Liz makes a connection GH
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Nina visits Ava in her room at the hospital. She’s glad to see Ava out of the ICU, but Ava can’t wait to get out of the hospital period. Nina sits next to Ava and asks if she’s thought about where she will go when they discharge her. As they discuss options, Nina realizes Ava is considering returning to Wyndemere. Nina points out that Nikolas is there. Ava notes she’s lived there before when they were estranged.

Nina visits Ava GH

Nina realizes Ava is still in love with Nikolas and tells her it is her choice if she wants to forgive him. Ava doesn’t know if she can fully trust Nikolas not to betray her again. Ava laughs that she blackmailed him into the marriage in the first place, which is hardly the basis for a lasting commitment. Nina tells her it didn’t start as a love match, but it is one now.

Ava still loves Nikolas GH

Gregory checks in on Finn in his office. He finds Finn looking at a photo of Reiko on his phone and asks why he’s thinking about her. They are interrupted by a nurse, who tells Finn that his patient is ready. Finn leaves his phone on the desk as he and Gregory exit.

In the hall, Liz looks at the sketch she made of Reiko and wonders who she is. She recalls moving the woman’s hair in her memory and seeing Reiko’s face. Dione and Finn approach and Liz shoveintothe drawing in her pocket. Dione asks why Liz is here when this is her day off.

Reiko Drawing GH

Liz and Finn go to his office, and she tells him about remembering the woman’s face, but she doesn’t know who she is. Finn’s phone buzzes on his desk, so she grabs it to give it to him. She sees the photo of Reiko, and Finn explains who she is. Liz notes he doesn’t talk about her much. He admits he hasn’t been able to come to terms with how she died, and a case he’s working on reminded him of something he went through with a friend who died of a poisonous snake bite in the Mariana Islands. Liz begins to rub her head and is frustrated because none of this makes sense. The nurse thinks she should go home and rest for a bit. Finn promises her that they will find the truth. She leaves and pulls the sketch she did out of her pocket.

liz tells finn memory woman gh

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Diane and Alexis catch up at the Metro Court. Alexis tells her about shoving her foot in her mouth with Kristina, but she believes Kristina is too smart for that job. Diane agrees, but it’s her choice. Nikolas approaches and asks Alexis for her help. Diane leaves them and he sits with Alexis at the bar.

Nikolas Diane Alexis GH

Nikolas tells Alexis that the attack on Ava has made him realize he wants Ava in his life. Alexis explains it will cost Ava her pride to forgive him, so he needs to risk something to show her that it will be worth it to take him back.

Alexis advises Nikolas GH

Later Alexis runs into Gregory. He asks her to join him for a cup of coffee to discuss the reaction to ther article. Alexis relays that Jordan is unhappy with it, but she believes warning the public is for the greater good. Gregory thought the article was well written, and Alexis thanks him as his opinion means a lot to her.

Gregory and Alexis chat GH

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Brando’s garage is dark as Sasha sits on the floor trying to feel close to him. She hears something and assumes it’s Brando, but it’s only Sonny. She cries to him that she can’t believe Brando is gone. Sonny comforts her.

Sasha is upset GH

Dex arrives and tells Sonny that Gladys says thank you for finding Sasha. Sasha guesses she should go home, but Sonny tells her that she can stay here. Dex excuses himself, and Sasha knows she must accept that Brando is gone. Sonny understands her pain and speaks about Morgan and not being able to say goodbye because his death was so sudden. Sonny admits sometimes he looks for him in crowds or thinks he’s on the other end when the phone rings.

Sonny comforts Sasha GH

Sasha goes into Brando’s office and Diane arrives. Sonny asks what she wants. Diane needs to speak to Sasha about a legal matter. He explains it’s not a good time. He also can’t get past how Diane treated him at Nina’s hearing. The lawyer reminds him how she’s protected him and his family and has done almost everything but dig a grave for him in the Pine Barrens. Sonny still can’t forget that she laid his personal life out for everyone to see.

Sonny Diane argue GH

Diane refuses to continue this discussion, so she asks Sonny to tell Sasha to call her. Sonny stops her from leaving as Sasha will need a good lawyer. Sasha exits the office, and Diane gives Sasha her condolences. She explains Martin and Brando’s mother asked her to serve as an interim council, and this is about her guardianship. Sasha worries she’s going to prison. Diane explains she will file a continuance and asks if she knows where Brando kept his copy of the decree. She thinks maybe his office allows Diane to look through his files.

Daine arrives to help Sasha GH

Sonny offers to take Sasha home and thanks Diane before heading out. Before departing, he asks Dex to wait around and lock up after Diane.

Sonny gives Dex orders GH

Diane begins to look through Brando’s office and finds a copy of the guardianship. As she looks it over, the hook enters the office, sneaks up behind Diane, and raises his weapon.

Diane is attacked GH

Back at the hospital, Nina gets a call about Sasha from Sonny. Nikolas arrives to see Ava, who tells Nina to go help Sasha as she’ll be okay. Alone, Ava tells Nikolas it will take more than words to make things right between them. Nikolas knows and holds out an envelope.

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Liz heads home and begins looking through photo albums. She finds a photo of herself and her sister Sarah from 1997 in the Mariana Islands.

On the Haunted Star, Victor tells Lucy that she deserves to be waited on hand and foot, and her wish is his command. Lucy says she’s curious about his big plan, and she is someone who has never been good at waiting. She asks for a tiny hint.

Victor woos Lucy GH

On deck, Johann hears a commotion made by Anna and Valentin and draws his gun. Anna and Valentin sneak through the corridors, and Anna throws something to send Johann in another direction. Valentin quickly approaches him from behind and kicks him overboard.

Yohan goes overboard GH

Back in the restaurant, Lucy and Victor realize the boat has stopped. The pilot comes in to warn Victor that someone went overboard. Anna and Valentin sneak into the restaurant, and Lucy spots them. Lucy pushes Victor to go supervise what is going on. He leaves, and Lucy asks what they are doing here. They explain they’re rescuing her. Lucy blurts out, “What if I don’t want to be rescued?” Lucy swears she can handle Victor and she hasn’t felt this alive in years. Anna warns her that she’s in over her head, but Lucy tells her that Victor has big plans and wants to include her. When Valentin warns someone is coming, they leave her.

Anna and Valentin rescue attempt GH

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Victor returns with a soaking wet Johann, who has been pulled out of the water. Lucy pours him a drink, and Victor asks what happened. He doesn’t recall, he didn’t see anyone and was having a drink, but insists he wasn’t drunk. Victor sends him to a stateroom to dry off.

Johann is rescued GH

Lucy suggests to Victor that they continue their date. She is compelled to say she is spoken for and loves Martin, but he is making it difficult to stay true to him. She admits she wonders what a future with Victor looks like. He suggests they find out.

Lucy temps Victor GH

Valentin and Anna make it back to shore, and he’s sorry their rescue attempt failed. Anna is still concerned about the risk to Lucy, and when she’ll inevitably end up in danger.

On the next General Hospital: Dex asks if he’s under arrest, and Diane lies in a pool of blood on the garage floor.

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