Brando opens eyes GH
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It’s a new day in Port Charles as Britt and Brad enjoy the last day of pool season at the Metro Court. Brad goes to get them some drinks when Ms. Wu approaches Britt. Britt assumes she’s going to scold her for hanging out with Brad, but Ms. Wu appreciates how Britt helped her convince Brad to work for her. Brad returns with drinks and Selina leaves them to enjoy their day. Brad thinks his aunt is starting to warm up to Britt.

Britt and BRad enjoy pool GH

Brad asks Britt about the latest with Cody. She says they are in a holding pattern since Cody is thinking about leaving town. Brad knows she’s attracted to Cody, so he suggests she take the bull by the horns and go for it. She doesn’t know why to agree to a second date with someone ready to run at any moment. Brad tells her if she likes him then take a shot, don’t freeze him out.

Brad encourages Britt GH

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Dante visits Cody in the Quartermaine stables and tells him about the attack on Brando. He asks where Cody was last night. Cody asserts he had nothing to do with what happened to his cousin, and he was here last night and was alone. Dante believes him and is only trying to help give him an alibi.

Dante questions Cody GH

Outside, Brook Lynn talks with Leo about the horses, and he thinks Chase would like the spurs and cowboy boots. Brook Lynn gets an idea.

Leo and BLQ enter the stables, and Cody and Leo take off to feed Comet. Brook Lynn congratulates Dante on moving in with Sam. He congratulates her on making it official with Chase. Dante takes off but asks her to tell Cody not to sweat it. Cody and Leo return and BLQ passes on Dante’s message. She gets a call and needs to excuse herself. Cody tells her he can look after Leo.

BLQ sweating it GH

Cody teaches Leo how to sit on a saddle. Brook Lynn returns and listens in as Cody tells Leo about possibly taking him to a local riding competition at some point. He runs off to tell Comet, and BLQ enters and points out how good he is with Leo. They chat about running away from problems, something BLQ is experienced in, and she says everyone in this house likes him and she hopes he sticks around.

Cody helps Leo

Leo returns and says he told Comet they were going to compete. Cody tells him to slow down, they are only going to watch. Leo asks Cody to train him how to ride in a competition Cody agrees, and the boy hugs him.

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At the hospital, Curtis, who has brought breakfast for Portia, runs into Jordan and assumes she’s here because of Brando. She is and needs to catch this person before they strike again. She brings up the tension she noticed between him and Sonny the other night. He insists it was nothing and it’s settled. Jordan reveals both Ava and Brando have close ties to Sonny and this could be a pattern. Curtis can’t speak to that, and he has to get going.

Curtis grills Jordan GH

Jordan asks if they are good, and he tells her that he’s not sure anymore. He can’t wrap his head around someone as organized as her losing their divorce papers. Jordan reminds him that she was very ill then. Curtis asks her how she feels about him and Portia getting married, and to be honest because she knows how important honesty is to him. Jordan responds, “Does Portia know that?” He wonders what that means, and can’t help but note this is the second time she’s voiced something along those lines. Curtis asks Jordan if she is hoping his marriage to Portia doesn’t succeed.

Jordan Curtis tension GH

Near the waiting area, Dex tells Sonny he kept an eye on Joss’ dorm all night and there was no activity. Nina approaches and asks if there is any word on Brando, but there isn’t.

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Kristina sits with Sasha and Gladys as they wait for more information on Brando. Portia approaches them and relays that Brando made it through the surgery. She explains Brando is strong and in good health, but there are always concerns after a surgery like his such, so they are keeping a close watch over him. Gladys asks if they can see him, and Portia says family only and one at a time.

Gladys and Sasha get goo news GH

Sonny grabs Portia as she walks off. He feels she’s very direct, so he needs to know what Brando’s chances are. Portia tells him that these types of wounds can have complications, but she has every reason for cautiously optimism. She needs to grab some food, so Sonny accompanies her.

Sonny questions Portia GH

Sonny and Portia exit the elevator and find Curtis with Jordan. Curtis asks Portia what she’s up to, and she explains she was going to grab food. He surprises her with the breakfast he brought. Curtis tells Sonny he’s sorry about his cousin. He and Portia take off.

Dante arrives, and Jordan wants to question Sasha and Gladys. Sonny thinks that’s not a good idea right now and says she can talk to him. Dante leaves to find Kristina, and Jordan tells Sonny so far the only link to the attacks she can find between Brando and Ava is him. She asks about his business and any problems. Sonny explains he’s just having normal issues, nothing major. She asks if it’s possible his family is under attack and wonders if this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Dante interrupts GH

Curtis and Portia go to her office. She asks what she and Sonny walked in on. Curtis hates to say it, but he’s not sure it was a mistake on Jordan’s part regarding the divorce papers. Portia asks, “Let’s say she intentionally lost the paper and wants  you back, would that change things for you?” Curtis explains he will always care for Jordan, but their relationship is in the past and she is his future. He can’t have a future with someone like Jordan who isn’t truthful with him. Portia wonders if Jordan was honest would they be together still?

Curtis has an idea GH

Back in the waiting area, Dex chats with Kristina. Dante joins them and hugs Kristina. He asks how she’s holding up. She says Dex has been helping her keep her mind off things and chill. Dante says Dex seems to be everywhere these days.

Kristina and Dex chat GH

Dante notes Dex was around when both Ava and Brando were attacked. Dex thinks it was just timing. Kristina suggests to Dex that they go grab a coffee and continue their talk. Dex asks Dante if they are good. The detective says, “For now.”

Sasha, Nina and Gladys go to Brando’s room. Sasha tells Gladys she should go in first. Gladys does, and Nina asks Sasha what she can do for Sasha. Sasha cries to tell her that she won’t lose Brando too. Nina says he has everything to live for, including her.

Gladys sits with Brando, who is hooked up to oxygen and other machines. She begs him to open his eyes and tell her who did this to him so she can hunt them down. She leaves and lets Sasha go in.

Gladys gets to see BRando GH

Outside the room, Nina asks Gladys how he’s doing. She notes he’s not in pain. Gladys asks about Sasha, and Nina relays she’s desperate not to lose him.

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Sasha sits by Brando and cries that she knows he is exhausted, but she needs him to fight for her. She promises he doesn’t have to worry about her, as she’ll do everything she can to get better. She believes in Brando, calls him the best thing to happen to her, and she believes in him more than anyone or anything. Brando squeezes Sasha’s hand and slowly opens his eyes. Sasha smiles and says, “Hi!”

On the next General Hospital: Jordan questions Brando about the attack. Liz doesn’t understand why she’s having these memories now. Portia continues to press Curtis about Jordan.

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