"My wife does not make a decision until she talks to her husband," Sonny says into the phone after grabbing it from Claudia's hands. After he hangs up, he asks Claudia how she could be pregnant and Claudia says that condoms aren't 100% effective but she knows that he's not into any more kids. Sonny says that he needs time to think about it and storms out of the room.

There's a polar opposite scene over at the Jacks' household. Carly can't deny being pregnant when Jax asks her about the pregnancy stick. He joyfully takes her in his arms and she smiles in return. She promises that she'll see Dr. Lee next week and chafes when he starts talking about leafy greens.

Out at Wyndemere, Alexis points out a scar on Rebecca's hairline and Rebecca pushes her as hard as she can. Nik agrees that Alexis had no right to do that, but scolds Rebecca for overreacting. Rebecca tells them about the time she fell off her bike when she was little and got stitches and then informs them that she is done with their nutty family. After she leaves, Nikolas worries that he may regret not believing in her completely.

"Helena I presume," Ethan says to Helena as she floats onto The Haunted Star. She's impressed that her reputation has preceded her. As Ethan explains how he came to meet Luke, he slips his hand into her pocketbook. She quickly presses a knife to his throat, but Luke comes in and reminds her how much he values a good bartender. Eventually Luke talks her down and introduces Ethan to her. Helena ends up impressed with the boy and his 'instinct for larceny'. The more Ethan and Luke interact, the more Helena is impressed with the similarities between them. In fact, she refers to it as 'delicious'. Luke sends Ethan out back and asks her what's going through her mind. When she references his son, Luke assumes that she's talking about Lucky. "It's quite obvious that Ethan is your son," she tells him. He laughs and calls her the queen of mind games. For her part, Helena loves the idea of Luke straying on Laura twenty odd years ago. Luke wraps his hands around her neck and asks how far she's willing to push this.

At GH, Robin, Patrick, Matt and Liz are in a tense OR. The patient starts to bleed out, but Robin calmly reacts accordingly and is able to cauterize the bleeder. Afterwards, Patrick is in a great mood and thanks her for her quick decision-making. They agree to celebrate by ordering Chinese food for dinner.

Sonny is walking along the waterfront when Olivia comes by and finds him. She can tell that something is bothering him and he admits that he messed up big time. He tells her that Claudia is pregnant and that he doesn't know how it happened. Olivia moans about Claudia's mothering skills and asks how she feels about it.

Johnny races over to see Claudia to find out what happened. She tells him that Sonny needs more time to think, which isn't exactly what she thought would happen. If he wants her to have an abortion she's right back to where she started with nothing to protect her, she says.

When Patrick and Robin get home, Mercedes has Emma fed and bathed. Patrick takes Emma and lets Mercedes go home for the night. He asks Robin if she'll take the baby. She does, but puts her in the playpen right away.

Jax rushes out to tell Alexis about his happy news. After a few catty comments about Carly, Alexis wishes him a heart-felt congratulations. That's when he tells her about the secret he's keeping from his wife. She recoils slightly at the news of Jerry being alive and then tries to process everything he's telling her about his involvement with Ian Devlin. He tells her that they have to keep it a secret.

When Sonny gets home, Claudia tells him that they didn't exactly enter into a picket-fence marriage so she'll get an abortion. He tells that they made a baby and they're going to have it. "A child has been conceived and I will give that child the best life I can," he states. Claudia sits down and says that she's glad and that she'll do her best with the mother thing but he doesn't have to be involved. Sonny informs her that they will raise their child together.

Helena breezes into Wyndemere and finds Nikolas looking over the painting that she wanted. He asks why she wants it and Helena speaks of the depicted Saint's legacy and how mindful she's become of her own of late. She tries to caress his cheek, but he pulls back. She thanks him and asks him to kiss Spencer goodbye for her.

As Helena is en route back to wherever she lives these days, she slips a knife behind the paper backing of the painting. She is pleased when she finds official paperwork hidden beneath.

Lucky finds Rebecca in a foul mood on the waterfront. He tries to make excuses for Nik's crazy family, but she tells him that she's done with the whole bunch! He asks if that includes him and they walk off together.

Next on General Hospital:

Kelly performs the tests on Carly.

Jason goes to Jax with the truth about Jerry.

Jax urges Jason to keep Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting from Carly.

Spinelli gets a lead on where Jerry is.

Alexis runs smack into Jerry at Sonny's house.

Robin gets advice from Alexis about how to manage a career with motherhood.

Patrick is stunned to learn that Robin bailed on her therapy session.

Tracy tells Luke about her Ethan theory.

Maxie desperately tries to get Spinelli back.

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