Brando was poisoned GH
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At the Deception offices, Lucy yells, “Earth to Brook Lynn!” and snaps her out of daydreaming about Chase’s big debut. Maxie and Lucy confront her over the fact that they feel her heart isn’t invested in Deception and is with Chase. Lucy warns her that if she doesn’t get it together they’ll fire her. Maxie quickly rebuttals that they won’t, so Lucy orders BLQ to get her head back in the game. Brook Lynn’s phone beeps to remind her about Chase’s audition. She tells them she must run, and she’s going to get her head back in the game.

Deception meeting GH

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At the hospital, Chase grabs Finn to discuss Brando. Chase says The Invader quoted an anonymous source at the hospital who revealed Brando and Ava were attacked with a hook. He wants to talk to that person so he can catch who did this. Finn points out that’s for the cops, and he’s not a cop.

Chase confronts Finn about BRando GH

Finn reminds Chase that if he does something to damage the case then he could kiss his badge goodbye. Chase has no idea when or if he’ll get his badge back and all he has is time. Finn suggests he spend time with someone he cares for and do something positive.

Curtis calls Portia and asks if there is news on Brando’s cause of death. She tells him nothing yet. He reveals that he spoke to Jordan last night, and he’ll fill her in about it when he sees her.

Portia talks to Curtis GH

Finn runs into Portia at the nurses’ station. She has gone back over Brando’s file and nothing makes sense. Finn says hopefully the blood tests will give them answers. Portia brings up the article and she wonders who at the hospital talked to the press.

Finn and Portia discuss hook GH

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis meets with Sonny, who confronts her with the latest edition of The Intruder reporting on the hook. She apologizes and meant to give him a heads up.

2 Victims Headline

Sonny and Alexis head into Charlie’s where they see Valentin at the bar, and Victor joking around with Kristina. As they approach Victor, Valentin pulls Alexis away and suggests she let Sonny deal with this.

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Sonny asks what is going on, and Kristina jokes she was telling her Great Uncle Victor how they pronounce scone in America. She gets back to work, and Sonny tells Victor to stay away from his family. Victor points out that Kristina is his family too. Victor says hello to Natasha and asks Valentin to come with him. The two exit.

Victor Chats Up Kristina GH

In the alley outside, Valentin warns Victor that Sonny can be dangerous and not to provoke him. Victor says he has reasons to keep Sonny around and tells his son he has a pressing issue to take care of and walks off.

Valentin warns Victor GH

Back inside, Sonny and Alexis talk to Kristina, who explains Victor was offering her protection from the hook, but she thinks he’s overreacting. In this situation, Alexis agrees with Victor. Kristina notes she didn’t get a good look at them, therefore she doesn’t think she is in danger. Alexis and Sonny want her to stay with one of them and take a break from work, but Kristina refuses.

Sonny and Alexis concerned GH

Alexis blurts out, “Do you want to risk your life slinging beer in a dead-end job?” Kristina scoffs that escalated quickly, and she tells her mother to just admit she’s ashamed of her. Alexis just wants her to live up to her full potential. Kristina knows that translates to getting a better job.

Kristina is angry with Alexis GH

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Back at the Deception office, Maxie tries to convince Lucy to give Brook Lynn another chance and to think of all the things they’ve done for love. Victor enters and feels Lucy is long overdue for another chance at love. Maxie excuses herself, and Victor is happy to have Lucy all to himself.

Victor surprises Lucy GH

Victor tells Lucy how he’s been trying to get in touch with her and left all sorts of messages. She claims her assistant must not have given them to her. He suggests they grab lunch, but she feels she’ll be distracted given what’s happened. Victor says he’ll be able to keep her mind off the horrible events and they can talk business and how to increase her market potential. Lucy smirks that she is always looking for a good corporate partner. He offers to help her with an injection of Cassadine capital and extends his hand.

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On the docks, the hook begins to approach Anna who is on the phone with Robert, and assuring him that she’s being careful. Anna tells Robert to stop worrying and focus on the person who killed Brando and attacked Ava.

Fake hook GH

Anna turns around and is startled to find Jordan standing there holding the hook. Jordan explains she just picked this up from the marina shop, and it’s similar to the weapon used against Ava and Brando. She’s on her way to see the medical examiner about it.

Anna and Jordan chat hook GH

Jordan switches the topic to Curtis, and the truth she’s been sitting on. She admits if she tells Curtis what she knows it would destroy things for him with Portia, and she’s decided their relationship is no longer her business. Anna asks what about Curtis’ happiness, as she is deciding what Curtis should and shouldn’t know. Valentin arrives, and Jordan thanks Anna for listening.

Jordan talks about Curtis GH

Alone, Valentin admits he’s frightened for Charlotte, and of his father. Anna feels to be brave sometimes you need to be frightened. Anna relays that Robert had an operative watching over the school Charlotte was sent to, but when the operative found out Victor was involved then they backed out. She feels they are on their own. He asks about Lucy, and Anna feels it’s too dangerous to keep her involved.

Valentin is scared GH

Anna and Valentin head to the Deception offices to find Lucy. Maxie tells them Lucy just left with Victor.

At the Savoy, Ms. Wu visits Curtis. Curtis doesn’t believe there is a game tonight, so why is she there? She came to congratulate him on his engagement and has a gift for him. Chase and Brook Lynn enter, and BLQ asks if they are late for the audition. Curtis looks at Ms. Wu and says he didn’t know there was one, but he always has time for a star on the rise.

Wu has a warning GH

Ms. Wu asks Chase if she can stay so she can get an idea of how the acoustics sound because she’s looking to rent the club out for a private party. Chase says he might as well get used to singing for an audience. Chase takes to the stage and performs, and everyone applauds. Curtis tells Chase there is a Savoy debut in his future. Curtis then informs Ms. Wu this private party she is planning will cost her 50,000 dollars. She agrees.

Chase sings GH

Back at the hospital, Jordan arrives and hears Portia and Finn discussing who spoke to the press. Jordan asks them if they know then please fill her in. Jordan fears this leak has given the killer an edge they can exploit. A nurse approaches and gives Portia an envelope with Brando’s test results. She opens it and reveals Brando was poisoned and the weapon was laced with a toxin.

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