Jordan questions Brando
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In Portia’s office, she asks Curtis if Jordan told him the truth about everything then would they still be together? He talks about the importance of honesty to him, so she feels that is a yes. He regrets what happened with his marriage, but he doesn’t want to be with Jordan because he loves her. He asks if they can stop with the what-ifs. She must check on Brando, and he once again insists that he and Jordan are over. She asks, “Does Jordan know that?”

Curtis and Portia talk Jordan GH

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Alexis and Gregory run into one another and discover they are both there to see Finn. As they are early, Gregory invites her to wait with him. They discuss the attack on Brando, and he says he was impressed by her coverage in The Intruder and that she didn’t sensationalize the story. Gregory tells her that PCU is hosting a panel on ethics in journalism, and thought she’d like to go with him.

Alexis Gregory talk paper GH

Finn accompanies Liz to Kevin’s office. He leaves her there as she enters alone. Liz sits down and updates Kevin on things getting worse for her, including blacking out and the puzzling memory that has something to do with her father. Liz divulges details of the memory, of reaching out to some woman and warning her to stay away from her father. Liz doesn’t remember her face or who she is, all she knows is she’s confronting her about her father. She has no idea where this memory came from, or why it’s coming back to her now.

Liz and Kevin session GH

Kevin suggests they use hypnosis to unlock this memory. Liz is on board, so he puts her under. Liz begins to remember arguing with the woman at the top of the steps. The next thing she recalls is the woman at the bottom of the stairs, and she thinks she’s hurt.

Liz hypnosis GH

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Sasha is overjoyed when Brando opens his eyes. He moves his hand and touches her face. The ventilation tubes are removed, and Sasha excuses herself to find Dr. Robinson. Outside his room, she runs into Nina and relays the news.

BRando wakes up GH

Elsewhere, Sonny asks Jordan if she can tell him anything she’s found out seeing the attacks are directed at his family. She can’t give him information, but he thinks working together might be the only way to stop this madman. Nina interrupts and tells them Brando is awake. Jordan decides to go see Brando right away.

Sonny wants to work with Jordan

Back in Brando’s room, Finn looks over Brando when Jordan enters to talk to him. Finn needs a moment first.

Outside Brando’s room, Nina excuses herself for a call, and Sonny again brings up the idea of working together with Jordan. Jordan tells Sonny he already knows too much being at the scene of the crime and warns him not to tell anyone the attacker used a hook. Finn exits at this point and tells Jordan that the patient is all hers.

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Jordan enters to speak to Brando. Sasha realizes she forgot to text Gladys and leaves to update her. Alone, Jordan asks Brando what he remembers. Brando explains he went out into the alley, and the person’s back was to him. It began pouring, so he could barely see. The person turned around and he saw the hook, but a hood was covering their face. He didn’t have time to even surmise if they were male or female before the hook was in his chest. Portia enters and asks Jordan for privacy to examine her patient. Before she leaves, Brando tells Jordan he did hear something, a jingling sound, similar to the charm bracelets Sasha wears when they bang together.

Later, Jordan runs into Curtis in the hall and asks to speak to him. Jordan apologizes again for the divorce paper snafu and wants them to remain friendly and on good terms. Curtis puts all the cards on the table and asks her if it was an accident, or did she hang on to the papers on purpose. She is shocked and asks why she would do that.

Jordan Curtis discuss divorce

Nina catches up with Sasha, who just updated Gladys. Sasha cries she is barely surviving losing her baby, so she couldn’t take losing her husband. Nina tells Sasha she may be shaken, but deep inside she is solid. Nina tells her that she’s here for her if she needs her.

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Sasha returns to Brando where Portia looks over him. Portia notes that he’s in good condition, and the fact that he woke up so early is a good sign. His blood pressure is elevated, so she’ll have some meds brought to him for that. As Portia leaves, Sonny stops in to check on Brando. Sonny asks Brando what happened, and Brando recounts the details of the attack. Sonny leaves them, and Sasha assures Brando she will make her treatment appointments, so he doesn’t have to worry. Brando promises to heal as fast as possible to get back to her and their life. Sasha has been thinking for their first anniversary she wants them to take a long vacation somewhere beautiful. They kiss, but Brando pulls away and begins to cough. He apologizes for ruining the moment. He continues to cough, and then sees blood spots on his hands. Suddenly Brando seizes and his blood pressure drops.

In the hall, Alexis tells Gregory she’d be happy to go to the debate with him. Finn runs into them and tells them Brando is awake. Gregory says that is good news, so why does he look troubled? Finn reveals he just heard that both Ava and Brando were attacked with a hook. Alexis notes this detail was kept from the media and realizes the same person is behind the attacks, and that this person will likely attack again.

Greg, Finn, Alexis and the hook GH

Joss and Trina hit the Metro Court pool as it’s the end of the summer. Dex arrives, and Trina points out her dumpster diving partner to Joss. Joss remembers following him out of Charlie’s the other night, but didn’t see him outside. From across the pool, a man in sunglasses watches Joss. Dex takes his shirt off to relax, and his dog tags clank against one another.

joss and Trina at pool GH

Joss approaches Dex to return his glasses that he left at Charlie’s. He thanks her, and she says she tried to get them to him yesterday. She says it’s good she didn’t double back to look for him as she narrowly missed Brando getting stabbed. She relays the cops are looking for him to talk to him, and he says he already spoke to Dante and unfortunately didn’t see anything. Joss suddenly becomes upset, brushes it off, and gets back to Trina. Dex turns around and the creeper is still there.

Joss returns Dex Glasses GH

Joss tells Trina that she feels like someone is watching her. She tells her about the man behind her at the bar and asks if the man is staring at them. Trina confirms he is.

Joss is being spied on GH

Joss and Trina confront the man for staring at them, but he says he was doing no such thing. Dex steps in to handle the situation and sees the guy out. Around the corner, Dex scolds the man who was supposed to be guarding Joss discretely. He tells the guy to go, and he’ll watch over Joss.

Joss confronts creeper GH

Dex returns to Joss and Trina and says that guy won’t be bothering her anymore. Joss thanks him for his help.

Dex calls Sonny to let him know that Joss spotted Norman. However, she doesn’t know he was working for him. He says he’ll keep watch over Joss until they leave. He asks about Brando, and Sonny tells him that he woke up. Dex says that’s great, but his face is emotionless.

Dex reports to Sonny GH

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