him and doesn’t trust him but thinks in some bizarre way Nikolas is looking out for Elizabeth. Finn gets a page and has to check on a patient. Gregory hopes he’ll be at Chase’s show, and Finn says he will.

Gregory Finn talk

Liz finds Ava in her room packing up as she’s being discharged. Ava thanks her for telling her the truth about Nikolas’ alibi. Liz admits she had her doubts about his motives, but she doesn’t any longer. Liz knows Ava and Nikolas are having problems, but she’s only seen Nikolas really in love one other time and assures Ava that Nikolas is in unwaveringly love with her.

Ava Liz hash things out

Later, Liz walks through the halls and thinks about her memory of Reiko. She runs smack into Gregory and apologizes for being lost in thought. Gregory knows she’s been going through a lot, and that Finn cares deeply about her. Liz tells him that she needs his help and asks how well he knew Finn’s wife Reiko.

Elsewhere, Finn finds Alexis and has news about Diane.

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At the Metro Court, Nina and Sonny discuss Alexis’ article, as well as how Sasha is doing. Their conversation turns to Ava and Nikolas, and that Ava’s being released today. Sonny thinks Ava and Nikolas are toxic together, but Nina points out people say the same about them. Sonny doesn’t care what people think.

Sonny and Nina talk GH

Miss Wu interrupts them and gives Sonny her condolences about Brando. She says if she can be of assistance to let her know. She is hoping to see Sonny at The Savoy tonight for Harrison Chase’s big debut. Nina excuses herself to let them talk, and go pick up Ava.

Sonny and Selina sit at the bar, and she gives him news that there will be a very important game tonight, with the concert as a cover. She offers him a seat at the table. He says he already gets a cut at the door, but she thinks he could stand to make so much more. He declines her offer, but she says a seat is always available to him.

Miss Wu offers Sonny Seat GH

Chase arrives, and Selina tells him that she is looking forward to his performance tonight. She then leaves them. Chase asks Sonny if Nina is around as he’d like to thank her for putting a good word in for him with Curtis. Sonny doesn’t think Nina got a chance to talk to Curtis, so Chase wonders how his gig got arranged. Sonny thinks back to his discussion with Miss Wu about Chase. He looks over at Selina, who smiles back at him on her way out.

Sonny ponders Wu

Valentin and Anna arrive and grab a table. Before taking off, Nina greets them and is glad to see they’ve made it official. She has also been thinking a lot about Charlotte, so he shares her text with Nina. Nina asks him to tell Charlotte to give her a ring the next time he talks to her. Nina heads off, and Valentin suggests Nina could be the answer to their Victor problem. He feels Nina could be the key to getting access to Charlotte and helping them save her.

Valentin has an idea GH

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Nina arrives at the hospital and tells Ava she’s here to spring her. She again invites Ava to stay with her. Nikolas and Victor appear in the doorway, and he tells Nina it’s not necessary and that he and Ava will be going home together. Ava tells him that she’s not going with him as she’s not ready to live under the same roof as him yet. Ava has decided to return to her old home, where she felt safe before she got mixed up with him. She asks Nina if her offer still stands, and Nina says it does. They leave together.

Back in Pentonville, as Spencer works in the library, a guard leaves him alone with another prisoner. The prisoner smacks a book out of Spencer’s hand and then demands he pick it up. When Spencer refuses, the inmate beats him with another book across the face, and Spencer goes down.

On the next General Hospital: Dante turns to Sonny for access to Dex, Trina questions Joss’ interest in Dex, Spencer gets help in Pentonville, and Robert is intent on catching the killer before they strike again.

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