Joss saves Dex from Sonny GH
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In Jordan’s office, Portia asks Jordan if she doesn’t tell Curtis about her theory, will Jordan tell him herself? Jordan doesn’t want to blow up her relationship with Curtis, she wants him to be happy, so it’s up to Portia to tell Curtis the truth. Portia explains Curtis already asked her the question, and she told him he wasn’t Trina’s father. Plus, Trina is Taggert’s entire world, and she won’t turn their lives upside down because Jordan keeps inserting herself into Curtis’ life.

jordan warns Portia GH

Jordan warns Portia that she knows from her own experience how Curtis deals with secrets and lies. Jordan tells her she can’t say what will happen if she comes clean with him, but she knows how it will go if Curtis learns the truth on his own.

Jordan and Portia argue GH

In the interrogation room, Dante continues to dig through files. Jordan arrives, and Dante admits he doesn’t think that Dex is the guy. He explains Joss heard the same sound Brando did, the metal clinking. Dante goes on to explain that Joss told him Dex had a clean white shirt at the picnic, and that he should have been covered in blood given how much Ava lost. He also says Joss doesn’t believe he did it, and he thinks she’s right because she has good instincts.

Dante believes Joss GH

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At the hospital, Curtis runs into Marshall and Epiphany as they step off the elevator, and Curtis has his clarinet. Epiphany gets back to work, and Marshall tells Curtis he’s been invited to provide music therapy to some of the patients. Marshall asks Curtis why his son hasn’t set a wedding date with Portia yet. Curtis explains the predicament he’s in with Jordan and that they are still married. Marshall is dumbfounded.

Marshall and Epiphany GH

In Ava’s room, Ava knows this is upsetting news for Trina, and she wants to explain. Ava informs her that as long as she’s a target for the killer she has to close the gallery because it’s not safe. Ava says she already arranged for her to get a new internship at the local fine arts museum The Chuck. Trina is thrilled because she thought she was too late to apply for the internship. Curtis enters and Ava explains this was Curtis’ idea, and she should be thanking him. Trina thanks him and says she didn’t know he was into art. He explains he’s more into keeping her safe, and The Chuck has very good security.

Ava and Trina talk GH

Trina and Curtis step out into the hall and she tells Curtis while she appreciates what he did, she can’t accept the internship. Curtis feels it’s a good opportunity, but she would have liked to have been asked first. He understands that, but both he and Ava think it’s not safe for either one of them at the gallery. Portia arrives as Trina tells Curtis that she is an adult and he doesn’t get to make decisions for her, not even her dad does, and he’s not her dad.

Curtis and Trina argue

Portia asks what she walked in on, and they explain the situation. Curtis asks Trina not to turn down this opportunity because she’s mad that he tried to help her. Trina says, “Noted” and walks off. Curtis tells Portia that he just wanted Trina to know she could count on him because they are going to be family. They hug, and Portia thinks about Jordan’s warning.

Elsewhere, Sam doesn’t understand why a matchmaking service would get Spinelli sent to jail. Spinelli explains after losing both Ellie and Jason, he was lost and lonely. He fell prey to dating websites, but nobody he met was the right fit. He says he decided to write a better program, and it involved hacking people’s personal accounts to learn everything about people. She realizes he’s screwed, and he needs to shut it down.

Sam advises Spinelli GH

Spinelli feels he can’t because his program works and people who use it are happy. Sam reminds him Britt didn’t have good luck with it, but Spinelli swears that was an earlier version of the program. She still pushes how it matched two obviously mismatched people like Britt and Cody. Spinelli admits that Cody coerced him to match him with Britt, and he thinks his reasons weren’t entirely romantic.

Spinelli is screwed GH

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Felicia finds Mac wandering and asks him to take a break and come home, but he won’t leave until he knows how Diane is. He asks her to keep his mind off things and tell him what happened with Cody when he left the Metro Court. She has a better idea and leads him off.

Felicia Mac Cody

At Maxie’s, Maxie tells Cody if Mac was his father, it would be a huge step up from Leopold. Maxie assures him that if he gives Mac a chance, he won’t regret it. Cody explains they obviously lived very different lives growing up, and for him when someone promises you something, it’s guaranteed to lead to disappointment. Austin gets a text from Mason and says he must get to the hospital. As he takes off, Mac and Felicia arrive.

MAxie defends MAc GH

Mac asks Felicia if she knew Cody would be here, but Felicia didn’t. Cody decides to leave, but Felicia asks him to stay. Felicia tells Mac that they talked after he left the restaurant and Cody knows everything. Maxie pushes Cody that this is his time to man up. Cody says he now knows Mac was involved with Dominique and is wondering if he’s his son.

Felicia and Mac arrive

Mac has accepted it’s a possibility, but he thinks Cody is still afraid of something. Felicia says Cody could do a lot worse than being a member of this family, so what does he have to lose? Cody doesn’t know what difference knowing the truth makes. Maxie thinks it can make all the difference, and Felicia pushes him to find out. Maxie suggests it’s time for a DNA test.

Maxie pushes Cody GH

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Back at the hospital, Austin confronts Mason and tells him that he doesn’t get to summon him. Mason reminds him they have the same employer. Austin points out his debts and settled and he quit, but Mason laughs that he can’t quit a family business, and tonight he has to do some heavy lifting.

Austin and Mason and patient GH

Amy calls Austin to the nurses’ station as a man enters with a clear injury and is in pain. Mason tells him it’s showtime. Austin tends to the man, who introduces himself as Gordon. Austin takes him into a room, and Mason joins them to make sure Austin takes proper care of Gordon.

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At Sonny’s restaurant, Sonny asks Michael why he cares about what happens to Dex. Michael says they all know how Sonny deals with his enemies. Sonny screams that he will make sure his family is safe even if Michael doesn’t like his methods. He also doesn’t give a damn if his ways offend Michael’s delicate sensibilities. Michael says it doesn’t make what he’s doing right. Sonny thinks it doesn’t make him wrong and asks why Michael thinks Dex is innocent. Michael points out that Dex follows Sonny like a dog, so killing Brando makes no sense. Michael argues Sonny focusing on Dex could give the killer the opportunity to target someone else on their list.

Michael thinks Dex innocent GH

In the backroom, Carlos continues to threaten Dex that they can do things the easy way or the hard way. Frank enters to give Carlos a break. When he’s left alone, Dex works to try and get free. However, Carlos returns and throws water on him. He tells him he’s working too hard, and it will be the death of him.

Dex water soaked GH

Back in the restaurant, Sonny is informed by Frank that Joss is here. Joss enters, says hello to Michael, and then tells Sonny she needs to see Dex. Sonny asks what Dex is to her. Joss knows Dex was near all three attacks and has become a suspect but she is sure Dex isn’t the person who did it. She notes that Dex had no blood on him at the picnic when they worked to save Ava, and there was literally no time for him to get cleaned up if he was the one who attacked Ava because she found Ava right after the attack, and moments later Dex arrived to help. Sonny tells it’s nice of her to look out for Dex, and he’ll pass on her concern next time he sees him. Sonny asks Frank to take Joss home, but Michael says he’ll drive her.

Sonny yells at Michael GH

In the backroom, Dex manages to kick Carlos, who is brandishing a knife, in the stomach. Carlos is knocked down, gets back up, and fumes that he’s going to enjoy punishing Dex and forcing him to talk. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Sonny enters. Sonny needs to do some fact-checking and tells Carlos to stand down for now. Carlos tells Dex he’s been saved by the bell, but he’ll be back to finish what he started.

Dex continued to be tortured GH

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