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In Jacksonville, Carly puts flowers on Virginia’s grave. She can’t believe after everything she’s been through, she got a round-trip ticket to where she started. She thinks she’ll never escape being Caroline Benson from the wrong side of town who tried to pretend she belonged with the county club kids. She used to resent Virginia telling her to be content with what she had, but now she understands she was telling her that she was wonderful the way she was.

Carly visits mother GH

Carly tells her mom about her run-in with Reese’s mom, and how much she used to idolize her. She was so wrong about her, and so many other things. She tells her mom she’s so sorry she didn’t see how amazing she was. Suddenly the night watchman catches her, and she is informed the graves are being relocated to put in a parkway for access to the beach. Carly thinks that is crazy, and wonders if the Jacksonville Beautification Guild is involved in this. He confirms they are. She doesn’t understand why she wasn’t notified. The man looks up her mother’s records and learns Jason Morgan was the contact.

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Carly storms off and locates Peyton at the hotel restaurant. She tells her that her mother is not leaving her resting place. Peyton says everything was done legally and tells her to hop on that flight to Aruba and never come back. Carly seethes, “Screw Aruba, I’m going to stay here and fight for my mother.”

Carly tells Peyton off GH

At the hospital, Jordan swears to Curtis that she signed the papers and put them on her desk and never saw them again. She states they should sign the new ones and move forward. Curtis asks Jordan if he did not ask for a divorce, would they still be married? Jordan admits if it was up to her, they’d still be together. She knows the lies pulled them apart, and Curtis felts he was never on solid ground with her. Jordan asks if he feels like he’s on solid ground with Portia. He asks if she is saying he’s not. She simply tells him that sometimes you can never really know a person, but she is rooting for them.

Jordan shocked by Curtis GH

Stella arrives and finds TJ, who she had dinner plans with. TJ apologizes for not texting her and explains it’s been crazy and fills her in on Brando.

Stella catches up with TJ

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In Kevin’s office, Kevin asks Liz about the woman at the bottom of the steps. Liz says she not moving, and she thinks she knows the woman. Suddenly she flashes to the memory of finding Peter in the stairwell and begins to panic. Kevin quickly brings Liz out, and she freaks out and says she can’t do this. Kevin suggests they pick up next week, and she rushes out.

Liz troubling memory GH

In the hall, Finn wonders to Gregory and Alexis if the public has the right to know that there is a lunatic out there with a hook who could strike again. Alexis and Gregory explain it’s a complicated matter as there is an ongoing investigation. Gregory tells Finn to go be with Liz and they’ll sort this out.

Finn talks to Gregory and Alexis GH

Alexis brings up the PCU journalism panel to Gregory and admits that she’s speaking on it. She asks Gregory for his opinion on reporting on the hook. He suggests she stick to the facts and don’t play on emotions. Alexis counters that this is emotional, it’s scary and making people angry. She thinks they need to write an open letter to the hook, appeal to their vanity, and wait for them to write back. Gregory is shocked by her plan but intrigued.

Alexis and Gregory talk news GH

Liz finds Finn, and he asks if she learned anything. Liz admits the hypnosis brought back the memory of Peter at the bottom of the steps, and she thinks that the incident in the stairwell triggered this other memory. He tells her that they’ll climb this mountain together, which sets her off.

Liz is a liar GH

Nina and Sonny talk about Brando as Gladys arrives and is so thrilled to hear that her son made it through. Sonny hugs Gladys.

Nina, Sonny and Gladys GH

Sonny excuses himself to call Carly and leaves a message asking her to call him. A man nearby thinks he’s got good news to share. Sonny sits with the guy who reminds him of his dad. The man introduces himself as George.

In Brando’s room, Brando seizes and Sasha screams for help. Portia enters with the nurses and a cart, and Sasha is removed from the room. Portia works to save Brando, as Sasha prays for Brando to fight for them outside. Sasha flashes back through her past with Brando and later scrolls through photos of them together on her phone. She notes she’s wasted so much of their time together, and cries, “Please Brando, give me another chance. We’ll have a beautiful life together making memories.”

BRando seizes GH

Back in the room, Portia doesn’t understand what is happening and indicates it’s as if something is destroying his body from within. Brando flatlines, and they begin chest compressions.

Back outside, as Sasha prays, the lights flicker and she calls out, “Brando?” Portia exits the room.

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Sasha prays for Brando

Elsewhere, Sonny talks about Brando with George, when suddenly the lights flicker. George tells Sonny he believes he’s needed.

Sonny and George GH

Outside Brando’s room, Portia tells Sasha that she’s so sorry. Nina and Gladys arrive and learn Brando didn’t make it. Sasha collapses in tears and Nina runs to her side. Later Sonny appears and realizes Brando is gone. Gladys doesn’t understand as he was awake and talking. Sonny asks Portia how this happened. Portia explains there were unforeseen complications, and they may never know what happened. Sonny asks Portia if he can see Brando.

Gladys and Sasha mourn Brando GH

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Jordan and Curtis find TJ and Stella when suddenly Portia rushes up. Portia tells TJ about Brando. Later, TJ is confused as the surgery was successful, and the symptoms Portia described don’t sound like sepsis.

TJ gets shocking news

Portia interrupts Finn and Liz and tells Finn she needs a consult. Liz takes off, and Portia tells Finn that they lost Brando and she’s hoping Finn can tell her why. She hands him a tablet and can’t help but think something more sinister happened and caused Brando’s death because his symptoms don’t check with his injuries.

Back in Brando’s room, Sonny is given time alone with his cousin. Sonny tells him that he left them way too soon. He hopes he, Liam, and Mike take care of one another, and promises to take care of Sasha and his mother.

Sonny exits, and Sasha goes in to say goodbye but asks Sonny to come with her. Nina and Gladys also accompany her.

Liz returns to Kevin and tells him that she’s remembered something. She says Finn mentioned mountain climbing, something she heard a lot about from her father. She wonders if he pushed that woman down the stairs.

Liz had a memory GH

Back in the hall, Alexis and Gregory overhear the nurses discussing Brando’s death. She tells him that she’s going ahead with the article, and he supports her.

Elsewhere, Stella, Jordan, Curtis, and TJ say a prayer for Brando.

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