Sonny's man tortures Dex GH
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Portia storms into Jordan’s office and confronts her for trying to make Curtis doubt her. Portia tells her if she has something to say to her then come out and say it. Jordan asks if Curtis is Trina’s father. Portia yells Trina is none of her business, but Jordan says the truth has a way of coming out. Portia screams this is about Curtis and asks her to just tell the truth that she wants Curtis back. Jordan says like it or not Curtis will always be in her life, but she hasn’t heard an answer from Portia about Curtis being Trina’s father.

Portia upset with Jordan GH

Jordan remembers what Portia said in that basement last year, and knows she’s been looking into genetic counseling for Trina. She suspects Portia is worried that Trina may have inherited schizophrenia from Curtis’ side of the family. Portia tells her that she can’t marry Curtis with this hanging over them. Portia feels like Jordan is threatening her, that she’ll tell Curtis about her suspicions if she doesn’t first.

Jordan gets frank with Portia GH

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Maxie and Austin relax at her place and share a kiss on the couch, only for Spinelli to walk in on them from the other room. Spinelli says Georgie is all tucked in and waiting for Maxie. He heads out to get to the hospital and see what is going on with Diane.

In the hall, Spinelli runs into Cody, who came to visit Maxie. Spinelli tells him, “You shall not pass!” Cody reminds him what he knows about him, so he should stay out of his way.

Spinelli upset Cody GH

Back inside, Maxie apologizes to Austin for Georgie’s avoidance of him and thinks she’ll get over it soon. There is a knock at the door, and Maxie finds Cody standing there. He blurts out, “Hi sis!” She wonders what he means, and invites him in. Cody meets Austin and is intrigued by his last name, especially the Gatlin portion. Maxie again asks why he called her sis, and asks if he talked to Mac. Surprised, Cody asks, “Wait you really think Mac could be my dad?” He was just joking when he called her sis.

Cody Mac MAxie GH

Maxie fills Cody in on what she knows about Mac and Dominique’s history, and that Mac had no idea Dominique had a baby. As she talks about Leopold and his death, Austin looks uneasy. She tells Cody if Mac is his dad, he’d be lucky. He’s not so sure. She doesn’t understand how he could want to be a monster like Leopold’s son when he could have someone awesome like Mac.

Austin and Cody GH

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At the hospital, Curtis finds Ava walking around the halls and thinks she should be resting. She explains the doctors won’t release her until she can do a few laps around the place. Trina approaches them to see Ava, and Curtis scolds her for walking around town alone with a lunatic out there. Taggert appears, and Trina assures Curtis that her dad was with her and she’s not stupid.

Ava walking the halls GH

Ava and Trina go to Trina’s room, and Taggert asks what he missed. Curtis feels he was just being hasty and overstepped with Trina. Taggert tells him it’s cool, and he’s got the dad thing down pat. Curtis and Taggert sit down and discuss the attacks, and how to protect Trina. Curtis has an idea.

taggert curtis talk Trina GH

In her room, Trina vents to Ava about how Curtis treats her like she’s twelve. Ava tells her that Curtis has never been a stepdad before, but Trina thinks she can take care of herself. She also has her mom and dad. Ava suggests having Curtis too isn’t that bad.

Trina and Ava discuss Curtis GH

Trina rejoins Curtis and Taggert outside, and she takes off with Taggert. Curtis goes in to see Ava and asks for her help protecting Trina. She is happy to help. He asks her to fire Trina. Ava calls Trina like a daughter to her, but Curtis worries if the attacker goes after her again at the gallery then Trina could get hurt.

Later, Ava makes a call and tells Curtis it’s all set. He thanks her for helping to keep Trina safe. After Curtis leaves, Trina arrives having received Ava’s text. She sees Ava is upset and asks what is wrong. Ava explains she can’t be her boss anymore.

Ava Trina fired GH

Sam and Michael discuss Diane’s attack in the waiting room. Michael wonders why she was in Brando’s garage alone. Sam says she wasn’t, that Dex was with her. Michael asks if Dex was brought in for questioning. Sam assumes he will be if he hasn’t already.

Michael Sam chat GH

Spinelli arrives and meets up with Sam, while Michael makes a call about Dex and learns he was at the station but left. Michael tells Spinelli and Sam that he must deal with something, but to keep him updated on Diane.

Sam and Spinelli sit down, and Spinelli gushes about Georgie and watching her experience Star Wars for the first time. Sam asks how things are going on between Georgie and Austin, as Maxie said she was being coy around him. Spinelli admits Georgie may have picked up on his reservations about Austin. Sam says he doesn’t have reservations, he’s jealous.

Sam demands truth from SPinelli

Spinelli admits he’s still not over Maxie, and he’s so tempted to see if he and Maxie are a perfect match through Society Setups. Sam is confused because Maxie isn’t a client, and Zelda doesn’t even know Maxie. She asks what he’s not telling her. Spinelli admits Zelda is a front and he’s the matchmaker. He confesses to being the owner of Society Setups, and if anyone finds out he’ll end up in prison.

Spinelli squirms GH

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Joss visits Dante at the station as he is going over various files on the hook attacks. Joss has information to share with him and explains when she left Charlie’s she heard a jingling sound, like metal pieces rattling together. She also went looking for Dex to return his glasses, but she didn’t see him. Dante suggests maybe he didn’t want to be seen.

Joss and Dante talk Dex

Joss refuses to believe Dex is the attacker. Dante explains that Brando heard the same sound she did, and Dex was in the military and wears dog tags. Joss remembers seeing him wearing them at the pool. Dante asks what Dex was wearing the night he saved Ava, and she said he was in a white t-shirt but she doesn’t know if he had dog tags on underneath. He asks if the shirt was clean, and she confirms it was. Dante digs through a file.

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Dex is strung up in the backroom of Sonny’s restaurant. He swears Sonny has this wrong, but Sonny accuses him of lying to him. Sonny’s man Ray delivers a few punches to Dex until Sonny tells him that’s enough. Dex swears he told him everything, but Sonny knows he’s hiding something. He notes he’s been nearby when all three attacks happened. Dex swears he’s not a killer and he tried to save Diane and Ava.

Sonny has Dex tortured GH

Sonny wants to know why Dex was so eager to work for him. Dex claims he respects him and wanted to learn from him, but Sonny thinks he wanted to use what he learned against him. Sonny isn’t buying Dex’s answers. Dex cries he can’t just beat him until he confesses to something he didn’t do. Sonny explains he’s not going to beat him, he’s going to bring in a ringer, someone who gets results.

Sonny brings in a man named Carlos, who comes recommended by the Wu family and is well known for getting people to talk by any means necessary. Frank interrupts and whispers something to Sonny. Sonny must deal with a matter and tells Dex to get acquainted with Carlos.

Sonny finds Michael waiting in his restaurant. Michael has connected the dots that everyone attacked has a connection to Sonny, and he wants to know what Sonny’s doing about it. Sonny tells him that he has it handled. Michael knows Dex was brought into the station, and that Sonny picked him up. Michael asks if Sonny is planning to deal with Dex himself. Sonny orders his son to go home as this isn’t his business. Michael asks what makes him sure Dex is the guy. Sonny asks why he cares about Dex, what is Dex to him?

Michael wants answers from Sonny GH

In the backroom, Carlos begins taking out his knives, and Dex tells him to cut the theatrics. He swears he didn’t stab those people. Carlos gloats it’s good he isn’t saying much, because he likes taking his time.

Dex strung up GH

On the next General Hospital: Carlos throws water on Dex as the torture continues. Sonny asks Michael why he thinks Dex is innocent. Jordan warns Portia this will come back to haunt her. Ava tells Trina that she didn’t get to the exciting part. Mason tells Austin it’s time he does some of the heavy lifting. Sam urges Spinelli to shut down Society Setups. Dante wonders if someone’s instincts are right.

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