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Anna and Valentin return to her place after failing to convince Lucy to leave the Haunted Star. Valentin makes a fire and Anna changes into a robe and out of her damp clothes. She apologizes for not having a robe for Valentin and hands him some scotch. She asks how he’s handling things. He admits sometimes he feels his fear for his daughter and rage at Victor is the only thing keeping him going.

Valentin ponders how Charlotte was brought into the world, and that he’s painted a target on her back because of what he’s done. Anna understands and thinks back on the danger Robin was put in because of her past. However, Robin made her want to be a better person, just as he does for Charlotte. Valentin thinks she succeeded, but he’s still a work in progress. Anna tells Valentin that she has no illusions about who he is. He admits he’s loved her since the moment he saw her, and they passionately kiss.

Anna and Valentin make their way to Anna’s bedroom and begin undressing one another. They fall onto the bed, and Valentin tells her that he’s wanted this for years and doesn’t want to rush things. She suggests they’ll go slow next time. They make love.

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In her room at the hospital, Nikolas hands Ava an envelope, but she says no amount can buy back her love or trust. He explains it’s not money, it’s proof of how much he loves her. She opens it, and it’s a confession stating Nikolas killed Esme. Ava asks if he really thinks this will change how she feels about him, as this is just another reminder that he had sex with Esme. He knows he can’t undo the errors of his judgment, but he can make sure that she doesn’t suffer because of what he did. She tells him that she is suffering, she suffers all the time because of his betrayal and the loss of her self-esteem. She says those wounds won’t heal. He feels if nothing else he can protect her, and one day his confession may mean something to her. She agrees to keep it under lock and key, but she’ll need more than this.

Ava pulls out her phone and forces Nikolas to read his confession while she records it. She thanks him after, but still isn’t going to fall back into his arms. He believes he made progress with her, and soon she will be back in his arms. He leaves her with his life in her hands. He puts a chocolate truffle on her bed and departs. Alone, she digs into it.

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Britt, in a dress, tells Terry that she’s off the clock and off to meet up with Cody. Terry notices some flowers on the counter and wonders who sent them. Britt opens the card and they are from Yuri for Terry. Suddenly Finn arrives and tells Terry they need to talk. Britt thinks Finn seems more serious than usual and wonders if he found the cure to the poison. Terry reminds her that she has a date to get to, so Britt exits.

Finn tells Terry he has identified the venom and will have an antidote on hand soon. Terry realizes he needs to talk to her about Liz. He fills her in on the progress Liz is making, and Terry is glad she has him to help her through this.

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Mac and Felicia meet up with Robert at the Metro Court. Across the restaurant, Felicia spots Cody sitting at the bar. Robert asks who he is, so Felicia and Mac fill him in on Cody.

At the bar, Cody orders a beer and asks for a bottle of champagne on ice for his date. He spots Mac and wonders if he’s stalking him. Cody calls Britt and thinks they should change things up and go bowling. She refuses as she’s in a dress and heels, so he agrees to stay put and will see her soon.

Britt arrives and meets up with Cody. He again tries to convince her to relocate to a burger joint, and she wonders if he wants out of this date. He tells her it’s not her, it’s Mac and Felicia. He learns from her that Robert is Mac’s brother and the DA, making him even more uneasy.

Mac gets an alert that there’s been another attack at Brando’s garage. Mac must head to the scene, and Robert departs for the hospital so he can be on hand when the victim arrives.

Back at the bar, Britt asks Cody if he feels better now that Mac and Robert are gone. He admits he and law enforcement don’t get along, something they have in common. Britt insists she’s reformed. Felicia approaches the bar, orders water, and says hello to Cody and Britt. Cody asks Felicia why her husband is investigating him and if it has to do with him knowing his mother. Felicia notes the person he should talk to is Mac as he knew Dominique much better than she did.

Britt comments her champagne is getting flat, so Felicia apologizes for ruining their date. She’ll leave them, but Cody wants to know what she and Mac are hiding about his mother. Felicia insists this isn’t her story to tell and to speak to Mac. She gives him Mac’s personal cell number but suggests he first ask himself if he really wants to know the truth.

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Felicia leaves, and Britt thinks their date is over. Cody apologizes and didn’t want things to go like this. Britt understands and thinks if Felicia wants him to speak to Mac it’s for a good reason. She gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves.

In the alcove, Alexis tells Gregory they should work together on the follow-up about Brando’s killer, and she has an idea where to start looking for clues.

At Brando’s garage, Diane lies unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood. Later, Gregory and Alexis arrive and find Dex applying pressure to Diane’s wounds. Dex swears he didn’t do this and he’s trying to stop the bleeding. Gregory tells Alexis to call 911, but Dex claims he already did. He tells them he works for Sonny and this is his lawyer. Gregory checks for a pulse and there is barely one.

Later, the paramedics arrive and take Diane out on a stretcher. Mac enters and learns from Alexis that Diane is the victim. He notices Dex and can’t believe he’s at the scene of another crime. Gregory explains Dex was the first here and worked to save Diane’s life. Alexis needs to get to the hospital but advises Dex to tell Mac the truth. Mac notes this is the third time he’s been at the scene of an attack. Dex relays that Sonny advised him not to talk to the cops without a lawyer, and asks if he’s under arrest. When Dex continues to refuse to talk, Mac instructs an officer to take him down to the station.

Back at the hospital, Robert arrives as Diane is brought in. Alexis and Gregory follow her in. Robert learns Diane is the victim and notes all three victims have one thing in common, and that’s Sonny.

Diane is rushed into the OR for surgery. Gregory stays with Alexis and holds her hand. Later, Alexis thinks it’s time to have a conversation with the killer. They head to the Invader office.

Meanwhile, Terry gets the results on Diane and she has the same poison in her system that Brando did. Finn gets a message that the anti-venom has arrived, and he has to prep an injection to save her life.

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