Liz remembers the woman GH
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Nina meets with Sonny at Charlie’s. As they chat, Drew interrupts and tells Sonny how sorry he is to hear about Brando. He brings up Carly who he can’t seem to reach, so Sonny suggests he contact his friend Mia about the convention. He walks off, and Nina can’t help but note how concerned Drew is for Carly. She thinks maybe Drew’s interest in Carly’s well-being is more than a concerned friend.

Drew is worried GH

Drew speaks with Mia and learns about Carly’s plane troubles and where she landed. He approaches Nina and Sonny as Sonny is trying to convince Nina to accept protection, but she won’t. Drew relays he’s still trying to get in contact with Carly but she’s not answering his calls. He heads out.

Nina thinks Drew worried GH

In Jacksonville, Carly gets a new phone set up and sees all the missed messages, calls, and emails. Peyton approaches her and asks why she’s still in town. Carly asks Peyton to reconsider moving the cemetery, but she refuses. Carly sees Drew calling and ignores him. Carly suggests they find a way to work things out, and she offers to buy her a drink. Peyton doesn’t think she can afford it and knows all about her hotel and money troubles. Peyton orders a drink for Carly from the bar, puts it on her tab, and walks off.

Carly Peyton Argue GH

Back at Charlie’s, Sonny gets a call from Carly. Nina excuses herself and departs to give them privacy. Carly explains to Sonny that she left her phone on the plane, and asks if everything is okay. Sonny fills her in on Brando, and she tells him how sorry she is. Carly is further shocked when Sonny reveals Jordan thinks this nutjob is targeting those close to him. Carly insists she’s going to head home, but he tells her not to.

Sonny worried about Carly GH

Back in Jacksonville, Peyton overhears Carly telling Sonny that it’s hard not to return knowing a maniac is running around targeting their family. She hangs up, and Peyton suggests to Carly she gets home to her family ASAP. Carly won’t leave until she makes sure Virginia stays put. She tells Peyton she’s not impressed or intimated by her, and she can still raise hell.

Carly's in your face GH

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In the Deception offices, Maxie tells Anna and Valentin that Lucy left with Victor just a bit ago. She can tell by their faces that something is going on. Anna asks her to check Lucy’s schedule, so she does.

Valentin and Anna worried GH

Maxie informs them that Lucy has no meetings scheduled for the rest of the day. She also says Lucy recently tweeted, “Follow your stars,” and added a jack-o’-lantern emoji, which is odd since Halloween is a month away. Valentin and Anna thank her and take off.

Maxie concerned about Lucy GH

Nina drops by later to see Maxie and to try and figure out how to help Sasha. They sit down, and Maxie remembers losing Nathan and feels for what Sasha is going through. Nina notes Sasha and Gladys won’t be able to do one thing, but a master planner like Maxie could help. Maxie realizes she has to use the guest list she planned for their wedding reception for his funeral.

Nina visits Maxie GH

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Victor buys out the Haunted Star for a lunch with Lucy, and the ship sets sail. They sit down and Victor explains he wanted to make sure they wouldn’t have any interruptions. Victor’s man Yohan brings out champagne for them. They toast and Victor suggests that later they watch the sunset over the main deck. She wonders how long this lunch is going to take. He knows she’s free for the rest of the day, and Martin is still out of town, so she’s all his.

Victor Lucy dinner GH

Later, Lucy asks if they’ll be heading back soon. Victor brings out a box with an expensive diamond bracelet in it and says their afternoon is just getting started.

Lucy Victor dinner GH

On deck, Anna and Valentin board the Haunted Star after taking a zodiac raft out to the ship.

Anna Valentin board boat GH

Back inside, Victor puts the bracelet on Lucy, who asks what she’s done to deserve it. He asks her to accept the gift for the alliance they are about to forge. Victor warns her that something big and earth-shattering is coming. He notes they are heading into rough waters and he needs to be at the helm to save as many souls as he can. He needs a first mate, and he thinks that could be her. She asks him to share these plans as he has piqued her curiosity. He wishes he could, but he doesn’t know who he can trust just yet. Victor summons Yohan and suggests he head outside to enjoy some air and leave them alone.

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Back on the deck, Anna and Valentin are forced to hide from Yohan. Valentin almost sneezes, and Anna covers his face as Yohan hears the commotion and grabs his gun.

At the hospital, Liz finds Kevin on his way out of his office. She needs his help and begs him to hypnotize her again so she can remember the woman on the steps, but Kevin has a meeting to attend. Liz explains she’s desperate, so Kevin cancels his appointment.

KEvin and Liz session GH

Kevin puts Liz back under, and she can see a man at the top of the steps but his face is shrouded in black fog. She also can’t see the face of the woman at the bottom of the steps because her hair is covering it. Liz reaches down to move the woman’s hair, but her panicked state forces Kevin to bring her out. Liz tells Kevin, “I know exactly what I need to do.”

Woman bottom of steps GH

In the hall, Jordan speaks with Finn and Portia about Brando’s toxicology report, and she wants them to keep this between them and out of the press. Finn looks over the report and says this isn’t just any toxin, this person has an imagination for murder. Finn explains the toxin comes from a reptile, and Jordan says she doesn’t recall a serial killer profile that fits this method. Portia responds, “So you think it’s a serial killer?” Jordan doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, but she thinks whoever did this upped their ante after Ava survived the first attack.

Jordan, Portia and Finn talk toxin GH

Portia needs to check in with her daughter and walks off. This latest find shakes Finn. He tells her how just out of medical school he and his wife Reiko went to Africa to work with Doctors Without Borders. There they made a good friend in a local doctor, who died after being bitten by a snake.

Finn Jordan talk Toxin GH

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Portia runs into Jordan later and asks if there is anything else she can do to help. Jordan says there isn’t, and thanks her for running the tox screen. She thinks it may help them identify the killer.

Portia wants to help GH

Liz goes to a private room and begins to sketch the woman at the bottom of the steps. Meanwhile, in his office, Finn looks at photos of Charlotte on his phone. As he scans through them, he finds a photo of himself, Reiko, and their doctor friend who died. Back in Liz’s room, the woman she sketches looks exactly like Finn’s dead wife.

On the next General Hospital: Sasha fears she’ll go to prison. Liz tells Finn that she remembers the woman at the bottom of the stairs. Victor advises Lucy always to be honest with him. Nikolas asks Alexis, “Is that the best you can do?” Ava wonders why Nina is pushing her to reunite with Nikolas. Sonny tells Diane, “How can I forget that?”

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